The long-awaited "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" trailer debuted to much fanfare last night, and we're glad to see that you are just as excited about it as we are. But what's even more exciting than how awesome the trailer is at first viewing is just how many big scenes are hidden away inside the two-minute-long trailer.

Sure, there are the battle sequences and Harry's confrontation(s) with Voldemort, as well as the Gringott's break-in and aerial Death Eaters chase sequence from the beginning of "Part 1," but we're betting that you missed a lot of the other teases hidden in there (unless you took the time to go through it frame-by-frame like we did). Here's a look at some of the easy-to-miss moments hidden inside the trailer. Be warned, some spoilers await you after the jump. Read More...


I'm intrigued by "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus." Director Terry Gilliam is one of my all-time favorites, even if his output over the past decade -- just two movies, "The Brothers Grimm" and "Tideland" -- has left a lot to be desired. Still, we're talking about the guy who successfully adapted Hunter S. Thompson's book "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas." Who gave the world classics like "Brazil," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Time Bandits." Surely there's some benefit left to extinguish any doubts, right?

There certainly is if you've seen the latest trailer for "Doctor Parnassus," which is filled with mind-bending eye candy. Even if you can't figure out what's going on, you'll have a hard time not being dazzled by what you see. And with the movie serving up the late Heath Ledger's final screen performance, you've got yet another reason to believe we're in for something good. That's why we've given the latest trailer the Freeze Frames. So sit back, relax and enjoy this commentary-fueled glimpse at Gilliam's latest psychedelic voyage.

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Rather than delivering a stylized logo, a release date and nothing more, the just-released teaser trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" is generously packed with real, actual movie footage. And it's great. Burton is just the right guy to bring Lewis Carroll's wacked-out vision of Wonderland to modern audiences, with liberal help from CG animation and Johnny Depp of course.

In fact, it is so packed with psychedelic goodness, that it's easy to let the little details fly by. Don't worry though-- we've got you covered. Over on, I've put together a little shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer for your reading pleasure. We've also got the HD version available now for your viewing pleasure. Capping it all off is a Freeze Frames image gallery which hits every major moment in the trailer.

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This morning we debuted the poster and first trailer for "Ninja Assassin." I freely admit that I'm easy prey for any movie with "ninja" in its title, but it looks pretty damn badass all the same. If you've ever wondered what happens when a little boy is kidnapped by a shadowy ninja clan and then trained to be the world's deadliest assassin, this is the movie for you.

In case all of that action is just too fast-moving for you, we've slowed it down for close-up inspection in a new Freeze Frames gallery. If you're new to our Freeze Frames feature, it's basically a photo gallery of trailer stills for you to dissect and comment on. Sometimes the action flies by too fast to catch everything. Check it out.

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