Yesterday's debut MTV/MySpace-sponsored San Diego Comic-Con livestream kicked off in grand fashion, with a visit from "Red" stars Karl Urban and Bruce Willis(!!!). They gave a great interview -- with some tidbits about both the next "Die Hard" and Urban's "Judge Dredd" prospects (go watch it!) -- and of course paused for a little photo op. That's where the above image comes from. I need some help though. Can someone tell me what Willis' expression means?

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A lucky crew at San Diego Comic-Con got to catch the very first screening of Edgar Wright's finished version of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" last night. Did I mention how lucky they are? Jerks. Those of us who weren't there, which is most of you readers I'd wager, will have to settle for this clip.

It's a great clip, don't get me wrong. You get a feel for the inventive style of editing Wright employed in bringing the comic book to life. It's just not the whole movie. For some odd reason, we're not allowed to embed that. Go figure.

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The personal highlight for me during yesterday's MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestream came at the tail end, when Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo popped in to pimp "Machete." What I have here is a photo from their time in the studio, a particularly well-captured photo of star Trejo. Stay tuned for more throughout the day, and keep your browsers locked to MTV Movies Blog to make sure you don't miss our second San Diego Comic-Con livestream, today at 3pm ET.

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by Ryan J. Downey

- Before the panel began, Harry Knowles announced he's taking on a second job as EIC of "Aren't you hungry for a movie that makes you want to hit the gym?" he asked. "I'm going to be representing estrogen on the stage."

- Terry Crews made an animated arrival onto the stage, tearing off his shirt. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin followed suit, but without the shirt ripping. Dolph Lundgren followed, looking awesome in a suit. Randy Couture was next.

- "He wakes me up some mornings to tell me to put a story on my site," Knowles said introducing Stallone, who was greeted by a "Rocky! Rocky!" chant. Read More...

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Seth Rogen was one of a large contingent of superstars who turned out for yesterday's MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestream from San Diego Comic-Con. We'll be sharing more photos throughout the day, but I figured I'd start with this one, to better remind you that Comic-Con is some serious stuff. We know it, Rogen knows it-- you should know it too.

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1:00 pm Running behind schedule as is the trend today, but Angelina Jolie will be here, so it's worth the wait.

1:12pm Here's some footage from "Salt," looks like the police car scene that was in trailers, except more. She ends up shooting a taser at the driver and starts driving the car.

1:13 pm Best stunt of the footage is of Salt once she's been captured, jumping out of a helicopter. Epic. Read More...

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Day two of San Diego Comic-Con begins! MTV News’ in-depth coverage continues today (Friday July 23) with exclusive interviews with: Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Cage, Alan Ball, Michael Cera, Jeff Bridges and many more. Better yet, a few of those folks will be stopping by our second livestream show today at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT.

Early Hall H action includes presentations for: “Drive Angry,” “Super,” and “Walking Dead.” Then at 3pm ET/noon PT, come back to for our second live stream show featuring the *full* casts of “Tron Legacy” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.”

Afternoon/evening coverage will include reports from: Sony’s panel with the casts of “The Other Guys,” “Green Hornet,” and “Priest,” del Toro’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” the True Blood panel, and exclusive interviews with the stars from each.

MTV News and MySpace are live at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con! From Seth Rogen to Michael Cera to Anna Kendrick, we're talking to some of the world's biggest stars during three daily live streams. So tune in to at 3 p.m. ET/ noon PT on Thursday and Friday, and 6 p.m. ET/ 3 p.m. PT on Saturday to watch the fun unfold. And don't forget to check in all week for exclusive interviews, movie clips and much more!


An image like the one you'll find after the jump could only have come from the halls of San Diego Comic-Con. Right? Today's Daily TwitPic features "Boondock Saints" star Sean Patrick Flanery in what appear to be his final moments. A pair of Spartan super-soldiers, from the "Halo" video game universe, have the actor held at gunpoint for reasons that aren't made clear. Maybe that had issues with "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day"?

The MTV team on the ground in San Diego will be keeping an eye out for Flanery today as they continue our ongoing coverage of Comic-Con's biggest panels and most sought-after interviews. You'll of course be able to see some of it later today when the second of our three MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestreams gets underway at 3pm ET. There's still time to send along your questions; just tweet them to MTV Movies managing editor @JoshuaHorowitz. Hit the jump to take a peep at Flanery's final moments. Read More...

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11:15 am While people are shifting out for "Megamind," people are settling in for the big "Tron Legacy" panel. It's definitely one of the biggest panels of the Con, and I've heard whispers that there's going to be an exciting reveal at the end.

11:21 am And here we go! The screams are much louder in here than for "Megamind." Sorry, Will Ferrell.

11:22 am Here comes Patton Oswalt, the nerd love of my life. Read More...

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Not at San Diego Comic-Con? Not to worry. We've got your first MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestream right here. Why are you still reading? Hit play!!!

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