Guy RitchieWant to commit a crime? Wipe your shoes, wear your gloves, and, for the love of Queen Victoria, do remember to properly dispose of your tobacco ashes -- master detective Sherlock Holmes is coming back to cinemas.

MTV News did a little sleuthing of our own down here in Comic-Con, leaving no clue unturned in discussing the upcoming project with director Guy Ritchie and producer Joel Silver. Ritchie revealed what villain Holmes will face and how his reinvention owes as much to James Bond as it does to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Read More...

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Amy SmartAmy Smart just gave away everything about "Crank 2"! "It takes place three months after [Jason Statham's character] falls out of the helicopter. He lives. Uh oh. I gave it away!" she laughed on a press stop at Comic-Con promoting her new horror flick, "Mirrors".

Alright, so we all knew Jason and Amy were coming back even if the first "Crank" ended with a seemingly impossible to follow finale. But who cares about Jason's character when you're talking to the lovely Ms. Smart? Apparently the months since the first one took place have seen her character undergo some lifestyle changes. Read More...

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Hugh Jackman & Stan LeeBy Benjamin Wagner

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Holy superhero-strewn hallways, our first full-day at Comic-Con was in-sane!

We snuck on board Zack Snyder's Owl ship and debuted Robert Rodriguez's "Red Sonja' poster. We were there when Twilighters ran one-mile deep, and star Robert Pattison was greeted like Elvis. And we were there when Wolverine bumped into Stan Lee, and Paris premiered her rock opera.

Already today we've gotten a sneak peek of the new "Warriors" comic, uncovered a mysterious Robert Rodriguez project and uncovered a tiny bit of "Terminator: Salvation" news.

But you ain't seen nothin' yet. Head 's over to Splash Page to find out what's in store for Comic-Con Day Two...

Robert PattinsonSo, in case you haven't heard, Thursday's "Twilight" panel at Comic-Con was a huge honkin' success. And just moments before Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart and all the rest went on stage, I got together with the stars in a private room upstairs to interview people like Robert Pattinson But since Hall H was the hardest ticket at Comic-Con to obtain, you might be wondering how I was able to get from one place to another in mere moments.

The answer is simple: "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."

Do you remember that classic scene where Pee-Wee is trying to get onto the Warner Bros. lot to get his bicycle back? As he's trying to figure out a plan to get past security, he sees the immortal Milton Berle walking towards the gate with a huge entourage. After a moment of inspiration, he jumps into the small group and pretends to laugh at Berle's jokes while they all walk on in together. Instant access. Read More...

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Robert RodriguezFROM SPLASH PAGE: Robert Rodriguez is getting ready for the biggest production of his career, an epic shoot that would last a year and a half. To make room in his schedule, he's pushed back, shifted, moved, or otherwise abandoned nearly every other film on his slate. He's geeked out like he's never been geeked out before - and for this man, that's actually saying something.

Something, but not really anything. Cause good luck getting him to tell you what it is.

And, oh yeah, it's not "Sin City 2," "Barbarella," or "Conan." Read more...

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The RockHe’s one of fandom’s most celebrated characters, an honor-bound warrior upholding the virtues of an earlier time. And for a moment, he nearly sold his principals down the river simply to get a movie deal.

But thankfully Snake-Eyes, the black-clad, silent warrior of “G.I. Joe” averted a scandal that may have rocked the Internet community to its knees. And all thanks to one very protective father.

“We actually had Snake-Eyes utter one sentence at the very end of the movie,” revealed Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer behind the upcoming mega-budget “G.I. Joe” adaptation. “We thought [it] was very clever…Larry didn’t think it was clever at all.” Read More...

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The RockBy Benjamin Wagner

The Rock? In a kid-friendly Disney flick? Huh?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson explained why he jumped on board Disney's "re-imagining" of its 1975 classic, "Escape From Witch Mountain," at the film's Comic-Con panel Thursday afternoon.

"Why me? In a Disney film?" he said, his Cheshire grin growing wider by the second. "Ka-ching!!!"

Judging by the bombastic trailer screened just prior to the panel, though, this ain't your parents' "Witch Mountain." Read More...

TronComic-Con just revealed a BIG surprise courtesy of an old school property that's about to get a big screen revamping.

We have just seen footage of a new "Tron" movie and yes, Jeff Bridges is back!

During a Disney panel that was ostensibly set up to promote "Race to Witch Mountain," the studio waited until the very end to reveal their new version of "Tron." And the new film has an official title, "Tr2n." Yes, it is officially a sequel.

Since no casting or release date had even been announced for the film, the debut of fully completed footage, much less starring Jeff Bridges, caught everyone by surprise.

And it wasn't just the fact that Bridges appeared in the teaser, the Oscar-nominated actor appeared to be playing two different characters -- Flynn (from the original) and a younger version of himself.

Here's what was shown:

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TwilightI've witnessed a lot of craziness in my day, but I've never seen anything quite like the "Twilight" madness that has erupted all over Comic-Con today. And it's only 3:30!

Right now, I'm upstairs staring at a long line of people trying to get autographs from Rob, Kristen and the rest of the bunch. Two of them are dressed in matching cheerleader uniforms that read "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob." Nuff said.

I just navigated my way through 6500 shrieking Twilighters downstairs in Hall H. The "Twilight" crew did not disappoint, and dropped some major bombshells about things like Bella's Lullabye, the soundtrack inclusion of Muse, and footage of Bella being bitten.

Stay tuned, as we'll have more on "Twilight" very soon. In the meantime: If you were there, what are your thoughts? If you weren't: What is your reaction to all the details we've posted so far?


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