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Jennifer LawrenceWe told Jennifer Lawrence, "If you play with a bow and arrow like that, it's only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt."

Luckily, the star of "The Hunger Games" isn't actually hurt. Lawrence appears in a short film that's going to debut during the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards that plays off of Hollywood's new favorite past time, archery.

In the sketch, Joel McHale plays an archery coach to the stars, but not one that is particularly well-liked. From the look on Lawrence's face and the arrow going through her head, it looks like she may have had an encounter with this guy.


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There are some pretty big stars that are going to be in attendance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and we can't wait for them all to get the Russell Brand treatment. We decided to get a jumpstart on the madness by asking the Movie Awards host what he thinks of some of the leading ladies who will be present at this year's awards show.

Like, say, Kristen Stewart. "That's 'Twilight,' innit?" he asked, clearly having done his Movie Awards research. "I don't watch things like that. I don't know, I just don't know why I would watch it."

That being said, Brand added that he is a big fan of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. "They're good-looking boys, Rob Pattinson and him with the tummy. I met him. He was really handsome. ... I suppose, if you're into that," he said.


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With only two days to go before the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, "Rock of Ages" is rounding off our Sneak Peek Week! Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Malin Akerman and director Adam Shankman are on hand right now at Universal's CityWalk and you can bet it'll be nothin' but a good time (to quote the film's tagline).

Following a never-before-seen clip from the musical airing on MTV at 11 p.m. ET, the stars will be live on for a special 30-minute Q&A session with MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Want to know how the cast felt being transported back to the '80s? Or how they trained for their big dancing numbers? Tweet your burning questions to us using the hash tag #MTVSneak. And stay tuned to Movies Blog throughout the weekend for all your MTV Movie Awards coverage!

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"Magic Mike" is a stripper movie. Starring Channing Tatum. It's not exactly the kind of movie that straight guys are going to flock to see, but during MTV Sneak Peek Week, Tatum said that guys may have more interest than they're letting on.

Tatum doesn't have any illusion about who is going to see "Magic Mike." "I don't think the dudes are going to be like, 'After the Stanley Cup, you want to go see "Magic Mike"? Want to go see this stripper movie?'" he said. "I don't think that's going to happen."

And yet, when fans ask him questions about his years as a stripper, the questions come from an unexpected place. "It's weird though. The women don't ask the questions. It's the men that actually ask me more of the questions," he said. "They really want to know. 'How much did you make? What did you do? Were you full-frontal? What did the girls do?' They want to know everything, and the girls are just like, 'Ah, we've been there.'"


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"So Bravehearty." That's how Kristen Stewart described her rousing "Snow White and the Huntsman" speech when we caught up with the actress in London last month. She revealed that director Ruper Sanders saved it for the very last day, and now she told us why.

During MTV's second annual Sneak Peek Week, co-stars Stewart and Sam Claflin stopped by to bring us an exclusive look at their film and answer fan questions. When one audience member asked the "Twilight" actress what scene was the hardest for her to shoot she recalled the speech, saying she wasn't quite prepared to recite it early on during production.

"It kept getting kicked to the end of the schedule," she said. "It was like, 'I'm so not ready for that. Just gonna put that off a little longer.' Every single day we were re-writing it. I still need to frame that thing, laminate it somehow and give it to Rupert. The different renditions of it, it's disintegrating."


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If you thought the exclusive clip of Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy" was dirty, you apparently haven't seen anything yet. During the MTV Movie Awards' second annual Sneak Peek Week, the cast of the R-rated comedy sat down with Josh Horowitz to discuss the film, and Will Forte revealed that it's a lot dirtier than the previews suggest.

"That's one of the tricky things about this movie," he said. "It is a dirty movie. It's a raunchy movie. If you've seen any previews for this movie you have no idea what it's about. They have to take little five second swatches here and five seconds there. It is a dirty movie. I encourage people to go to a YouTube page where you can really get a sense for what it's about."

Horowitz, who already screened the film, mentioned a particularly "amazing" scene involving Milo Ventimiglia's character—to which Vanilla Ice gave the actor a high five.


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I think we're going to have to stop calling 2012 the year of Channing Tatum pretty soon. The actor's had a fantastic year so far, no doubt, but his future is equally bright: in 2013 he makes his long-awaited return as Duke in "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," and he's got some other hotly anticipated projects in the pipeline as well… including an unlikely team-up with the makers of "The Matrix."

During MTV Sneak Peek Week ahead of Sunday night's Movie Awards telecast, the "Magic Mike" actor confirmed recent rumors that he'll be appearing in "Jupiter Ascending," the upcoming sci-fi flick from the visionary Wachowski siblings.

"Yes, absolutely," he said when asked if he'd be involved in the movie. "It's going to be a crazy action movie from the [directors] of 'The Matrix.' They're going to reinvent the wheel as far as action goes, all over again."


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One of the best parts about being a celebrity is all the free stuff they get when they hit up splashy award shows, like the MTV Movie Awards taking place Sunday (June 3). And make no mistake, this year's Movie Awards gift bag is pretty impressive. It even includes one very fancy European getaway!

Among the gifts featured in the bag is the soundtrack from the MTV Movie Awards nominated “The Hunger Games,” a watch from A-Line, a Logitech keyboard and mouse, movie tickets provided by Moviefone, sneaker-shaped slippers and Valentino sunglasses. But, perhaps, the most intriguing gift is a three-night trip to Spain at a mountain hideaway far from the eyes of the paparazzi.



Rock of Ages

You'd think that being one of the world's biggest action stars would be enough for Tom Cruise, but no. In "Rock of Ages," he has to go and play one of the world's biggest rock stars.

For the final night of MTV Sneak Peek Week, the cast will be sitting down to premiere a brand new, never-before-seen clip from "Rock of Ages." It's like you thought the exclusive-filled week leading up to the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards was over, but then "Rock of Ages" came back for an encore and one final song.

It all starts at 11 p.m. ET live on MTV, where the clip will premiere with an introduction from the host of the MTV Movie Awards himself, Russell Brand. Then immediately after on, Josh Horowitz will have an extended 30-minute interview with cast members Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta and director Adam Shankman, who will answer all your burning questions. To get your question answered, tweet it using the hashtag #MTVSneak.

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We got "SWATH" star Kristen Stewart to talk about "Fifty Shades of Grey" then we got some insight into what would happen if Adam Sandler actually was Andy Samberg's dad in “That's My Boy,” and now we're going to get all the hilarious and juicy details from “Magic Mike” himself, Channing Tatum, during his Sneak Peek Week chat, which all goes down live right now on

Following a never-before-seen clip from the Steven Soderberg-directed flick airing on MTV at 11 p.m. ET, the beefy Tatum will be live on for a special Q&A session with MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Also on hand are Tatum's co-star Matthew McConaughey and screenwriter Reid Carolin. Have a burning question for one of the stars? Tweet it to us using the hash tag #MTVSneak! And stay tuned to Movies Blog throughout the week for all your Sneak Peek Week coverage leading up to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

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