Bryce Dallas Howard“Terminator Salvation” star Bryce Dallas Howard felt right at home talking about the movie amid the mania of Comic-Con this week. “I walked the floor today! Oh, it was so much fun,” enthused the actress, who toured several booths at her second Con before duty pulled her away for interviews. “I was actually really disappointed when I was here for ‘Spider-Man [3]’ that we didn’t have time in the schedule to walk the floor. I think Topher [Grace] came several hours earlier with his friends so he could do it. What’s so great about Comic-Con is it’s the fans — it’s people who have spent a significant amount of time invested in admiring the stories, admiring the heroism, the sci-fi aspects of these stories.

“These are the people I’m doing it for,” she said, looking over at the costumed crowd. “Because I’m one of them.”

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Sam RaimiIt's day four of Comic-Con which means yes, sadly the end is near. But our coverage is just beginning today. Before the sun sets on San Diego tonight we'll have talked to everyone from Jason Statham and Wes Craven to the cast of the new "Friday the 13th."

Not a bad lineup and it all comes after a Saturday chock full of scoops. If you weren't with us yesterday you missed McG and Anton Yelchin talking "Terminator Salvation," Frank Miller talking about the "300" prequel, and the latest on "The Clone Wars."

Today the news keeps flying fast and furious. Coming up soon right here you'll find the latest on "The Wolfman," breaking news on James Franco's role as a world famous writer, and Sam Raimi with an "Evil Dead" update. And that's only what we know right now. More big surprises are surely on the way as this crazy Comic-Con wraps up.

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McG and the cast of "Terminator Salvation" just about tore the roof of Hall H with their debut of three minutes of bombastic scenes. But aside from the kinetic action the biggest cheer came for Anton Yelchin's Kyle Reese and his recitation of one iconic line, "Come with me if you want to live."

MTV News caught up with Yelchin and McG at their Comic-Con autograph signing to discuss the moment.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: By the end of "300," the Persians had won, the Hot Gates were passed, and King Leonidas and his men, each and every one save Dilios the Storyteller, were killed. So, of course, they’re all coming back for the seemingly-confirmed sequel, right? Well maybe someone should tell Frank Miller, who seemed perplexed when we posed the question to him. Read More...

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jeremy piven“Sex and the City” did it. “Da Ali G Show” did it too (well, kinda). “The Sopranos” have been rumored to want to do it for years. Given the seeming inevitability these days of hot HBO properties becoming movies, why is it that we haven’t ever heard anything about a possible big-screen “Entourage.”

Cause it probably ain’t ever going to happen, Jeremy Piven insisted.

“We’ve never discussed an ‘Entourage’ movie and I think we have a few years left in us [on TV]. We’re just about to finish our fifth season and it does feel like our best yet,” Piven told MTV News. “So I think we have a few more years and then if they’re not sick of us, maybe we’ll do a movie.” Read More...

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They sing, they dance, they produce, heck, they even act. But now the boys of OutKast can add an even more impressive title to their resumes: muses.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi (nee Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton, respectively) won’t actually appear in Guy Ritchie’s newest crime drama, “Rock n Rolla,” but two characters, music managers played by Jeremy Piven and Ludacris, WERE based on the outlandish and talented duo, Piven revealed to MTV News.

“He did, he did pattern it on them,” Piven said of his character in the film. “[My character] was originally written as a black character, it was kind of an homage in a way to Andre 3000 and Big Boi from a video from back in the day that Guy had seen.” Read More...

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It's been 30 years since Joe Dante unleashed "Piranha" on an unsuspecting public. Well if audiences then were taken aback by the film's absurd blend of horror and comedy they ain't seen nothing yet because "High Tension" director Alexandre Aja wants to assault your senses in wall to wall 3D with his upcoming re-imagining.

"It's going to be unique because it’s going to be completely in 3D," the youthful Frenchman told MTV News at Comic-Con. Completely in 3D?!? And I'm still getting over those few scenes shot in IMAX for "The Dark Knight." "I think people don’t realize the effect of all the elements coming out from the screen at you. It’s very traumatic," told us, his eyes filled with glee. Read More...

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If you were famous, would you flaunt it?

Would you be someone like Johnny Depp, Seth Rogen and “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, who play down their star-quality every chance they get – thereby making us want to make them even bigger stars? Or would you be someone like the big-name actor I was interviewing yesterday, who really does seem like the type of guy who’d carry a wallet reading: “Bad Motherf-cker.”

Take a look at the video and you’ll see me talking to Samuel L. Jackson about his hit TV show and soon-to-be videogame “Afro Samurai.” Suddenly, I hear something familiar interrupting us, but I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Yep, it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17” speech from “Pulp Fiction.”

“Are you pushing something,” I asked. “Or am I losing my mind? “That’s my phone,” Sam Jackson replied, fessing up. “And it’s Frank Miller! Damn! Read More...

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Gerard Butler @ Comic-ConFROM SPLASHPAGE: Walking around Comic-Con, and talking to the fans in attendance, it's clear there are only two movies coming out next year: "Watchmen" and "Everything Else." Such is the anticipation level for Zack Snyder's adaptation of what is generally considered the greatest graphic novel ever written. Could it possibly get any higher?

Find out what Misters Butler and Snyder have up their collective sleeves on Splash Page.

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The RockFROM SPLASH PAGE: Banished by the great wizard Shazam for abusing his powers, Black Adam spends 5,000 years traveling through the universe to exact his revenge. Surely, then, a few more years won't be too much of a hassle.

Based on the popular characters from the "Captain Marvel" comic series, "Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam," is still a go, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson told MTV News at Comic-Con, but a while away from becoming a reality.
Dwayne spills details over on Splash Page.

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