Natalie PortmanChristoper Nolan got snubbed! Andrew Garfield got screwed! And "Hereafter" got a Visual Effects nod but "Tron: Legacy didn't, because, geez...really, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, really?!

Yes, yesterday's Oscar nomination roll-out brought a fair amount of anger-inducing surprises. But it also delivered — predictably, soothingly — what we can always expect: a slew of statements from the lucky nominees and those connected to their films. As usual, their comments ranged from the funny and self-deprecating to the bland and self-serious. Read on for the highlights, the low lights, and the OMG-we're-so-over-awards-season-lights.

>>"I'm about to go to class." — James Franco, showing where his priorities are following his nomination for "127 Hours."

>>"Ten seems like an awful lot. We don't want to take anyone else's." — Joel and Ethan Coen, on the 10 nods for "True Grit."


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It's pretty exciting for a young (busy) actor like James Franco to be asked to host the Oscars, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily going to look to his elders for advice. Well, at least not when his elder is Ricky Gervais. When MTV News caught up with Franco at the Sundance Film Festival, we asked if he was taking pointers from Gervais' controversial hosting gig at the Golden Globes.

"I haven't really read any of the reviews, but my sense is that he was not really winning in that room," Franco told us. "People were asking me, like, 'Are you going look at Ricky as a model for how you're going to host?' and I'm just not going to take too much from Ricky."

Franco went on to add that, even though the folks attending the Globes might not have been big fans of Gervais' hosting style, he knew plenty of people his own age who loved it.


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There were many surprises and snubs when it came to who was nominated for this year's Oscars, but one of the most interesting predicaments to come out of the announcement had to deal with one of this year's hosts. When James Franco and Anne Hathaway landed the hosting gig, many questioned whether this would be a problem as they both were contenders to be nominated for awards. As it turns out, Franco did.

This morning, it was announced that Franco had received a Best Actor in a Leading Role nomination for his work in "127 Hours." The film was also recognized with nods for Best Picture, Best Director, Adapted Screenplay and Original Score. Read More...

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By Aly Semigran

Despite every prediction about the Oscar race in the weeks leading to the announcement of the Academy Award nominations, there are always a few (wonderful) surprises that throw the whole thing off. This year was certainly no exception.

As last year's Best Supporting Actress winner Mo'Nique and Academy President Tom Sherak announced the nominations for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, there were some names (and numbers, for that matter) that were nothing short of shockers.

While it's no surprise that current movie-to-beat "The King's Speech" garnered the most nods today with 12, Joel and Ethan Coen's version of "True Grit" came in a close second with 10 nominations. The Western was all but entirely shut out at the Golden Globes, but its mass critical and box-office reception helped catapult it into an Oscar front-runner. Read More...

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By Ryan J. Downey

With all of the early morning celebrating surely going on in Hollywood from folks like Javier Bardem ("Biutiful") and Michelle Williams ("Blue Valentine") after the Oscar nominations were announced, there are surely several other folks whose disappointment very likely sent them straight back to bed in their PJs.

Mila Kunis earned Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards for "Black Swan," generally a great indicator in the race for Oscar gold, but was left in the cold today as the 2011 Academy Award Nominations were announced in Beverly Hills by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Who else was snubbed?

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There were few surprises as to what films were named as nominees during this morning's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announcement of the 2011 Oscar nominees, but that is definitely a good thing. As suspected, "The King's Speech," "The Social Network" and "True Grit" led the pack. "The King's Speech" led the nominees with 13 nods, while "True Grit" had a surprising 10 and "The Social Network" had nine.

First up: the best picture race. In addition to the three films above, "The Fighter," "The Kids Are All Right," "Inception," "Winter's Bone," "Toy Story 3," "127 Hours" and "Black Swan" were all recognized. Those have been the front runners the whole race, and though "The Town" and "Blue Valentine" seemed somewhat likely to at least get a nomination, this was pretty much what was expected.

Click on after the jump to see who else got nominated.


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by Aly Semigran

With just one more day to go until the nominations for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards are announced, the race suddenly just got very interesting.

Had you asked movie critics and buffs alike a few weeks ago which film was going to win Best Picture at the 2011 Oscars, you would have unequivocally been told the modern history game-changer "The Social Network" was walking away with the big prize. But, since then, the emotional biopic "The King's Speech" has stepped up to the mic and shaken things up. While David Fincher's "Social Network" had all but swept the awards season leading up to this point, Tom Hooper's "King's Speech" made an upset by winning the Producer's Guild of America award on Saturday. Read More...

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The Social NetworkThe National Society of Film Critics announced their winners from the past year's crop of films and, as has been the trend with recent awards shows, "The Social Network" took top honors, winning Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay with room to spare. Jesse Eisenberg also won as Best Actor, but was neck-in-neck with Colin Firth of "The King's Speech" for the victory.

There were a few surprise wins, however. Olivia Williams won Best Actress In A Supporting Role for her performance in "The Ghost Writer," beating both Amy Adams and Melissa Leo for their roles in "The Fighter." And the NSFC awarded Giovanna Mezzogiomo Best Actress for her performance in the Italian drama "Vincere," beating out Annette Bening in "The Kids Are All Right" and Lesley Manville in "Another Year." Read More...

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Black Swan and The Social NetworkThe awards season continued to speed along today, with the Producers Guild and Writers Guild announcing the nominees for their respective awards shows.

The Producers Guild's choices for best producers in a motion picture have become synonymous with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' choices for the Best Picture Oscar in recent years, and the 10 films nominated are no big surprise. So, yes, "The Social Network," "The King's Speech," "The Kids Are All Right," "The Fighter," "Inception," "Toy Story 3," "True Grit," "Black Swan" and "127 Hours" all made the cut, with "The Town" being the "surprise" film in their midst.

The WGA also didn't have many big surprises for original and adapted screenplay nods. "Black Swan," "The Fighter," "Inception" and "The Kids Are All Right" were acknowledged as best original screenplays, with "Please Give" getting the only dark-horse nomination. Meanwhile "127 Hours," "I Love You Phillip Morris," "The Social Network, "The Town" and "True Grit" received noms for best adapted screenplay. Read More...

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James Franco and Anne HathawayThe Academy Awards couldn't get Hugh Jackman to reprise his hosting duties from the 2008 Oscars, so why not bring his singing and dancing helper -- one Anne Hathway -- on as host instead?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has done just that, announcing that Hathway and James Franco will be sharing the stage as co-hosts of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. The only thing that'd make us happier is if they confirmed a reprise to that '08 musical opening as well.

Hathaway has already proved her stage presence thanks to her Jackman assist two years ago, but we were a little surprised to read that the Academy producers chose her and Franco for the gig because of their performance hosting another popular television show: "Saturday Night Live." Apparently it's because Hathaway and Franco did such a great job there that the Academy felt they'd be able to be witty co-hosts like the many stand-up comedians who have emceed the show in the past. Read More...

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