Evil DeadSure, there are always plenty of guys in Spider-Man and Venom tights every year, practicing their acrobatics in the hallways at San Diego’s Comic-Con. But whenever A-list director Sam Raimi comes to the annual convention, one costume impresses him more than any other.

“There’s guys dressed up as Ash!” he marveled, making reference to the star character from the movies that put him on Hollywood’s radar more than twenty-five years ago. “That’s great. Wow. I’m honored that they’re still imitating Bruce’s character from the “Evil Dead” movies.”


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neil patrick harrisNow that Dr. Horrible has been accepted into the Evil League of Evil, what's next? A lot more Horrible and Evil stuff, which we asked Joss Whedon and Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris, to help us decipher.

In the works already? A soundtrack so you can actually sing along to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which will be downloadable in a "couple of weeks," Joss said. Then a DVD, to be out later this year, which will feature all sorts of nifty extras. Possible sequels. And just when you thought it wasn't possible, even more.

The DVD is going to take a little longer just because it's going to feature new songs in the form of a musical commentary. (They call it "Commentary: The Musical.") Read More...

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James FrancoReports about the end of James Franco's acting career have been greatly exaggerated, the 30-year-old told MTV News, smiling broadly, insisting, contrary to earlier statements, that just because he was going back to school, it didn't mean he was going to stop making movies.

His next post-"Pineapple Express" project, in fact, has him singing with excitement. Literally.

"Mark Ruffalo is gonna direct his first movie and he wants me to play a singer in a rock band," Franco revealed. "It's called 'Sympathy for Delicious.'" Read More...

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Sometimes, the two best words in the English language are the simplest ones: "Thank" and "You."

Now that Comic-Con 2008 is in the rearview mirror, one memory will remain for quite some time: The resounding gratitude "Twilight" fans showed to Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke and the actors hard at work on making a film of the beloved, dog-eared tome Twilighters carry with them as if it were photos of their loved ones.

Now, the stars would like to return the favor. Just hit "play" to get a little taste of Cam Gigandet, Catherine, Stephenie and Robert Pattinson saying "thank you" to the Twilighters.

So pat yourself on the back, keep watching for more Twilight Tuesdays, and then get ready for the movie hitting theaters December 12th. By then, there should be so much shared love going around that it’ll make Edward and Bella’s romance pale in comparison.

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Wolverine This was my first San Diego Comic-Con and to be perfectly honest I was mentally spent by the first afternoon (I think my brain officially stopped working when I witnessed Stan Lee walking in on a Hugh Jackman interview). If you weren't with us in person we hope you were checking in with us throughout the four days right here. If not, no worries. We forgive and forget. And to show you how much we care, let's run through some of what you can (and must!) check-out from Comic-Con '08!

-- We showed you Paris Hilton writhing around in a horror opera from the guys that did "Saw"!

-- We talked "Twilight" music with Stephenie Meyer herself(!) and director Catherine Hardwicke.

-- Rose McGowan IS "Red Sonja" and we debuted the first poster.

-- We learned that Keanu Reeves won't be stretching his muscles as Plastic Man anytime soon.

-- Gerard Way revealed his latest comic book plans.

Neve CampbellEight years after the "Scream" trilogy seemed to conclude, there are more and more signs pointing to a resurrection of the franchise. And director Wes Craven says he's up for it, but it would have to be on his terms.

"My last experience [with the Weinsteins] was kind of rough with "Cursed" so it would have to be under very very controlled circumstances," he revealed to MTV News while promoting his new film for Rogue during Comic-Con, "25/8." "Cursed" of course was indeed a very troubled production. Massive re-shoots and battles over various cuts ended with a financial and critical dud meekly passing through theaters for a virtual instant. Read More...

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One of the coolest parts of Comic-Con is checking out the amazing and intricate costumes many of the fans come adorned in, especially on Saturday for the big official Masquerade event. Thousands of folks line up to check out the participants walk the runway, strutting off their homemade "Transformers" and Supergirl costumes. Click here to view the gallery of some of our favorite outfits, or on the photo below.


PufnstufRemember when “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was on its way to theaters, and people wondered whether Dr. Seuss could become a hot Hollywood screenwriter? Or back when the idea of a Frank Miller comic-turned-movie seemed revolutionary? Well, if you’re looking for the next big thing in Hollywood, look no further than the two septuagenarians who recently took Comic-Con by storm.

Sid & Marty Krofft are the titans of trippiness, who crafted so many bizarre children’s shows in their early-seventies prime that journalists (including me) came running to them, simply to reminisce. But they were in San Diego to preview their first feature film, Will Ferrell’s upcoming “Land of the Lost” – and also to discuss the flood of TV-to-film remakes they plan to fast-track next.

“Our next one is Pufnstuf,” explained Sid (79 years young), referring to their beloved children’s show about a mayor with an oversized head and oft-suspected predilection towards marijuana. “And then after that, ‘Sigmund & the Sea Monster.’ They’re all in the works.” Read More...

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James FrancoFranco stepped into a stoner persona for "Pineapple Express," and now he's set to explore his even more hippier side as the legendary poet Allen Ginsberg. The actor gave the news exclusively to MTV News, revealing that he'll be tackling the writer for a new movie called, appropriately enough, "Howl," after Ginsberg's famous poem written at the height of the Beat Generation.

“It's by a two time Oscar Award winner named Rob Epstein, he's actually a documentary film director," Franco said of the project. “So I'm gonna play the young Allen Ginsberg, the days before he went bald and gained weight. The early Howl days." Read More...

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Rick BakerSitting down with legendary make-up whiz Rick Baker is a joy on multiple levels; one of them is simply because he's refreshingly honest enough to raise a bit of a ruckus when he thinks he's getting screwed.

"When my parents died, that made it clear in my mind that there's definitely an end, and it's not that far away," explained the 57-year-old, who finished his work on "The Wolf Man" with Benicio del Toro two weeks ago, and spoke to us at Comic-Con about the film. "I don't want to be doing movies I don't want to be doing: I only take films I want to take…it has to be something I really want to do." Read More...

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