Michael Fassbender

When Brazilian director José Padilha was asked who he wanted to play Officer Alex J. Murphy in his upcoming reboot of the "RoboCop" franchise, he spoke openly that he hoped to cast one of Hollywood's most-wanted actors, Michael Fassbender.

At the time of the interview, no one had approached Fassbender about the role, and news soon spread across the internet about the director of "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within," which just hit theaters, and his intentions for the reboot.

Collider got the chance to sit down with Fassbender and discuss his two upcoming films, "A Dangerous Method" and "Shame," and during the interview they touched on Padilha's choice for RoboCop and how Fassbender would feel about the role.


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Osama bin LadenThe death of Osama bin Laden is making headlines all across the globe today, and it's an incident we're sure to hear about for years and years to come — indeed, it's a story we're likely to see on the big-screen very soon.

Several developing films centered on bin Laden already existed prior to the Al Qaeda terrorist leader's death in Pakistan over the weekend, with talented filmmakers like Kathryn Bigelow and Oliver Stone attached to some of these projects. But what are the details of these movies? And what's the status on each project now that bin Laden is dead?

We've got the rundown of Hollywood's various bin Laden projects after the jump.


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JawsIf you often find yourself paging through the Netflix Watch Instantly selection like a zombie at 3 AM trying to find something to settle in with, let us be your guide.

Since it's the middle of MTV's Summer Movie Preview week, we wanted to help bring some sweaty summer love to your eyeballs – and all you have to do is hit the "play" button (you can romance us later). Here are five Netflix picks to check out online right now that will set the mood for a damn fine summer.


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Scream 4And so our week with Wes Craven comes to a close. We've been fortunate enough to have the "Scream 4" director as our guest editor this week covering topics including his latest horror film's origin story, the casting process, what goes into making a scary movie trailer and the evolution of horror over the past decade.

When "Scream 4" arrives in theaters next week, we'll return to Woodsboro to watch old friends Sidney, Dewey and Gale do their best to stop Ghostface's latest killing spree. But what happens then? If we walk away from "Scream 4" still itching for more from camp Craven, where should we turn next?

"Well, I guess they have to wait for 'Scream 5,'" Wes told me with a laugh when asked about the next step for "Scream 4" fans left wanting more. That's right — the horror is only just beginning.


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Arthur,” the Russell Brand-helmed remake of Dudley Moore’s 1981 classic, drunkenly stumbles into theaters today. The reboot follows Brand as the curiously appealing alcoholic man-child billionaire protagonist through a bevy of betrothal pitfalls, and features an all-star cast including Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner and the adorable Greta Gerwig, not to mention some hilariously over-the-top turns from Nick Nolte and Luis Guzman.

Brand’s winning turn as a loveable billionaire in “Arthur” got us thinking about some of the other big-screen billionaires we love -- and not just for their money! Here are five of our favorites after the jump!



Amy Adams"Sucker Punch" wasn't the critical or commercial hit that Zack Snyder was likely hoping for, but he'll have another shot at success in just over a year when "Superman: Man of Steel" arrives in December 2012.

The shape of that long-awaited superhero movie is finally coming into focus, too, as Snyder announced over the weekend that Amy Adams is playing Lois Lane. The three-time Oscar nominee joins a growing cast that includes Henry Cavill as Superman with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as his parents.

Adams is a strong choice to take on the role of Metropolis' most tenacious reporter, but we still have a ways to go before seeing her take on one of the comic book medium's most beloved supporting characters. After the jump, get the lowdown on the movies we'll see her in before "Superman" takes flight.


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We’re beyond psyched to see how traditionally understated Joe Wright ("The Soloist") directs his way around a full-tilt action vehicle when "Hanna" arrives in theaters on April 8. The film follows the story of a teenage girl (played by Saoirse Ronan, who Wright first worked with in “Atonement”) raised as an assassin by her ex-CIA agent father Erik (the always delightful Eric Bana). Hanna’s father ultimately sends her on a quest that takes her across Europe, where she’s tailed by the agents of a mysterious operative (Cate Blanchett) and racks up a pretty epic body count in the process.

As if the idea of watching a badass chick's coming-of-age-by-kicking-major-butt story isn’t exciting enough, infamous British big beat duo The Chemical Brothers were commissioned to produce the film’s score. Beheadings, stabbings and beatings soundtracked to electronica? Yes, please!

We were even more stoked about it when The Chemical Brothers released the whole soundtrack on their MySpace page this past Friday. We didn’t need to listen more than once to know we’ll be buying the score when it’s available exclusively on iTunes this Tuesday (March 15).

The Chemical Brothers' new soundtrack got us thinking: since the trend of established mainstream music artists composing film soundtracks is a very welcome one, why not share a few of our favorite scores by famous musicians? So if you're digging the "Hanna" soundtrack, we suggest the following six movie scores as your next step!


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