Are you ready for two of the funniest men in the world to share a couch for an exclusive 30-minute interview and present a clip from their new movie "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"? If you're not, you better get ready because Steve Carell and Jim Carrey are taking over MTV and starting at 7:56 p.m. ET for an MTV First.

The two stars will be sitting down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to talk about magic, future projects, and what brought them together again, and when it's Carell and Carrey we're talking about, you can bet that things are going to get a little out of control.

It all starts right here at 7:56 p.m ET, so stick with MTV and for MTV First: "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"!

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By Joel Hanek

Much like Clark Kent and Superman, there's not much of a difference between Nick Offerman and his internet demi-god alter-ego Ron Swanson — in fact, the "Parks and Rec" star owns and operates his very own successful woodworking shop.

With the 2013 MTV Movie Awards only a month away, we'd be remiss if we didn't get the expert consultation on the signature Golden Popcorn trophy from the mustachioed dead-pan craftsman. Offerman, who swung by the MTV Studios promoting his new indie flick "Somebody Up There Likes Me", had some first impressions:

"It feels like my jeans are growing uncomfortably tight — woah, that is turgid."


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Four hundred students at Validus Prep in the Bronx participated in Get Schooled's Future Forward Challenge, a competition to see which high school college prep program could take part in the most quizzes and university visits in a one-week span, and for their winning efforts, the students were handsomely rewarded.

Their prize came in the for of a visit from "Admission" star Nat Wolff and director Paul Weitz, who met with the Validus Prep students and gave an advanced screening of the movie, which stars Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

You can read more about the event plus an interview with former Naked Brother Band member Wolff over at the MTV Act Blog.

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Just like any young woman, Mila Kunis' character in "Oz the Great and Powerful" knows how it feels to have your heart broken. But what makes Theodora not so average is how she deals with the pain.

It's not really a spoiler any more to reveal that Theodora becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, and it's that transformation that helped Kunis get into the character. "I think that this is definitely the first time I've had a character that goes through such a strong arc, emotionally and physically," she said.


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If you know what "House of Cards" is, you've probably checked out the new Netflix original series from David Fincher. And according to one of the stars Corey Stoll, if you've check out "House of Cards," statistically, you probably finished all 13 episodes, which hit the streaming service at once.

"I think the data actually backs that up. If you watch it, you are destined to watch the whole thing," Stoll told MTV News' Josh Horowitz when he stopped by our Times Square studio.

In addition to talking about things like statistically averages, Stoll shared some thoughts on his experiencing making the rather unorthodox television series. "It feels like a bit of a hybrid," he said. "Sometimes it almost felt like we were doing a studio film in the 70s with a big director who could control everything in the story."


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Yes, Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci are two actors in the upcoming fantasy adventure "Jack the Giant Slayer," but did you know that Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci are also two actors with fabulous hair in the upcoming fantasy adventure "Jack the Giant Slayer"?

MTV News' Amy Wilkinson headed to jolly old England to speak with the two gentlemen actors about their 'dos in "Jack" and to find out which had the better haircuts.

"[McGregor] does because it's real," Tucci said.

And McGregor couldn't help but agree. "I had a great haircut in this film," he said.

You can see for yourself which actor takes the top hair honors when "Jack the Giant Slayer" opens in theaters tomorrow, March 1.


On the red carpet at the Oscars, MTV News' Josh Horowitz couldn't help but totally geek out with Zoe Saldana about her two sci-fi franchises, J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" and James Cameron's "Avatar," both of which are expecting sequels in the near to relatively near future.

But first thing's first, "Star Trek Into Darkness." What's up with Uhura and Spock, everyone's favorite love-birds aboard the Starship Enterprise? Where does their relationship pick up in May's sequel.

"I don't know. They're figuring things out" Saldana said. "They're definitely together, you know, because they work together on the Enterprise, and there's so much that's going on this time around with their situation as a crew, as the Enterprise, that it definitely is going to add a little stress to their relationship."


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Rebecca Hall

Don't let the title fool you — the parade is just beginning for "Parade's End."

Tonight (February 26) at 9 p.m. ET, HBO airs the first two installments of "Parade's End," director Susanna White and writer Tom Stoppard's five-part miniseries based on author Ford Madox Ford's novel series set in Europe during the threat of World War I. But the soldiers heading for the battlefield aren't the only ones at war; the miniseries focuses on the tumultuous marriage between Christopher and Sylvia Tietjens — played by future blockbuster stars Benedict Cumberbatch ("Star Trek Into Darkness") and Rebecca Hall ("Iron Man 3") — and what happens to their lives over the course of ten years.

Hall stopped by MTV News to talk about tonight's premiere of "Parade's End" and what viewers can expect to see. (Spoiler: expect the unexpected.)


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Call us YA rookies, but "The Mortal Instruments" is fairly new to us and our knowledge of teen paranormal romance. We expected to see young, beautiful heroes brooding and battling supernatural evil, but the pantlessness comes as a bit of a surprise.

That's what MTV News' Josh Horowitz found on the set of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" when he spoke with Godfrey Gao, the actor playing Magnus Bane. As it turns out, Gao was more surprised by the cold than the lack of pants.

"At first, I was like, 'All right, I thought this party was going to be an indoor mansion with a lot of lights and chandeliers like you see in back.' Turns out, it's outside, and it's actually, I think, 11 degrees Celsius [51 degrees Fahrenheit], so I'm just hanging out with my boxers on and everyone sees ... I have great legs."

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" opens on August 23.


Mark Strong

by Ryan Rigley

Mark Strong is a man of many talents; chief among those talents being his uncanny ability to portray larger than life movie villains. He's already played dozens of memorable antagonists (in such films as "Green Lantern," "Sherlock Holmes," "Kick-Ass" and "Body of Lies") but never before has the British-born actor taken on a role quite as challenging as Sultan Amar in Jean-Jacques Annaud's latest film, "Day of the Falcon."

"I think it was just a fantastic story," Strong tells MTV News of reading the "Day of the Falcon" script for the first time. "I remember reading it on a beautiful sunny day looking out over the sea at Cannes and it was an incredibly atmospheric place to sit down and read a script. The script itself was just this beautiful, epic story. I just got carried away with it really."


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