Savage County comicIn advance of the world premiere of his new slasher flick "Savage County" on MTV2 this Thursday, October 7, at 11 p.m. (10 p.m. Central), director David Harris guest-blogs to share some thoughts on making the film. Come back Wednesday and Thursday for additional posts by Harris.

Hey, it's David, the director of "Savage County," hoping you'll check out my movie's world premiere on MTV2 this Thursday. MTV News has been cool enough to give me this soapbox to tell you about "Savage County." And, even though I should probably be plugging the trailer, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about some of the cooler "stealth" things we've been up to.

Low-budget movie marketing has always been about showmanship (my boss, David Gale, planted Napoleon in the audience of TRL when he was releasing "Napoleon Dynamite"). But no genre beats horror when it comes to gonzo marketing -- just look at the "Paranormal Activity" trailers -- or '50s horror director William Castle, who took out life insurance policies on his audience (in case they died from fright) and put joy-buzzers under every seat in the theater to literally shock his audience. Read More...

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Let Me InFans of Tomas Alfredson's Swedish vampire flick "Let the Right One In" have been skeptical of director Matt Reeves' American remake, entitled "Let Me In," since the nanosecond the project was announced. Their gripe: The Swedish movie was perfect, so why remake it?

The only problem: Reeves' version, which opened Friday (albeit to a modest $5.3 mil), is being lauded as an excellent film in its own right. "Let Me In" has won over the vast majority of critics -- it's currently sporting a none-too-shabby 86 percent fresh rating on -- and has made a diehard fan of John Lindqvist, the man whose debut novel "Let the Right One In" is the basis for both movies.

MTV News has gotten an exclusive peek at a note from Lindqvist to Reeves, and in it the author expresses his fondness for both films ... not because of their similarities, but exactly because they are so different. Hit the jump to see exactly what Lindqvist had to say. Read More...

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DouchebagIt takes some serious stones to make a movie called "Douchebag" -- the title doesn't exactly scream mass-audience appeal -- but that didn't deter director Drake Doremus from doing just that.

"Douchebag," Doremus' second foray into feature filmmaking after last year's "Spooner," is quite accomplished for a movie that was shot on a shoestring budget, is based off a 30-page outline, was mostly improvised and features two unknown leads. It was a hit with audiences at this year's Sundance Film Festival and is now looking to make a dent in theaters... despite a title that doesn't truly convey the movie's surprising poignancy.

"Originally, the movie was called 'Mary Barger,' but we didn't think that was going to get any attention," Doremus tells MTV News. "To be honest, with a small movie like this you kind of have to have something that's attention-grabbing. That was a big reason for it. Plus, it had a nice ring to it, so we just went with it."

In addition to having a nice ring, it's also very apropos. The movie follows estranged brothers Sam (Andrew Dickler) and Tom (Ben York Jones) as they reconnect on a road trip to find Tom's long-lost fifth-grade flame Mary Barger (thus the film's original title) so Tom can bring her to Sam's wedding to the beautiful Steph (Marguerite Moreau). Tom is a quiet, sensitive artist willing to work things out with his bro; Sam is a selfish, abrasive, Grizzly-Adams-beard-sporting kite enthusiast who doesn't appreciate that Steph is too good for him in just about every way. In other words, he's the titular d-bag. Read More...

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The Social Network--By Max Evry

Movies based on or inspired by real life events are commonplace, but every once in awhile one comes along that taps into something so current it hits a raw nerve with the public. This week sees the release of such a film, David Fincher's "The Social Network," based around the founding of the Facebook website, which -- at over 500 million users and counting -- is dominating human interaction the way arguably no device has since the telephone.

Currently at the height of its popularity, Facebook has been an accelerator pad for public discourse, and Fincher's film and its depiction of founder Mark Zuckerberg (the world's youngest billionaire) is less a biopic than a document of history still being written. Whether Zuckerberg and his website will still have the sway it has today five years from now is anybody's guess, but we're going to take a look back at other timely films that tapped into the zeitgeist like no others have. Read More...

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Let Me InIn honor of the October 1 release of "Let Me In," we're going to let YOU in on a little secret: New Yorkers who hit up the 7:20 p.m. showing of the vampire flick at the Loews Lincoln Square on Saturday, October 2, will be treated to a post-screening Q&A with director Matt Reeves moderated by MTV's Josh Horowitz.

In case you're not familiar with "Let Me In," it's based on the acclaimed Swedish film "Let the Right One In," about a bullied 12-year-old boy who finds his soul mate in an ages-old vampire who happens to be trapped in the body of a young girl.

This is the prime opportunity to ask Reeves all of your burning questions about vampire genitalia (if you've seen the original, you know what we're talking about), working with "Kickass" Hit Girl Chloe Moretz (she's the vamp) and "The Road" Boy Kodi Smit-McPhee (he's the bullied kid), and anything else your brain can conjure. Read More...

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Welcome to #NowPlaying, a new weekly video feature highlighting the week's big movie releases... as seen through the lens of Twitter. We're always looking for ways to include you readers in the ongoing dialogue here at So each week, tweet us with some thoughts on your most-anticipated weekend releases; just make sure to include #nowplaying in each tweet. We'll go through them all and pick out a select few to shout to every Friday. Enjoy the video, and let us know what you think in the comments below or via e-mail at!

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