The 83rd Annual Academy Awards came to a close last night (February 27), and we were live at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles to bring you all the Oscar news you could possibly want.

From emotional speeches from the winners to big scoops earned on the red carpet, Oscar night was a busy one, to put it lightly. After the jump, catch up on all the awards news and highlights you may have missed around the MTV blogosphere!



We already know that David O. Russell's adaptation of "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" will star Mark Wahlberg in the title role and, with any luck, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as two members of his fortune-seeking family.

But it won't be an entirely testosterone driven affair, as Russell told MTV News on the red carpet of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards that he's looking to cast some pivotal female roles.

"There's going to be some women," he said. "Listen, there's going to be romance and sex, I promise! Otherwise, I'm not interested! That's why I love Amy Adams and Melissa Leo and the sisters in 'The Fighter.'"


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If there's a franchise in the Pixar family that's spawned more characters -- and, subsequently, more collectors items -- than "Cars," we'd be hard-pressed to find one.

But when MTV News caught up with Pixar's John Lasseter on the red carpet of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday (February 27), the director of this summer's long-awaited "Cars 2" revealed fans can expect even more from the sequel, as well as a future spin-off.

Lasseter, who served as executive producer on the Oscar-winning "Toy Story 3" and director of the original "Cars," said of the upcoming sequel, "I love the world we've created. It's so big and every vehicle you could possibly see is a character."


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Corey HaimNow that the big show is behind us, it’s time to highlight a lesser-publicized tradition of each year’s Academy Awards: the fudging of the “In Memoriam.” Oscar producers usually explain away this not-so-glamorous custom as being a result of time constraints, honoree career technicalities, or – at times – simple forgetfulness.

We’re still scratching our heads about how – and why – in previous ceremonies, greats like Farrah Fawcett and George Carlin have been forgotten. This year’s omissions proved no less perplexing – here are four of the biggest snubs.


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by Sterling Wong

With only two acting credits prior to "True Grit," Hailee Steinfeld emerged from out of left field to score a Best Supporting Actress nomination at this year's Academy Awards for her role in the Coen Brothers-directed Western as Mattie Ross, a resourceful and tough-as-nails youth seeking vengeance on the man who killed her father.

Although she ultimately lost the award to Melissa Leo, the nomination was a victory all by itself. By all accounts, we see great things for Hailee Steinfeld's post-Oscar nominated career -- especially if she lands the lead role in "The Hunger Games," which is a very real possibility based on her meeting with director Gary Ross.

But Steinfeld's continued success isn't a certainty; indeed, not every young actor in Hollywood to secure attention from the Academy has gone on to greatness. After the jump, take a look at some other recent Young Hollywood nominees and how their brush with Oscar gold influenced the careers that followed.


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Sorry, "Oz" enthusiasts — Mila Kunis might not be so wicked after all.

The "Black Swan" actress, cruelly absent from the Best Supporting Actress nominees at last night's 83rd Annual Academy Awards, was recently reported as having signed on for "Oz the Great and Powerful," the James Franco-starring and Sam Raimi-directed "Oz" prequel focusing on the charming and conniving "wizard."

But her status on the film is far from official, it seems. When MTV News spoke with Kunis on the red carpet at the Oscars last night, the actress candidly revealed that she's not sure about her trip to "Oz."


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You know, what the world really needs is some more Kirk Douglas.

The 94-year-old veteran actor absolutely stole the show at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards last evening (February 27) when he presented the award for Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo. Starting every sentence with "you know," hitting on Anne Hathaway, not fully understanding when his role as presenter was finished — really, Douglas was the highlight of an otherwise fairly routine Oscars.

But you know, Douglas wasn't the only one with some hilarious zingers, even if he wins first place in that race. After the jump are some of our other favorite quotes of the evening.


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The Oscars are almost here, but if you're struggling through the next few hours of anticipation with nothing to do, you're in luck: MTV News will be LIVE on the red carpet of Hollywood's biggest night, speaking with the hottest filmmakers, actors and celebrities that Tinsel Town has to offer.

Watch our "2011 Oscars Live" broadcast starting at 6PM Eastern in the player above as MTV's very own Josh Horowitz chats up your favorite stars before the big show. After the livestream, make sure to stay here on MTV Movies Blog for our live coverage of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, and also keep it locked into Hollywood Crush, MTV Splash Page and MTV Newsroom for more updates throughout Oscar night!

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The 83rd Academy Awards get underway in just a few short hours, and although official voting is over, it's never too late to throw out some predictions.

Before the Oscars kick off, the MTV Movies Blog team wanted to share some of our predictions with you. After the jump, check out who we think will win the night's top prizes!



With just hours to go before the Oscars launch, it's time to tackle the big question: who's going home with the Best Picture award?

In a field of ten nominees, it's seemingly once again down to two familiar competitors. Just as "The Hurt Locker" and "Avatar" raced neck-and-neck throughout the 2009 Academy Awards, tonight's show appears to be a similar throwdown between the popular favorite and the critical darling: "The Social Network" versus "The King's Speech."

But is the race really down to two? What of the other eight contenders? We've got some analysis after the jump, and make sure to cast YOUR vote for the Best Picture winner in our poll!


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