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The eBay Prop-Watch pick for today stopped me dead in my tracks. Granted, I wasn't actually walking at the time, but I'm speaking in a metaphorical sense you jerk. Today's pick isn't just some random prop from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." It's an assortment of props from multiple "Turtles"-related projects.

There are a few caveats. First: it's expensive. Damn expensive. The Buy It Now is set at $5,000 and bidding opens at $3,5999. Second: not everything is in pristine condition, as you'll see in the image after the jump. And finally: there's no mention in the description of any sort of Certificate of Authenticity. The items certainly look legit, though someone who's prepared to rip another person off for $5K is probably will to spend a little bit to make the ruse believable.

Still... it's hard to call this auction anything less than badass. Read More...


Today's eBay Prop-Watch would make a lot more sense if the item related to "Clash of the Titans." The original that is, not the March remake that we'll be teasing this Friday at 7pm on MTV's "Behind the Screen." This is the closest I could find listed though. And it's still pretty cool.

Almost 20 years before he worked on the original "Clash of the Titans," released in 1981, stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen worked his magic on "Jason and the Argonauts." Mythical Greek hero Jason and his band of Argonauts -- named for their sailing ship, the Argo -- set out to find the Golden Fleece. Along the way, they encounter blind seers, Harpies and skeletons. Not on the ground either; these piles of bones can look threatening, swing swords and walk in near-perfect synchronicity. And now one of them can be yours. Read More...

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To keep with the running Rob Zombie/"Halloween II" theme this week, I'm featuring yet another related item in today's eBay Prop-Watch. Ask anyone what they think of first when the subject of "Halloween" -- the horror franchise, not the holiday -- comes up, and most will answer Michael Myers' mask. Zombie's vision for the remakes diverges a bit from the previous films of course, but Myers is still his recognizable self beneath all of that filth and grime.

Here's a bit of trivia that you may not know. The original mask used in the 1978 film was created from a William Shatner Halloween mask, which was purchased for less than $2. It's amazing when you think about it, that the dictates of a low budget shoot were responsible for one of Hollywood's most iconic movie monsters. And that's why this second Prop-Watch for the week features yet another version of Myers' mask. Read More...

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With all of the "Halloween II" hubbub on the blog this week, I feel compelled to focus today's eBay Prop-Watch on the franchise in some way. There are no actual props up for auction from the upcoming movie -- or any of the other movies -- but this is a pretty cool item nonetheless. You know, if you're into things that look terrifying.

Michael Myers, the mask-wearing antagonist of the "Halloween" series, is a scary dude. He's smarter than the ruthless killing machine that is Jason Voorhees of the "Friday the 13th" movies. Myers isn't after rowdy teens; his motives are specific, and the victims his brutal killings are carefully selected. You don't want to get in his way of course, but if you're a pot-smoking, beer-drinking teen who has no prior history with Myers, you're probably going to be safe. Probably. With today's prop, you could certainly convince your friends otherwise though! Read More...

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This weekend, Quentin Tarantino sends Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) and his squad of "Inglourious Basterds" behind enemy lines to inflict brutal punishment on the Nazis. The group is particularly well-suited to this task, as the lot of them are Jewish Americans who have a bone to pick with the "Final Solution"-espousing Third Reich.

Of course, as anyone with even cursory knowledge of the Bible knows, World War II was far from the first time that Jews have been oppressed in large numbers. In the story of Exodus, Moses led the Hebrews out of their life of slavery in Egypt. That was only after he heralded the coming of the ten plagues that God would visit upon the Egyptians if the Pharaoh did not let Moses' people go. In the Cecil B. Demille-directed classic, "The Ten Commandments," Charlton Heston played the bearded savior. He and the Pharaoh -- played by Yul Brenner -- are both the focus in today's eBay Prop-Watch. Read More...

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Quentin TarantinoI sure do love "Jackie Brown." It may very well be my favorite Quentin Tarantino flick. It easily surpasses "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction" for me. The "Kill Bill" duology has some incredible moments, but can it really top "Jackie Brown" in my personal rankings? No, I don't think it can. That leaves "Inglourious Basterds," but I haven't seen that yet. So "Jackie" reigns supreme. For now.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch item comes from that movie, and it's not particularly expensive. It also doesn't include a certificate of authenticity (or none is mentioned), though the auction's creator, an eBay Power Seller, does have a number of other prop auctions -- with COAs -- listed in his/her profile. Buy at your own risk of course, but this COA-less auction seems more trustworthy than most. And really, do any of you care? It's a cool prop from "Jackie Brown," and that's all you need to know for gawking purposes. Read More...

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Ah "District 9." You're finally here. Now everyone gets to share in the joy, to see how exquisitely well-crafted you are. Director Neill Blomkamp rises to the challenge in his first feature directing gig, spinning out a tight, smartly laid out story which sails along, bolstered by an impressive first time leading man performance from Sharlto Copley. Enough poetic waxing about "District 9" though... on to the subject of this post.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch pick isn't a prop. Maybe it's a replica-- I think it popped up at some point in the movie. This should be a familiar image to anyone who's been following the summer sci-fi adventure though. "District 9" has been subject of a fairly extensive viral marketing campaign, and lots of cool ephemera has come out of it. And that's where the inspiration for today's pick lies. Read More...

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraThis is a cool eBay Prop-Watch item if I ever saw one, and not outlandishly expensive. Yet. With two days left on the auction, that number may skyrocket. It's worth noting however that there aren't any bids in.

I'm not sure why, but it might have something to do with the not-so-great reception that "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" received from critics this past weekend. I've already shared my thoughts on "Joe" and why some of the louder critical voices may be somewhat off the mark, so I won't belabor the point. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the movie as a longtime fan of the cartoon series. It won't spark any new golden age for cinema, but it is a solid, action-driven blockbuster and director Stephen Sommers' best work since "The Mummy."

Now, on to today's prop...

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District 9Okay, I am seriously jealous of whoever takes the prize in this auction. It's rare that I really salivate over an eBay Prop-Watch selection. Usually it's something to do with "Star Wars." It's almost always something old. Never have I wanted to grab a prop from something recent, let alone something that hasn't even been released yet. Until now.

"District 9" impressed the hell out of me. I've been watching the director, Neill Blomkamp, since his name started getting mentioned alongside "Halo." That project didn't pan out, but as we learned at Comic-Con, at least it paved the way for "District 9." And now you can own a piece of that movie, before the whole world sees it and sends the price of props skyrocketing into the stratosphere. Read More...

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Ray ParkI attended the "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" press junket in New York City over the weekend. One of the compelling bits of trivia to emerge from the actors I interviewed -- Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols -- is that Snake Eyes actor Ray Park ("Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace") was the biggest "Joe" nerd on the set. Not that he shared much knowledge since, being a character actor, he never broke his fictional ninja's vow of silence.

Still, the knowledge that Park is an über-fan ought to make today's eBay Prop-Watch pick all the more cool. It's not an actual prop, but it's a pretty badass item on its own. Park's participation only improves it. Worth the $500 asking price? Not for my cash-starved wallet. But the right "G.I. Joe" super-fan will flip out over this item, especially after seeing Park's performance in "The Rise of Cobra." Read More...

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