One of our most anticipated films is "9," an animated sci-fi flick which sees nine ragdolls surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (watch two minutes exclusively here). Producing "9" is none other than Tim Burton, which is why the filmmaker dropped into our studio here at Comic-Con. Before he left, we asked if he'd pose for our photo booth and being the good-natured fella that he is, he readily agreed. Check out his pose below, and then click here for the rest of our photo booth gallery, which includes everyone from Anna Faris to Neil Gaiman.

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Twilighters on line at Comic-ConBy Vaneta Rogers

The "New Moon" panel at San Diego Comic-Con might not start for another 18 hours, but "Twilight" fans aren't taking a chance on missing it!

The most dedicated fans started lining up two days early just to make sure they could get a front row seat to see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and other stars of the movie. As the final
night before the big panel begins now, there are already more than 500 people camping out to attend the most anticipated panel at Comic-Con.

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'Tron'Trooooooon! Say it like you’re James T. Kirk shaking your fist at genetically-engineered mortal enemy Khaaaaaaaaaaan!

That was my reaction the first time I heard about Disney’s planned sequel to “Tron,” the classic 1982 sci-fi adventure about a man named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who is electronically trapped by an evil artificial intelligence inside a computer mainframe. And it still captures how pumped I am for the new film which, as producer Sean Bailey confirmed to MTV News, will honor the roots of the original—lightcycles, tanks and more—while acting as what he termed a “stand-alone sequel.”

“You don’t have to know the ’82 movie to come in and appreciate and enjoy this one,” he explained. “That said, we accept what happened in the ’82 movie happened in ’82. Our movie is set in 2010. We built a mythology that spans the intervening 28 years of, ‘Here’s what we think happened with Kevin Flynn and with [nefarious software corporation] ENCOM and all those principle characters. Here’s what we think happened inside the Tron universe and in the real world.” Read More...

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TronOur Comic-Con preview continues today with what is surely one of the most anticipated films of the San Diego gathering: Disney's updated take on 1982’s man-in-the-machine mind-frak "Tron." Quite a change from 2008’s "Tron" at Con brain-melting bombshell.

“Last year we had the benefit of surprise,” "Tron" producer Sean Bailey told MTV News. “We had some visual test stuff to show that no one knew we had [prepared], which is really fun to be able to surprise a crowd that is pretty much unsurprise-able.”

That visual test showed off a high-tech clip of a lightcycle race—a take on one of the many iconic scenes from the original film—and the crowd went wild. Cut to 2009: with the “Tron” shoot having wrapped in Vancouver just a week ago, the task for filmmakers is both the same and quite different: everyone is well aware of a new “Tron” and there’s not a ton of complete footage available to show off. Read More...

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Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard'Who is the greatest big screen badass of all time? Big question. I know. Is it Darth Vader or John McClane? Ellen Ripley or Dirty Harry? Wolverine or Batman?!? These are the questions that can try a man's soul. But we don't shrink from a fight here at MTV News so we're endeavoring to settle the argument once and for all.

Yes, MTV News is spending the next month wrestling with the question of who the baddest badass of all is and luckily we're not alone. We're getting awesome celebrity experts sending top ten badass lists in as I write this. But it's not just up to us and celebrities to determine who this mean sonofabitch is. You get a vote too! That's right, just fill in the form below and tell us who YOU THINK the greatest badass in movie history is and why? Every vote counts! We're going to tabulate everything and bring you the collective top ten list on February 6th LIVE at New York Comic-Con. That's right, a live event wherein MTV News will host big name panel to argue and announce once and for all who the GREATEST BADASS is. Vote now (after the jump)! Read More...

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Here's one of those meta-bizarre moments that can only happen at a place like Comic-Con. We caught up with Zachary Quinto right after his "Heroes" panel but of course all we wanted to do was grill him for "Trek" info. You can check out the full interview here. Or you can watch it below and catch Zachary checking out the Spock poster for "Star Trek" for the very first time.

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'Monsters, Inc.'They did it with “Toy Story” twice. They’re doing it with “Cars” next. They’ve been rumored to want to do it with “The Incredibles” for years. Pixar is officially in the sequel business these days, with further installments of some of their most popular franchises in the works.

So how come we never hear about “Monsters, Inc. 2”?

“We’ve thought about it,” “Monsters, Inc.” director Pete Docter told MTV News about the possibility for a sequel. “We’ve got a couple ideas.”

In the moment, those ideas are being filtered into a “Monsters, Inc” roller-coaster at the Walt Disney Resorts, which should open in a couple of years. Read More...

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Over the weekend at Comic-Con I was given the opportunity to moderate the panel for "Repo: The Genetic Opera," a crazy out there (in a good way) rock opera starring the likes of Paris Hilton, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino(!). You can check out our exclusive clips right here.

After I interviewed Paris and Alexa and before the public panel started I got a picture with the lovely young ladies as did MTV News producer Todd Brown. It was only after I closely studied the photos that I noticed a bizarre phenomenon. Take a look at my pic and you'll see what I'm talking about.

This begs the question: why did I so conspicuously not rest my hand on Paris' back? Was I nervous? Was her slight figure too narrow for me to get my bearings and know where to place my hand? Surely this was a unique problem to me. But no... Read More...

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How do you boil four days of interviews, panels, and screenings into two minutes and fifty four seconds? Well, you don't but clicking on the below will give you a taste of all the beautiful mayhem that was Comic-Con 2008. Check out the "Watchmen" owl ship with Zack Snyder, watch McG and the cast of "Terminator Salvation" take center stage, and see Robert Pattinson take it all in. Until next year!

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robocopSeventeen years after his last big-screen incarnation, "Robocop" will finally make his way back to theaters in 2010, thanks to a Darren Aronofsky-directed fourth film.

Will it be a direct sequel? A reboot? Will it star Peter Weller? You can find the answers to those and other questions here.

But judging from internet chatter, the most persistent question fans have about the hitherto secretive project isn't why Robocop is coming back to theaters, but what he'll do when he gets there. Hopefully, the implication goes, it includes a lot (and we mean A LOT) of killing. Read More...

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