Attack the Block"Attack the Block," easily one of the most buzzed-about films in recent memory thanks to its film festival presence over the past year, is finally facing a wide-scale release thanks to Screen Gems. The film's a genre bender in the purest sense of the term: it's got science fiction, it's got comedy and, most relevantly to this particular column, it's chock full of horror.

If you're not already up to "Attack" speed, we can catch you up quite a bit, thanks to the recently released red-band trailer for the film. You'll find that trailer, plus updates on the "Human Centipede" sequel and more, past the jump. Welcome to this week's Horror Bites.


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Last week, we told you that the gruesome sequel to Tom Six's "Human Centipede" – about a surgeon who stitches together a gory human chain for his own amusement – was waiting to receive approval by UK censors before a release date was announced. History has taught us that the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) doesn't look too kindly on films with extreme, graphic violence and sexuality, so it came as no surprise, really, when news surfaced that "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" has been officially banned in the UK. This means that the board has refused to give the film a classification, making it illegal to distribute.

Six has a few weeks to appeal the ban, but BBFC director David Cooke has stated that cutting the film still wouldn't make it acceptable for viewing. What prompted the British censors to inflict such an extreme ruling? The answer to that question and much more is in this week's Horror Bites.


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Are you afraid of the dark? Don't be — not when there's a creepy new trailer to watch, at least!

The Guillermo del Toro co-written and produced "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is creeping into theaters this August, and a new trailer has arrived that begs you not to turn off the lights. Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison star in the story about a family who moves into a 19th-century mansion they are restoring. The young Sally (Madison) starts to hear voices who want to draw her to the mansion's hidden and terrifying basement. Something evil is unleashed and haunts the family through the pitch black.

Check out the trailer, then catch up with more creepy creature feature news after the jump.


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CarrieThere's a lot of anticipation brewing in this week's Horror Bites, which reports that one upcoming remake is already causing a bloody battle between two of Hollywood's most talked about stars: Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox are both reportedly vying for the same role in a remake of "Carrie."

Meanwhile, a popular zombie tale is gearing up for production and has flesh-munching fans everywhere squirming for more. Max Brooks' novel "World War Z" is being turned into a movie starring Brad Pitt and production time is here. The sparkle-free "Fright Night" finally got a rating, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Also, find out what happens when New York Knick Amar'e Stoudemire talks to strangers about a sequel to a sleeper hit that featured Liv Tyler running through the woods to save her life.

Summer horror news wouldn't be a thing without sharks, and we have some for you after the jump.


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50 CentOddballs and weirdos populate this week's Horror Bites. Some are living large (1,200 pounds to be exact), and others are blind as a bat, but Bruce Campbell (and his chin) remains horror's eternal hero and keeps things light with a new game to play.

50 Cent takes on Satan in a new based-on-the-book movie. The rapper/actor plays a blind DJ and will be starring alongside upcoming "Fright Night" actor Anton Yelchin for this tale originally penned by Dean Koontz.

An actor from "Robot Chicken" is gaining several hundred pounds for a role in David Arquette's "Glutton," which sounds like shades of David Fincher's creepy "Se7en." A family moves into a haunted house thanks to a "hauntrepreneur's" recommendation. Meanwhile, Freddy Krueger will be howling alongside strippers in a new movie that wins the award for most obvious film title ever.

Take a bite out of this week's horror news after the jump.


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Friday the 13thToday's your unlucky day, and we want you to celebrate the occasion with us by checking out five of the most memorable moments in "Friday the 13th" history. The classic slasher series that stalked camp counselors and horny teenagers into the woods is synonymous with today's legendary date. The series' baddie, Jason Voorhees, has sliced and diced his way through the camp grounds of Crystal Lake, New York City, and even space to seek revenge against the neglectful camp counselors who made out while he drowned.

Whether you're superstitious, a horror junkie, or find yourself inexplicably drawn to a mute man-child wearing a hockey mask, here are a few things we love to wax nostalgic about "Friday the 13th."



Lindsay LohanIt's summer movie season, which means horror fans have sun, surf, and killer fish on the brain. We've been bringing you tons of "Piranha 3DD" news – because life just doesn't feel complete without it – but this week's best in horror updates also skinny-dips, battles sharks (and some invisible sea creatures), and heads to Venice, California.

Movies like "Hobo With a Shotgun" and "Machete" have breathed new life into the exploitation subgenre, and "Skinny Dip" is upping the ante with a great cast that includes Sasha Grey, badass Danny Trejo, and now Pam Grier, Michael Madsen, and Brigitte Nielsen. Meanwhile, Halle Berry is battling sharks in "Dark Tide," but the cast of "Sector 7" has to deal with a transparent monster on board their ship. There's a vampire on Venice Beach that wants to take a bite out of you. No, it isn't Lindsay Lohan, but she's dressed to kill for a new bloodsucking photoshoot that "Buffy" star Sarah Michelle Gellar would probably put a stake to.

It's all in this week's Horror Bites after the jump.


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Paranormal ActivityThe ultimate villain, Satan, makes an appearance (twice!) in this week's Horror Bites. To start, "The Hangover's" Bradley Cooper, supposedly in talks to star in "The Crow" remake, has now set his sights on an adaptation of "Paradise Lost" – no, it has nothing to do with the metal band – and Cooper may be playing the big bad himself, Lucifer. Rutger Hauer won't let anyone show him up, though, and is also engaging in a little devilry on screen.

"Paranormal Activity 3" is slipping into "Saw's" place as the new Halloween franchise. Oren Peli and his crew have brought on a team of "documentary" filmmakers to direct their latest installment in the supernatural series. Pants will be peed this October, for sure. Meanwhile, the cast of "Piranha 3DD" is rounding out quite nicely – and may need to increase a cup size – with the addition of some familiar faces, and the "Sexiest Woman Alive."

Find out the full skinny, and relish in more horror goodies, after the jump.


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HumancentIpadWelcome to Horror Bites, tasty little slivers of the week’s best horror news. Right now it’s a busy time for sequels in the horror universe. The announcement of Gary "Crazy Face" Busey joining the cast of "Piranha 3DD” guarantees that things will get nuttier for the schlocky sequel. Score one: us!

The boys at “South Park” made an unusual sequel to the “Human Centipede” for the season premiere by splicing two bizarrely ingenious things together. You’ll never look at your mobile device in the same way again.

Find out what other sequels await you, and other horror tidbits, after the jump.


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