Santa Gandalf

If your holiday plans involve journeying to a former mountainous stronghold to reclaim the home and treasure of your dwarvish friends, there are a few particular items that you'll need to pick up before you leave your comfortable hole in the ground.

This is your guide for all of the Middle-earthly gifts you'll need this holiday season!


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Jump Street


Years from now when we look back on the year in movies that was 2012, what lines will we be subtly misquoting to friends at parties?

Well, we at MTV News have humbly put forward our list of the lines from the year's biggest movies that will think will stand the test of time. Even with so many lines of dialogue to choose from, the best of the best stood out in our minds and made such a list not so difficult to make.

But what made the cut? Was any of Bond's banter in "Skyfall" witty enough to make it? What about all of those wonderful Joss Whedon-penned lines in "The Avengers"? Click the link about to see the final list of our 15 favorite movie quotes from 2012.

What were your favorite movie quotes from 2012? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!



It's hard enough for a movie to introduce one character that the audience cares about. Putting forward an entire cast that will engage the viewer is another thing entirely.

This year, a number of the biggest films relied on the effectiveness of their entire ensemble to make their impact. While some fell flat, others rose to the challenge and succeeded because of it.

But which ensemble is your favorite? Voice your opinion, and vote in the poll below.


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Santa Bond

If any guy you know walked out of "Skyfall" claiming that he doesn't want to be James Bond, he's lying. It's simply a fact that all warm-blooded men dream of living the luxury, ultra-suave lifestyle of 007, so what better Christmas gift can you think of than giving him that dream?

This is your guide to turning any man into James Bond this holiday season!


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Ashley Greene

Like any good year at the movies, 2012's biggest films had twists and turns that none of us could have predicted and some that everyone saw coming. That didn't stop them from thrilling us every step of the way and making us gasp a little when the reveal finally came.

These are the five best plot twists of 2012. Let us know which one is your favorite in the poll below.


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