Sometimes having a superhero around isn't enough to save you. This afternoon, MTV News was abuzz with a hot little piece of video gold. Our newest correspondent, Tim Kash, got a chance to spend some quality time with Chris Evans (aka The Human Torch of "Fantastic Four") when suddenly, out of nowhere...

Well, you should just watch the tape for yourself. Don't worry. Everyone's alright. And be sure to check out Tim Kash's own blog for his firsthand account.

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For one young MTV News associate producer, a dream was made reality when she met her Hollywood hero. This is her story.

I've had so many great opportunities since I started working for MTV News, such as visiting Rob Zombie's "Halloween" set and helping out at the "Grindhouse" junket. But nothing will ever compare to last Friday afternoon.

Now, I know most people would say the best day of their life was the day they were married, or the day their children were born, but I'm single and I have no children so I'd have to say that this was it for me.

Since I can remember, John Cusack has been my favorite actor. I mean, does it get any better than "High Fidelity," "Grosse Point Blank," "Better off Dead," "Say Anything" or "Identity"? I think not. He is a phenomenal actor, a handsome man, and he just seems like an all-around great guy. Read More...

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Yesterday we brought you the diary of MTV News' SuChin Pak. Today we bring you the words and pictures of our favorite Englishman, Tim Kash, who you may have seen covering the carpet and interviewing the stars during our pre-show. Here's his first-person account of MTV's big Hollywood night. Read more on Tim Kash's own blog, right here.

So, on Sunday I hit the MTV Movie Awards in LA. I've been to award shows before -- I've even hosted a couple -- but this was something else altogether.

At 7:29pm, the first of our A-list guests strolled down the pink-carpet (yes, pink!), but by 7:31pm on the dot, stars were literally pouring down the walkway, stopping only to have their pictures taken, then spending a few minutes with the world's press, and finally joining Suchin and myself on the LIVE first ever LIVE show for the US! Los Angeles was a blast. A great city and home to the MTV Movie Awards.

For now, here's just some of the people we caught up with on this adventure... Read More...

You may have seen MTV News' SuChin Pak on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards, where she interviewed the best and brightest of Hollywood stardom. Now safely back in New York City, she writes about her personal experience covering the big night.

UPDATED: View SuChin's photo album here.

It's taken me a little longer to recover this year; in fact, I'm writing this from bed on my Blackberry. Either I'm getting old or feeling prison sympathy blues from Paris (more on that later).

Every awards show, I take the same date: my best friend, Blaire. I took my boyfriend once to the VMAs, and I never made that mistake again. Boyfriends don't tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, they don't ever remember that they have to check the back of your dress after you leave the bathroom so you don't have it tucked into your underwear and, of course, you can't talk to your boyfriend about how hot Justin Timberlake is or if he thinks Shia LaBeouf is too young to hit on, or whether or not it's obvious that you're flirting with the hot bartenders they always get at these things. You get the drift. Read More...

I'm kind of obsessed with Rutger Hauer. I mean..."Ladyhawke"?!? "Blade Runner"?!? Umm...did I mention "Ladyhawke"?!?

So when the opportunity came to talk to Rutger about his new autobiography, "All Those Moments," you can bet I swung into action like Navarre saving Isabeau (did I mention I like "Ladyhawke"?).

Soon enough you'll see a bunch from our extensive chat in which we ran through much of the man's storied career. But for now, a couple choice photos from his visit will have to do. By the way, how's this for an actual quote Rutger said to me after the interview: "you really got to my heart." Yeah! Hear that, James Lipton?!?


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