Sundance. Cannes. Toronto. I've been lucky enough to cover all the major film festivals in my tenure at MTV News. But did any of them revolve around a tasty guilty pleasure that makes everything better? I'm waiting for your answer, Robert Redford. Yeah, I didn't think so.

Friends, colleagues, and pork enthusiasts everywhere, let me introduce you to the 2013 International Bacon Film Festival. Yes, the folks over at Hormel Black Label Bacon threw down the gauntlet and aspiring filmmakers have stepped up to the plate. The challenge: create a film that highlights "the exceptional passion people have for bacon and the extent of its influence on culture." The result? 11 finalists chosen from hundreds of submissions that covered every conceivable genre.

Sure it's insane but it's also kind of amazing and cool, no? Just check one of the finalists below to see how the muse that is bacon can provoke artistic awesomeness.



Anyone with a smartphone can shoot something and call it a movie, but making a film in the traditional sense hasn't gotten any easier with the advent of new technology. There are dozens and dozens of gatekeepers that still keep wannabe writers and directors from realizing their dream when the budget balloons to something bigger than the video you made with your cat.

That's why you have to jump at an opportunity like the one The Weinstein Company is offering in association Next Movie and

The "Master Storyteller" contest was created to find new and exciting talent and to give writers and opportunity to pitch their original ideas directly to the people who can help them become a reality. All you have to do is submit an entirely original treatment between 200 and 1,000 words in length.

The five finalists will be considered for the winning pitch, which will then be developed by the respected studio.

Head over to Next Movie for the full details on the "Master Storyteller" contest.

Breaking Bad

With only two more episodes left, it's time we come to terms with the end of "Breaking Bad." It will be hard to leave behind Walter, Jesse, Saul, and the rest of the gang, but a new prop auction is getting us a chance to own pieces of the show's history.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has teamed up with the website to sell of many of the props from the show, from the smallest test tube all the way up to the Whites' cars. The auction begins on September 29, the day of the finale, and will include items from that episode once it has aired.

Check out our top ten favorite items from the auction after the jump!



Everyone knows that Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, best known for "Reno 911," know funny when they see it, and now thanks to their first feature film as directors, "Hell Baby," they know a thing or two about scary.

So now that they're familiar with both genres, we figured we would get their input on which scary movies were the funniest. Freddy tells more jokes than Jason, but is he trying too hard? What is it about "The Poltergeist" makes it so much funnier than "The Exorcist"? (Hint: It involves lots of off-screen tragedy.)

See what Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have to say about these scary movies and more in the clip above!

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Are you ready to be really disappointed? Michael from Belated Media is back with yet another rewrite for the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy, and this time he's taking his eraser to "Attack of the Clones" in the hopes of rewriting it to match the awesomeness of the original trilogy and his re-written "Phantom Menace."

The story picks up again with Obi-Wan Kenobi more squarely at the heart of the story, no Jar Jar, less politics, and Darth Maul is still alive.

What follows is a new version of "Attack of the Clones" that gets rid of all the boring stuff like politics and aimless discussions about whether sand is good or not, and instead focuses on building the bond between Obi-Wan and his apprentice Anakin, since the two never seemed like the best buds we were led to believe they were.

Check out both videos after the jump!



Artemis Fowl

After years of being stuck in development hell, Artemis Fowl, the "twelve-year-old James Bond villain" with a heart of gold, is finally coming to the big screen with "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" screenwriter, Michael Goldenberg penning the screenplay for Disney and producer Harvey Weinstein.

We're obviously still a long time away from much more real news about the first movie, which will cover the stories of the first two books of the series, "Artemis Fowl" and "The Arctic Incident," but the most important concern for anyone bringing these books to the screen is casting the right lead.

While it's pretty hard to find a decent 12-year-old actor, we have a few (almost) age-appropriate suggestions to play Artemis Fowl, if producers decide to go with a higher-profile star.


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Everything about "Pacific Rim" indicates that Guillermo del Toro and writer Travis Beacham have their fingers firmly on the pulse of geek culture. Everything about their film, which comes out July 12, seems coated in the stuff that makes us go crazy for a new movie, book, or game.

A large part of that is certainly the mythology that the two have built for the world of Jaegers and kaiju. As Beacham explained in a Wired preview of the official graphic novel prequel, the duo mapped out years and years of unused stories just to make the universe more believable.


"We've listed every single battle that happens, where it takes place, when it takes place, what the kaiju's name was, what the Jaeger's name was, who the pilots were, and the circumstances of the battle," Beacham told the magazine.

"Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero" hits shelves tomorrow, June 5, and it's definitely worth checking out. Click the page above to see another full page and read more of the interview with Beacham over at Wired.

"Pacific Rim" opens in theaters on July 12.

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Jason Statham sure knows how to start a relationship out on the right foot. In an exclusive new clip from his upcoming movie "Parker," Statham tests whether he can trust Jennifer Lopez the only way he knows how: By telling her to strip.

Of course, he has a valid reason for asking her to take off her clothes: He wants to see if she has a wire on her. Still, the demand doesn't seem to go over too well judging by the expression on J.Lo's face.


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James Bond

Alongside side drinking a ton and killing men and sleeping with women in equal proportions, traveling the world is one characteristic essential to the James Bond mythos. From his starts during the airline boom of the 1960s, world travel and 007 have gone hand-in-hand, and over the course of 50 years, Bond must have racked up some serious frequent flier miles.

Thanks to a fascinating infographic from Empire we have an easy-to-read overview at all of Bond's travels over 23 films.

In all, Bond has traveled to 146 locations, including that one trip to space that we try to forget about. Roger Moore visited the most locales as 007, totaling 49 different destinations. Daniel Craig is doing pretty well for himself, covering 23 different spots in only three films.

Head over to Empire to see the entire package and get ready to lose a lot of your day.

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The brawl for it all is officially on!

Voting for round one of the MTV Movie Brawl 2013 is officially open, giving you the chance to pick the film you're most excited for in the coming year. Here's how it works: after the jump, vote for the films you're most excited to see in 2013 from our list of 40 movies. You'll be able to fight for your movie of choice in this play-in round until voting closes early on Monday morning (January 14). And if you don't see the movie you're most excited about on our poll, leave the film's title in the comments section or tweet it to @MTVMoviesBlog using the hash-tag #MTVMovieBrawl — if your unrepresented movie of choice gets enough fan support, we'll add it to the poll later in the week as a wild card entry.

But be warned: round one will knock out a huge chunk of the competition. Starting January 14, our original list of 40 will be whittled down to 16 movies based on your votes. That's when our bracket launches and the 16 flicks will start going head-to-head, March Madness-style, in single-elimination contests — until only one movie reigns supreme.

So, without further ado, click on the photo above to start voting on your most anticipated movies of 2013!

Which film are you rooting for in MTV Movie Brawl 2013? Let us know in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!


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