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The bulk of you aren't going to be seeing "Eclipse" until next week, but a lucky lineup of celebrities and VIPs are getting to feast their eyes on it tonight. Not only is MTV there to witness the red carpet arrivals, we're going to be streaming the coverage to you LIVE. So many faces you recognize are going to be at this thing. The tip sheet for the red carpet is staggeringly long. And it's all about to get started, so hit play, open the Hollywood Crush live blog in a separate window and enjoy the festivities!

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Here we are, folks — "The End" is finally here. After six years and six seasons, "Lost" has finally reached the end of its epic journey. What will be revealed? What will happen to our heroes? What did all of this ultimately mean? By the end of the evening, those questions shall be answered! To celebrate tonight's series finale event, we're here to live blog you through to the finish line. Click past the jump for our constantly updating commentary, reactions and analysis, and make sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!

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Here we are, the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. For months we've been seeing these movies, hearing buzz about their awards-worthiness, watching as the participating players press palms and tell the world why their efforts deserve to be honored ahead of the rest. And it all comes down to this. Who will go home with Best Picture? Will it be James Cameron's towering juggernaut "Avatar" or Kathryn Bigelow's tense, indie war story "The Hurt Locker"? That's just one of the many tight races this evening, so keep your browser locked here -- and make sure to keep refreshing! -- for continuing live coverage and commentary of the awards show as it unfolds.

12:02am It was almost a good ending. But then we ended on those two jokers. Steve, Alec... I love you guys. But please don't host the Oscars again. Thanks to all of you readers for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed! Stayed tuned to MTV for continuing breakout stories from the awards show!

12:00am A shout-out to Nicolas Chartier who was (many say unfairly) banned from attending the awards show this evening for sending a questionable "Avatar"-bashing e-mail in the days leading up to the ceremony.

11:58pm "Avatar" is edged out. "The Hurt Locker" WINS BEST PICTURE!!! That's six out of nine awards taken for Bigelow's insanely intense war story. You've seen it by now, right? Read More...

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Welcome "Lost" fanatics! The sixth and final season of the series kicks off tonight with a two-hour premiere event, and we'll be here to live blog you through the whole thing. It'll me, your humble MTV Movies Blog editor, and superstar contributor Josh Wigler bringing you commentary, theories, humor and more throughout the episode. We're trying something a little bit new tonight, using Cover It Live to provide you up-to-the-minute updates with no delay. Just click the link below to launch a pop-up chat window, and the fun will begin!

Click here to launch MTV's "Lost" season 6 premiere live blog!


The night has arrived, folks! The Golden Globes, one of the biggest Oscar predictors, is here, and we'll be live blogging you through the show. Hollywood Crush brought you a live blog featuring the red carpet highlights, and now we're here to take you through the show. Shout out to us on @MTVMoviesBlog and in the comments section to share your thoughts on the madness. I'll be here all night long. For now, on with the show... Read More...


In the embedded video window up above, you can watch an ongoing feed of the backstage happenings at the 15th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. And down below we've got the running live blog, bringing you news, opinion and humor in micro-sized bites throughout the show. Let's get started, shall we? Read More...


This Friday, the stars will gather to celebrate the best of last year at the 15th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. The MTV blog properties will be covering it, starting with a red carpet live blog from 8:30pm to 9pm EST over on Hollywood Crush. I'll be following that immediately afterwards with live blog coverage of the show here on MTV Movies Blog. We'll even have a fancy embedded player, streaming a feed directly from the show's backstage festivities onto your computer screen. It's going to be magical.

Then, on Sunday, we'll be back with more awards show coverage when the Golden Globe Awards airs. Look for a lengthier red carpet live blog, between 7pm and 9pm EST, on Hollywood Crush. Then, just like Friday, you'll want to head over to MTV Movies Blog for ongoing live blog coverage of the show as it happens. For a list of Golden Globes nominees, check out our previous coverage. You can find the Critics' Choice Awards nominees listed after the jump. Read More...

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Welcome all. Are you ready for the 2010 People's Choice Awards? A lot of big names are out tonight, stars of the stage and stars of screens big and small. They're all gathering into the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the best that 2009 had to offer. If you remember it from last year, then it's represented tonight. "New Moon," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Lost," "Fringe," Adam Lambert, Taylor Swift... the list goes on. What are we waiting for? On with the show! Read More...


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