Our guest blogger Laura Culpepper was selected to help us cover the Movie Awards and all its preshow events (and giving her some surprises as well). She was a great addition to the team, and with the 2008 show concluded, we asked her to reflect on her last day and what the experience meant.

Well, it's all over now. This afternoon I will be flying back to Alabama to resume my very uneventful life until the fall. It will be a bit strange not seeing celebrities everyday or hanging out with everybody here at MTV News, but all good things must come to an end.

Will Smith, Jaden Smith and The Rock

I started the day yesterday pretty early to once again stand-in on some rehearsals for the preshow. After that it was a bit of a "hurry up and wait" situation, but once the stars started walking it went by extremely fast. Read More...

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Mike Myers has taken the stage and the golden popcorn is getting handed out. But there's a lot more going on besides what you see on TV. And we've got you covered every which way thanks to our army of correspondents. The backstage Movie Awards live blog begins now!

Michael Bay and Jon Voight

8:02 p.m. ET -- Charlize Theron slips in, using Jon Voight as cover. Minutes later, Voight and director Michael Bay chat about a potentially awesome movie team that we can only dream of ("Anaconda" but with more explosions?). Read More...


We're a few hours away from the main event but you don't have to wait until Mike Myers makes a dramatic entrance to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards for the fun to begin. We've got our correspondents all over the gold carpet, inside the auditorium, basically anywhere the action is happening. We're all over it. Enjoy our live blogs throughout the evening for everything that's happening behind the scenes.

9-11 a.m. ET -- You can't make this stuff up. The MTV News gang wakes up to the news of an early morning fire at Universal Studios (home to the Awards for the second year in a row). Thankfully, there are no fatalities. The show will go on.

2:15 p.m. -- Kim Stolz interviews Megan Fox on the carpet! Calm down, you didn't get the time wrong, it's not the "Transformers" star but one of our stand-ins during a preshow rehearsal. Read More...


Chris Martin

Because of the still-smoldering fires on the Universal Studios lot, most -- and by most, I mean all -- of the restaurants surrounding the Gibson Amphitheatre are closed. Well, closed except for the 30 minutes when they were all open, which is when I managed to score some sushi, which is also when Chris Martin enters into this. Read More...

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Our guest blogger Laura Culpepper will be covering the highlights from now through the big show on Sunday, so check in daily as she live-blogs her Movie Awards experience!

Today was really fun, but not because of celebrities or movie screenings. Instead, I spent the day at the Gibson Amphitheatre, which is where the MTV Movie Awards will happen tomorrow.

The atmosphere was energetic as crew members began putting the final touches on the area. First we walked down the gold carpet and into the auditorium where the actual awards will take place (it looks pretty rad, by the way). Read More...

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Pyro! Press Clippings! Platforms! Pussycats!

Yes, PCD's rehearsal is in full swing, as the girls perfect their footwork for tomorrow night's performance of "When I Grow Up."

Without giving too much away, let's just say there's whole lot of, well, everything going on at the moment, as the Dolls descend staircases, pirhouette on raised platforms, and duck licks of flame, all while massive video screens burst with images of diamonds, tabloid headlines and, uh, hearts (it is PCD after all). Dolls mastermind Robin Antin watches on with her army of choreographers. Read More...

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The Pussycat Dolls Arrive At 2008 MTV Movie Awards Rehearsals
Piling out of a pair of SUVs in an explosion of leopard-print, hot-pink and mylar, the Pussycat Dolls arrived on the scene at the Gibson Amphitheatre, ready to rehearse for their big (and I mean BIG) performance on tomorrow night's MTV Movie Awards.

They're onstage as I type this -- the things they can do while perched atop a pair of stiletto heels! -- and I'll have more about that in a bit.

But just so you're aware, the Dolls are in the building.

Repeat: The Pussycat Dolls are in the building!!!

The MTV Movie Awards will air live on MTV on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, with MTV News' "Coming Attractions" preshow kicking the evening off at 7:30 p.m. ET! Meanwhile, stay tuned to the MTV Movies Blog and MovieAwards.MTV.com.

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Hi, I'm Shawn Adler and I'm here to present my blog entry on how to write for a major awards show. (Not funny. I can do better. Let me start over.)

Hey blog readers: Did you hear the one about the news personality who was asked to observe a group of actual writers putting together the show he'll be working on? But enough about Katie Couric. (rimshot?) (Will people get it? Maybe if I had a partner? Doesn't matter, drop it. I suck.) The art of blog writing...no....The award for best blog of the year goes to....no, too early in the speech. Where's the set-up...What if...

Alright, here's the deal: speech writing is tricky, especially tricky when you're writing a speech for someone else, and darn near impossible to get right when that speech has to be funny and seem spontaneous. And, oh yeah, it has to no more than 15 seconds long. Read More...


MTV News' Kim Stolz has already made a name for herself in the City That Never Sleeps. But now that she's in L.A. for this weekend's Movie Awards, she needed a few lessons on adapting to the Town of Hangin' Around.

"I need some advice," the newly brown-haired correspondent pleaded, hunting for stars at L.A.'s swank Le Montrose hotel. "What sort of things does a big star like yourself do all day?"

"You're looking at it," grinned diminutive funnyman Verne Troyer, lying in the sun poolside.

On Tuesday, Stolz and Troyer met up for an afternoon of living large with Hollywood's smallest star. The always-affable Troyer, who once again teams with his "Austin Powers" cohort Mike Myers for June 20th's "The Love Guru," took to Kim so quickly that Stolz might just have her very own Mini-She. Read More...

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Tim and Adam SandlerThe MTV family arrived in L.A. over the weekend, and already we've been hard at work shooting tons of footage. The big MTV Movie Awards aren't until Sunday, but there's still plenty to keep us busy ... after all, we are in LaLa Land.

First we hit up Rodeo Drive, where somewhere in-between the Dior and Prada stores, my producer Ryan came up with the rather bizarre idea of having me re-enact the "Do you work on commission? Big mistake... Huge mistake" scene from "Pretty Woman." Yes, unfortunately that meant I had to play Julia Roberts minus the white skirt, blouse and hat. So before I had a chance to think twice about it, I was pushed into the Louis Vuitton store while our shooter Matt secretly rolled the cameras outside to re-enact the famous scene. The hardest part: keeping a straight face. Read More...

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