Hugh Jackman & Stan LeeBy Benjamin Wagner

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Holy superhero-strewn hallways, our first full-day at Comic-Con was in-sane!

We snuck on board Zack Snyder's Owl ship and debuted Robert Rodriguez's "Red Sonja' poster. We were there when Twilighters ran one-mile deep, and star Robert Pattison was greeted like Elvis. And we were there when Wolverine bumped into Stan Lee, and Paris premiered her rock opera.

Already today we've gotten a sneak peek of the new "Warriors" comic, uncovered a mysterious Robert Rodriguez project and uncovered a tiny bit of "Terminator: Salvation" news.

But you ain't seen nothin' yet. Head 's over to Splash Page to find out what's in store for Comic-Con Day Two...

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in 'The X-Files: I Want To Believe'It's something I've been waiting over a decade for - the chance to interview one of my favorite TV duos, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, from one of the best TV shows of all time, "The X-Files." The occasion was the press junket for their new film, "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," and it started with a flight from JFK to LAX. I arrived at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel on Friday afternoon, and shortly afterward was on a shuttle van to the movie screening at the Zanuck Theatre, on the Fox lot.

During the short trip to the lot I spoke with some other journalists who are X-Philes like myself, and four of us sat together in the theater, forming our own little geek group. During the screening we whispered about some familiar faces that appeared onscreen, and about some folks whom we wished were included but weren't. There were some pleasant surprises, some truly frightening moments, and I left the theater pretty satisfied with this second big-screen "X-Files" adventure. Read More...

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By Andrew Ross Rowe

Step aside, Chewbacca-costume-wearing tall guy. Make way, sorta-looks-like-Santa-Claus Gandalf impersonator. The Batman fans are out in full effect!

Everyone from the Caped Crusader himself to the Joker to Poison Ivy showed up to stand in line at midnight for the opening-night showing of "The Dark Knight."

But why not see the movie at a normal time, rather than on a weekday in the middle of the night? I suppose it's moot to ask someone who's wearing full regalia from a comic book. At least I took advantage and shot some video!


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Hi, everyone! My name is Steve, and I'm an intern for MTV News in New York. I was sent on a special bat-mission to cover a mysterious "Dark Knight" viral event that took place on Tuesday night. Those in downtown Manhattan near City Hall around 10pm probably noticed more than just tourists and businessmen. We didn't know what to expect, but hundreds of Batman fans were out in force to experience a scavenger hunt-inspired chase, one of a series of events that have taken place across the country to promote the film.

Fans waited in excitement at a park for a clue as to what was going to take place. I was down in the area recording all the action, and it turned into quite an exciting evening. Fans dressed up in all kinds of outfits; from bat costumes to Joker faces...the Batman fashion was certainly part of the evening. I felt a bit out of place wearing my 3-button shirt, but I did wind up snagging a free Batman tee. Read More...


Justin TimberlakeReporting by Adrianna Kourafas

First, Mary Steenburgen was the compassionate stepmom of a North Pole free-spirit in "Elf." On July 25th, she'll once again play mother to Will Ferrell in the wild Judd Apatow comedy "Step Brothers." These days, however, she's been getting in sync with her new on-screen son, Justin Timberlake.

"I love him," she said of her co-star in "The Open Road," a recently-wrapped drama that casts JT as the son of a baseball legend (Jeff Bridges) who takes his girlfriend (Kate Mara) on a road trip to deal with his ailing mother. "I play his mommy. I went from playing Will's mommy to Justin's mommy. Go figure!" Read More...

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Adam WestBy Robert Mancini

Sometimes, the coolest stuff happens as soon as the cameras are off. Of course, it's our job to make sure that doesn't happen, but let's face it -- we're not that good at our job. That must be why I didn't hear about Adam West's biggest regret until after our interview wrapped.

He came in today to talk about the Blu-ray release of 1966's "Batman: The Movie," and along the way he dished about his iconic take on the character ("Now you've got the Dark Knight; I was the Bright Knight" he explains), his stories from the set ("Burgess Meredith taught me a LOT about wine," he said) and even who the mayor of Quahog might be backing in the Presidential election ("I'm too busy with graft and corruption... my own"). He was, as you might imagine, amazing (much more from that interview is coming in the weeks ahead), so I wrapped thinking we had it all in the can. Then, as we were breaking down the set after the interview, I tossed out a reference that seemed too obscure to touch on in our interview.

"I have to say, I really enjoyed 'Lookwell'," I blurted out, recalling fondly the hysterical but doomed series about a forgotten TV detective that never made it past the pilot stage back in 1991. Read More...

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Having received a steady stream of "Bonanza: Season 26” box sets, hand-written press kits and god knows what else, the arrival of the mailroom guy isn't as exciting as it used to be. But when he walked over this morning carrying a gigantic carton adoirned with an official looking "Gotham National Bank" shipping label...well, let's just say it grabbed my attention.

I'm no stranger to cool deliveries, there was that "Speed Racer" thing a few months ago. But with "The Dark Knight" folks having seemingly perfected the art of viral marketing -- delivering newspapers, cell phones and even cake to journalists -- I was particularly excited about this one. (After the jump, tons more pics!) Read More...

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Last week we sent intrepid producer Vanessa White Wolf to Iceland for a slew of reports on the land that helped set the scene for the upcoming "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D." Yes, we're jealous too.

Thursday started kind of slowly and ended up being completely incredible. We woke up early – again – and after breakfast, headed out for the Hraunfossar waterfalls and some nearby caves. We then drove on literally the bumpiest road ever, a Kaldidalur mountain road between two huge glaciers.

At one point, we heard a loud pop and could have sworn a tire just blew, but the bus kept rolling for another hour. When we pulled up to the Hotel Valhalla for lunch, the bus driver discovered that we were right – he had blown a tire. I have no idea what would have happened to us in the middle of nowhere, in between glaciers, if our bus would have broken down. It’s been an incredibly lucky week. Read More...

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As long-time blog readers know, we've been neck-deep in all things "Lost Boys" sequel since the very beginning. We revealed the plot, got sucked into a Corey feud, revealed Haim's potential movie absense (and Feldman's response), and most recently, premiered the film's trailer along with an extensive on-camera interview with Feldman.

So we were obviously excited to drop by the set of the music video for "Cry Little Sister," the iconic anthem from the classic film which Aiden frontman Wil Francis is remaking for the sequel. Check out the video below for a taste of what's in store, and then after the jump, read to hear his thoughts on Feldman, where the song plays in the film, and just where people who don't like the song can stick it (including original singer Gerard McMann).

MTV: Have you always been a fan of "Lost Boys"? Read More...

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Seven days in L.A., about 15 hits and one MTV Movie Awards preshow under my belt. I can say for certain that this was one of the most exciting weeks — and, of course, learning experiences — of my life.

The 21 minutes I spent on the gold carpet — finding celebs, pulling them aside from the ever-present paparazzi and fitting as much into 30-second or one-minute interviews as possible — were absolutely insane. My imagination fell short of the hectic, on-the-go, extremely exhilarating sensation that was my first live preshow. Two of the highlights of the night were certainly being thrown Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Anne Hathaway at the same time, and interviewing beautiful and talented superstar Sarah Jessica Parker.

More pics of Kim with T.I., Emile Hirsch and Robert Pattinson plus behind-the-scenes video of Kim and Tim Kash after the jump... Read More...

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