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Today's Daily TwitPic is all about the time-honored tradition of changing a movie's title for foreign markets to better appeal to audiences there. There are some great ones. In France, "Jaws 2" is called "Teeth of the Sea 2." Sam Raimi's third entry in the "Evil Dead" trilogy, "Army of Darkness," is called "Captain Supermarket" in Japan. Perhaps best of all, the Hong Kong release of "As Good As It Gets" was given the rather bizarre moniker of "Mr. Cat Poop." (It sells the movie so much better, don't you think?)

And so we come to Paris Hilton. The celebutante has been spending some time in France. Apparently some of that time has been spent browsing through the shelves of a DVD store or two. It's there that she discovered the English-to-French-back-to-English translation of Todd Phillips' summer 2009 hit, "The Hangover." To find out though, you're going to have to hit the jump. What are some of your favorite translated movie titles? Read More...

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For the second time this week, Tyrese Gibson earns Daily TwitPic honors. On Tuesday you got a look at his "Transformers 3" costume, complete with nasty-looking machine gun. Today you get Tyrese hanging with some of his fellow "Fast Five" cast members, including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the recently confirmed Ludacris. This time, the lot of them are toting firearms.

Absent is Dwayne Johnson, who confirmed to us last month that he'll be in the movie. Given his role though, it's no surprise that he's not pictured. Johnson will play "a really unique U.S. Marshal who is hired to hunt and track down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker." He's a former bounty hunter and he's got his own team of colorful mercs to back him up. The only question I have is... where did all of those slick custom cars go? Read More...

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"Transformers 3" shooting has been happening for a couple weeks now. Just yesterday a ton of photos surfaced online showing the streets of Chicago as an urban war zone. Even with star Megan Fox replaced by newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it's clear that director Michael Bay is looking to deliver an explosive spectacle, as per usual.

With the shoot have turned towards what must be a military engagement, frequent Twitter-user Tyrese Gibson is of course on set to do his scenes. And being Tyrese, he's been sharing the love with his followers, our daily Twitter-Wood feed included. Today's Daily TwitPic brings your first look at the actor in full costume, complete with a large, dangerous-looking machine gun. Hit the jump to see it for yourself. Read More...

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Karate KidThere's no denying the powerful dynamic between original "Karate Kid" protagonists Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi, but actors Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith proved that their chemistry knows no bounds either in the recent "Karate Kid" remake.

It seems that the pair struck up something of a formidable friendship, too, as our Daily TwitPic clearly evidences. Jaden celebrated his 12th birthday yesterday, you see, and while Mr. Chan may not have been there in person to celebrate alongside his on-screen student, he was right there on Twitter to proudly mark the occasion with a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of "The Karate Kid." Check it out after the jump! Read More...

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Wil WheatonMake no mistake about it: Wil Wheaton has it going on. The former "Star Trek" actor has transformed himself from his boyish Wesley Crusher image to become an author, columnist and veritable lightning rod for all things geeky goodness — and his geek icon status hasn't gone unnoticed by those around him.

Today's Daily TwitPic refers to a curious comment Wheaton made yesterday. He gloated about "the wrap gift [he] got from [his] hair and makeup goddesses," following the statement with a photo of his alleged gift. But the photo contains various items and objects that could easily be gifts. Is he referring to the photo's natural focal point, Wheaton's dolphin-studded T-shirt? Is he talking about the various pieces of equipment in the background behind him? Perhaps those two rings on each hand are new gifts from the makeup department. You just never know with Wheaton! Read More...


Toy Story 3If you haven't seen "Toy Story 3" yet, well, what are you waiting for? Easily one of Pixar's finest offerings — though, really, it's hard to find a bad Pixar film — and possibly even the best of the "Toy Story" films, the latest adventure of Woody and Buzz rises to the challenge of the 11 year gap since "Toy Story 2" without sacrificing accessibility for a new audience. Really, it's great.

Of course, the movie could have gone an entirely different direction. It's not unusual for a franchise to stall a bit around the third installment, and that very easily could have been the case with "Toy Story 3," as the Daily TwitPic posted after the jump will undoubtedly inform you. In this alternate reality, director Lee Unkrich brings us a Woody who hasn't taken Andy's neglect over the years on the chin — he's taken it on the double chin. See what I mean after the jump. Read More...

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The Daily TwitPic posted after the jump isn't the most impressive example of fine photography. But it does give me an excuse to talk about the strong opening director M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" had last night. The movie took in a reported $16 million in ticket sales, with the numbers of course bolstered by the higher price of 3-D screenings. While that's still short of the $25 million that "Eclipse" earned -- without the 3-D advantage, it's worth noting -- it is still an impressive figure, one that puts the Nickelodeon cartoon adaptation on track to exceed the predicted $50 million take over the July 4th weekend.

In the incredibly dark and blurry picture after the jump, you can see "Airbender" stars Aasif Mandvi and Dev Patel having a grand old time celebrating the release of the movie. I've heard that it's a strange experience for fans of "The Daily Show" to see Mandvi in a villain role in the Shyamalan flick. I've yet to see it myself -- "Eclipse" screened for press the same night -- but all of those delicious-looking visual effects are certainly going to get me into the theater this weekend. Read More...

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Oh Simon Pegg. You and your funny zombies. The writer and star of "Shaun of the Dead" inexplicably took to Twitter yesterday with this awesome photo from the amazing 2004 zombie comedy. You've got Pegg, director Edgar Wright and two oozing zombies. As Pegg tweeted, "Happy family." Indeed.

What I can't figure out is, why now? "Shaun of the Dead" was a September release, so there's no anniversary being celebrated. It was also out in 2004, so it's not exactly hitting any milestones this year. Was Pegg just going through his old photos when he came across this admittedly cool one? Not that I'm complaining. Bring on the awesome archival images! That's what twitpic is for! Read More...

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Big Baby is one of the new characters introduced in "Toy Story 3," a movie which is on track in my own mind to emerge as the best of the summer. As much as I love it, that character is downright creepy. It's one of those realistic-looking infant dolls with the weighted blinking eyes. Except the one in the movie is broken, so its left eye is perpetually half-closed.

That thing haunts my nightmares.

Director Lee Unkrich has been traveling around, doing press for "Toy Story 3." And he's apparently been dragging Big Baby along for the ride. Do you think he gets a separate hotel room for it, so he doesn't have to go to sleep with the nagging fear that he'll wake up to it murdering him?

Anyway, Unkrich has been traveling around with Big Baby and he's been snapping pictures of the little tyke's world tour. The latest stop, documented in today's Daily TwitPic, is France. Was France, since the accompanying tweet read "Au revoir, Paris!" Read More...

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Last Friday marked the one year mark since the passing of pop sensation Michael Jackson. While he certainly had his ups-and-downs in life, Jackson remains one of the most influential artists of the modern music age and the anniversary of his death was the emphasis of numerous weekend celebrations.

Jackie Chan is a known Jackson fan. In May he paid $250,000 for the fallen pop star's famous glove, a congratulatory gift for Chan's son Jaycee, who had just released an album. Now that glove has been auctioned off again, part of a lot of Jackson memorabilia that brought in around $1 million for charity. In today's Daily TwitPic, Chan poses with the coveted item one last time before shipping it off to be sold to the highest bidder. Read More...

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