It's a safe bet that J.J. Abrams is always working on something, whether it's a new movie, TV show, comic book, grilled cheese recipe, etc. Now word comes in of another top-secret project between Abrams and frequent collaborators Monica Breen and Alison Schapker on a new film involving "swashbuckling robots with swords" called "Zanbato." Sounds like the Thanksgiving hangover I never woke up from, but I digress.

Deadline has the news, though details are scarce beyond that bizarre but alluring premise. "Zanbato" marks the fourth collaboration between Abrams and the Breen/Schapker team, who previously wrote for "Alias," "Lost" and "Fringe." Deadline points out that female writing teams in sci-fi are rare, but you wouldn't believe it by checking their resume -- Breen and Schapker kicked out some of those shows' most compelling and shocking material.

We don't know what the new project will fully entail, but their past work on those shows -- which we're detailing past the jump -- gives us a whole lot of confidence.


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If it's not enough to watch Anthony Hopkins get all creepy and possessed in the new thriller "The Rite," you should know that the exorcisms and exorcists depicted in the film are based on real events and people!

When MTV News caught up with the film's other stars, newcomers Colin O'Donoghue and Alice Braga, we asked them what the reaction to the film has been from the real-life people on which O'Donoghue's and Hopkins' characters are based.

"Father Gary saw the film, who my character is based on, and he said it was really a great representation of what he does on a daily basis," O'Donoghue said. "I spoke to a lot of exorcists before we did it and I went to see some exorcisms in Rome, and what you realize is that it is a real thing that’s happening daily for millions of people across the world."

The Irish actor went on to say that one of the most interesting aspects of making the film was learning so much about exorcism, and how it actually affects people.

"You don’t think about it, most people don’t go around saying ‘I saw my exorcist today,' " he joked. "It’s not something people talk about. Also you have to slowly understand and appreciate that, to them, it’s a real living thing and to be respectful."

One burning question we had to ask was if O'Donoghue and Braga were told how people become possessed, or if there are commonalities between people who have to be exorcised.

"They say you open yourself up to it by doing stuff like the Ouiji Board or trying to contact spirits," he said. "That’s what you read about and exorcists have told us that, [but] who’s to say? There’s no answer either way as to whether it’s real or not real," O'Donoghue added. "I think that’s what this film is trying to debate."

What's your take on exorcists and those who claim to be possessed? Tell us in the comments!

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Ana AyoraIn advance of the world premiere of his new slasher flick "Savage County" on MTV2 tonight, October 7, at 11 p.m. (10 p.m. Central), director David Harris has been guest-blogging on MTV News to share some thoughts on making the film. He talked about marketing the movie on Tuesday, offered up some horror-movie-making tips yesterday, and today he introduces the up-and-coming cast (like Ana Ayora, pictured to the right).

It's pretty rare for a horror movie to get an Academy Award, and even rarer for that award to go to the cast. (Quick Quiz: Which actors have won Academy Awards for horror movies? Answers at the bottom.)

Even actors who love horror movies have to look elsewhere for their field's top accolades. But horror has been a launching ground for a lot of famous names before they were famous names: Johnny Depp ("Nightmare on Elm Street"), Jennifer Anniston ("Leprechaun"), Mischa Barton ("Sixth Sense") and on and on. It's hard to get a role in any movie, but with their low budgets and brutal filming conditions, horror offers a lot of talented actors their first lead roles.

Our villains got their own teaser trailers, so I'm going to focus on our victims. Here's what you know them from and why you're going to hear a lot more from them in the future... Read More...

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Dorothy Kramer in Savage CountyIn advance of the world premiere of his new slasher flick "Savage County" on MTV2 this Thursday, October 7, at 11 p.m. (10 p.m. Central), director David Harris has been guest-blogging on MTV News to share some thoughts on making the film. He talked about marketing the movie in yesterday's post, and today he offers up some horror-movie-making tips. Come back tomorrow for his third and final blog.

I want to make another movie for all kinds of reasons: It's my dream to be a director... Maybe I'll make money at it someday... I want to have one of those chairs with my name on the back... But, more than anything, I want to make another movie because I learned so much the first time around that it seems like a waste not to use that knowledge.

Making movies is now what having a band used to be. A lot of people do it, and with digital cameras everywhere, it's an accessible way to express yourself. Everybody from Hitchcock to Tarantino has excellent advice on the creative process that's only a Google search away. There's nothing I can impart about the art of filmmaking that comes close to them, BUT I'm pretty sure I have some practical advice on making your first horror movie that they couldn't give you.

Here are my top five tips:

1. Pack a Flashlight
Scouting locations for a horror movie is very much like being in a horror movie. Everyone who knows of a scary, horrible place will suggest you visit -- whether it fits your movie or not. Scouting "Savage County," we found ourselves knee-deep in water in an abandoned basement autopsy room/morgue/body incinerator. Did we bring a flashlight? Nope. We used the flash on a digital camera to light up the room every couple of feet. It was straight out of "Quarantine." Flashlights are cheap; we were dumb. Read More...

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For those heading out to see "Resident Evil: Afterlife" this weekend, you'll undoubtedly get your fill of creepy zombies, bloody death/action sequences and gorgeous actresses kicking undead butt, but for the more astute viewers, you'll also enjoy the unique melodic stylings of the film's composers TomandAndy.

When I caught up with Tom Hadju recently- one half of the dynamic composing duo - he discussed how they came up with their unique blended score, why it's different from a normal cinematic compositions and what attracts them to scoring genre films and other properties. Read More...


"Hills" star Lo Bosworth has had a busy week as one of the MTV Movie Awards weekend guest hosts, getting styled and seeing all the action that takes place behind the scenes at the Gibson Amphitheatre. And now she can check one more item off her bucket list: having her picture taken by our Fashion 360 red-carpet camera.

The reality star told MTV News she'd really like to see Zac Efron get his picture taken by the 48 cameras that capture an image and take a 3-D picture of the subject. Lo got her photo taken by throwing popcorn in the air and posing with her arms up.

"I see it right there. I think it's so cool," she said after seeing the photo on the screen on the red carpet. "I never thought it would turn out so good. Read More...

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Sway and Andy SambergFROM THE NEWSROOM: I was always told that it's good to cry, because it helps to release a lot of built-up emotions. It makes it even more gratifying when you cry because you're laughing so hard.

That happened today when I talked to Andy Samberg as he prepares for his hosting gig for the MTV Movie Awards. We met up at the back of the Gibson Amphitheatre on the Universal Studios lot. This is the area where the limos pick up the stars when the show is over. There is also a patio where the stars come to mingle and do press when the festivities end.

Continue reading Sway's Meeting With Andy Samberg at

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FROM NEWSROOM: Frankie Delgado isn't taking his new gig as MTV Movie Awards weekend guest host lightly. The "Hills" star showed up to the morning news meeting ready to learn everything he can from the best in the business — Sway and Tim Kash — about how to be an on-air personality.

Continue reading about Frankie's first day at ...

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'Star Trek'Newcomers may not realize it, but the "Star Trek" franchise is rife with some truly bizarre casting choices, particularly within the film series. Kirstie Alley, John Larroquette, Alan Ruck, Kim Cattrall, F. Murray Abraham… lots of folks you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see popping up in a sci-fi feature, particularly one with "Trek’s" devoted fanbase.

J.J. Abrams’ just-released "Star Trek" continues on in the same tradition, with a number of the director’s friends and colleagues appearing in various extraneous roles. Read More...

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'Twilight'As you may have noticed, a recent wave roared across the Internet when countless news outlets began picking up on “Twilight Sucks,” a website that has begun cataloguing tales of violence between fans of “Twilight” and those who aren’t as enamored with the words of Stephenie Meyer.

Luckily, we kind of pride ourselves around here on bringing you news, rather than just being the umpteenth-million website to echo it. And since the majority of the tales told on “Twilight Sucks” seem phony, and are virtually impossible to corroborate, we’re not going to bother repeating them. If you want to read tales of ninja-star-attacks, feel free to look elsewhere.

Instead, I was hoping to appeal to the very-real fanbase we’ve come to know and love over the past year-and-a-half of covering “Twilight” so intensely here at MTV, as well as those who’ve posted comments voicing their distaste for the series (as they have every right to do). Read More...

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