Twilight In case you haven’t heard, the “Eclipse” release date has been leaked. And my honest thoughts? I could put a hundred more G’s after my “OMG!” and it wouldn’t even begin to convey them.

Okay, Twilighters, here’s the good news: You’ve made it to prime time. The release date is in late June, prime tentpole territory typically reserved for the likes of Will Smith, superheroes and hundred-million-dollar Michael Bay movies. No more of these November, let’s-hope-we-catch-the-teens-while-they’re-home-for-the-holidays release dates for you guys. In fact, a quick peek at the 2010 release schedule shows that “Eclipse” will be butting heads with such heavyweights as “Prince of Persia,” “Toy Story 3” and Jackson Rathbone’s “The Last Airbender.” Read More...

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Wil Wheaton and Vanessa White WolfJust a few days before the taping of "Spoilers" (airing this Saturday at 8pm EST) we decided that we wanted a "Star Trek" expert to weigh in on a few shots we'd be showing in our exclusive featurette. I emailed our senior online producer, Brian, a huge "Trek" fan, to see if he could think of any LA-based experts to invite on the show. He immediately suggested "Stand By Me" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Wil Wheaton, easily one of the biggest, most high-profile “Trek” fans around (famously the only “TNG” castmember who was a fan of the franchise going into it).

Brian made some calls and a few hours later, emailed me with the excellent news that Wil was totally into the idea and would love to attend the taping. As a Trekker and an avowed comics fan who believes “Watchmen” changed his life, he was the perfect addition to the “Spoilers” family. Read More...

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James Gray FROM NEWSROOM.MTV.COM At Wednesday night’s New York premiere of “Two Lovers,” Joaquin Phoenix avoided any and all questions as he rushed past reporters on the red carpet. This being his last movie, many people are wondering if Phoenix will actually turn his full attention to the rap game.

Shedding some light on the situation was “Two Lovers” director James Gray.

Continue reading about Joaquin's hip-hop aspirations at

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Does it really suprise anyone that's watched Christian Bale's work that he's got a bit of a temper lying just beneath the surface? Still, we were as appalled/amused as anyone when TMZ uncovered his tantrum on the set of "Terminator Salavation." Mental note: do NOT get in the way of Mr. Bale when he's at work. And a note to all of you, do not get in my way when I'm trying to write a blog entry about actors going loco. I just might LOSE IT! Watch and learn, ass.

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Just about one year after our very first "Twilight" interview with Kristen Stewart, we're back at Sundance and so is she!

By now you must have scene -- as any decent Twilighter would have -- that we spoke with Kristen while she was promoting her festival film "Adventureland." She first sat down with co-star Margarita Levieva and they took their MTV photo booth photos before starting the interview. Half way through, Margarita swapped out and Jesse Eisenberg swapped in to finish up the chat, which you can check out in our Sundance Edition of our Rough Cut show.

While all this was going on, we took tons of photos, which you can check out in our behind-the-scenes gallery, and check out a sneak peek after the jump. Read More...

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Contributed by Matt Elias

One of the perks of being a celebrity at Sundance is getting access to all kinds of cool swag. Well the folks over at the L-R-G Gifting Villa invited us in to see just what that experience is like.


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Contributed by Matt Elias

Saturday night is the pinnacle party night at Sundance -- with most of the weekend worriers heading back on Sunday -- and last night didn’t disappoint.

Over at the Axe Fix party, things where in full swing by midnight. Steve Aoki was manning the DJ booth, playing an energetic and lengthy set. At one point he even climbed to the top of the speakers, almost hitting his head on the ceiling, to fire up the crowd. Nikky Hilton was in attendance at the cozy party, where there enough party-goers to fill the space but not too many to feel over packed. It was just the right mix of a great DJ, unpretentious Sundancers, and plenty of drinks to lubricate the evening. Read More...

Adam Stewart with Paris BFF's and Audrey's best friend TiffanyContributed by Adam Stewart

Last night, field producer Matt Elias and I ventured out for an evening that we knew would be “interesting” to say the least…but little did we know that our night would turn into a velvet rope/V.I.P. jaunt with Paris Hilton, Aubrey O’Day and their personal entourages.

The night started innocently enough, with Aubrey and her best childhood friend inviting us out for a night on the town, as only they could do it. We arrived at the Axe Fix Night Club and were bombarded by paparazzi and screaming fans alike.

As we hurried down the red carpet, we were given the all-star treatment and began to party and dance night away to the ever so sweet sounds of DJ AM. Read More...

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Mickey RourkeFROM THE NEWSROOM: You know how everyone always talks about how insane and mind-bogglingly surreal awards-show red carpets are? As the long-time king of camp cynicism, I was ready to chalk all that up as just more Ryan Seacrest hyperbole (not everything can be that amazing, can it?).

I stand corrected. Last night was my first tangle with the Golden Globes carpet. (Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry: “Aw, you’re a virgin!”) And dare I say it? It was a draw. Here, now, are some of the shenanigans that transpired. Relive it with me, why don’t you?

» In my seven-second interview with Mickey Rourke, I got him to talk "Iron Man 2” for the first time. Sort of. That was only to be outdone by my “interview” with Angelina Jolie. Total words uttered by Angie? One. That’s all you need when you’re one half of Brangelina.

Continue reading our favorite awkward, beautiful and enlightening Golden Globes moments on!


NEW YORK -- The reason the afterparty for Monday night’s “Bride Wars” premiere was held at Tiffany’s is entirely uncomplicated: the movie is, among other things, an extended product-placement exercise on behalf of that fabled Manhattan blingery. Nothing new here, really. The company has been a pop-culture byword among bridal daydreamers ever since the 1961 film version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” the Truman Capote novel; and it’s longingly referenced to this day in the weekly annals of “Gossip Girl.”

So outside the big Broadway movie theater where the “Bride Wars” premiere was held, the arrival carpet was trademark Tiffany Blue; and after the screening, the audience – which, to judge by the targeted cheering heard during the film’s opening credits, was largely in a first-name relationship with the filmmakers – shuttled off to the company’s glittery Fifth Avenue headquarters bearing invitation-only admission tickets of that same babyish hue. (Tiffany Blue actually is a trademarked color, so watch it.) Read More...

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