In the vein of such films as "Alien" and "Sunshine," "Pandorum" finds a group of deep space astronauts awakened from deep sleep only to find they have no memory of who they are or what their mission is. Plus, as if that weren't enough, deadly creatures have infiltrated their craft. As you'll see in our exclusive teaser which was shown at Comic-Con today, the film looks to be one hell of a scary ride.

Starring Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid and Cam Gigandet, "Pandorum" hits theaters September 18.

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Under the harsh spotlight of press and fan scrutiny, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are having to answer some hard questions. And share them. In this clip from the "New Moon" panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the three reveal what they least like hearing when getting the third degree from their adoring public.

Remember, you can head over to to watch the rest of our coverage from the SDCC '09 "New Moon" panel!

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If there's one thing cool about Comic-Con, it's the hugely eclectic group of celebrities that the event attracts. Case in point the stars of the upcoming animated comedy "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," the lovely Anna Faris, "SNL" star Andy Samberg and "Role Models" rookie Bobbe Thompson.

The trio agreed to snap a photo in our booth, and it's below for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to click here to browse the rest of our photo booth gallery, which includes Natasha Henstridge and Stan Lee.

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Zoe Saldanaby Michael Avila

One of the more interesting panels at Comic-Con this year not specifically geared to plug an upcoming movie was Entertainment Weekly’s forum discussing the role of female heroes in modern pop culture. Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, Zoe Saldana and Elizabeth Mitchell were seated on the dais before an enthusiastic standing room only crowd. It took about 20 minutes for someone onstage to realize Saldana's and Mitchell’s nameplates were misplaced.

Before Buffy slayed, Lara Croft raided and Starbuck, er… drank, Weaver was bitch-slapping Paul Reiser and basically inventing the archetype for ass-kicking women as Ridley in James Cameron's 1986 sci-fi action flick “Aliens.” Five years later, Cameron would release “T2: Judgment Day” featuring another female action hero. Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, paved the way for the modern-day heroine who can balance motherhood with her need to pound skulls and work out. Read More...

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Tron Legacy

One of the most anticipated films of 2011 is "Tron Legacy," the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi movie "Tron." Disney didn't disappoint fans during their 3-D panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

Filmmakers and members of the cast, including Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Kevin Flynn, introduced footage revealing that the story revolves around Kevin's son Sam.

"I go on search for my father and find myself in this crazy world," said actor Garrett Hedlund, who plays Sam Flynn.

What he finds is that the world of Tron has been sitting on a server and in that time has evolved on its own. "It's become darker and more realistic, feeling more like a photo surreal environment," director Joe Kosinski said. Read More...

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A Christmas CarolFilmmaker Robert Zemeckis showed off Disney's new 3-D motion capture technology that will be used in November's release of "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carrey.

Everyone in the audience was given a pair of 3-D glasses as they entered Hall H, most of them coming from a long line in anticipation of the "New Moon" panel this afternoon.

Created as a motion capture animated feature, "A Christmas Carol" sees Jim Carrey playing eight roles, including the aged Ebenezer Scrooge and all three Ghosts of Christmas -- Past, Present and Future. Read More...

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Tron LegacyWhat, you thought I'd put it in the headline? That's the whole story! Be happy I'm not rambling on for two paragraphs and then burying the title after the jump. So do you wanna know? Huh? Okay. Here goes...

"Tron Legacy"

There you have it folks. Update your tags, file your wiki edits, earmark the change in your brains. It's not the "Tron" sequel anymore. Not "Tron 2." Certainly not lameass "Tr2n" (whew). It's "Tron Legacy." Bask in the joy of it all.

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Are you like me, stuck at home this week? Or really anywhere other than San Diego? I may not be able to get you out there, but I can help you live the experience of being there vicariously through Getty Images and our very own on-the-convention-floor reporters. It's not the same as being among the first to lay eyes on new footage from "Avatar," "District 9," "Extract" and more, but if you close your eyes and wish really hard... well... yeah, nothing will change. Follow the image below to check out our San Diego Comic-Con image gallery!

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MTV has a storied history with photo booths, and since we're bringing through a ton of celebrities here at Comic-Con, we thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to have them pose for us. First up is appropriately Superman himself, Brandon Routh, who's here for his new film "Dead of Night." Check him out below and then click here to see more famous folks in our Photo Booth gallery.


The world-famous San Diego Comic-Con began in 1970 under the less-catchy name Golden State Comic Book Convention. Just 300 people showed. 29 years later, it's an explosion of merch, fanboys and fangrrls in or out of costume, video game goodies, movie marketing and boatloads of journalists.

Even before last year's "Twilight" mayhem, Comic-Con was a big attraction for major movie studios looking for a captive audience. People eager to see teaser trailers and watch panels featuring their favorite directors and actors. Superhero flicks or not, it's all about the geek culture.

Even though the hardcore comics fans groan about their hallowed halls being invaded by stampeding game geeks and RPattz fans, it's really win-win for everyone. As movies, comic books and video games become increasingly intertwined, it's only natural that the wider film-loving would be as interested in Neil Gaiman as they are in Guillermo del Toro. So even if you're not on the hunt for a mint condition "Swamp Thing" signed by Alan Moore, there's still plenty for you movie fans to see and do. Read More...

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