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-- First up in this relatively quiet day Around the Blogosphere is a well put together list feature running through 11 short films that have been teased out into feature-length efforts. There are some surprises there to be sure, especially if you're not a film geek. "Napoleon Dynamite" and Wes Anderson's "Bottle Rocket" both started life in short form. The peg of course is Shane Acker's "9," which was an Oscar-nominated 2005 short film. The CGI animated feature, which is produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, hits theaters on September 9. (Short Films that Grew Up)

-- Over at Cinematical, Jessica Barnes gives some love to superheroes who were thrown under a bus in their Hollywood treatments. Not literally of course; most heroes could survive such an occurrence anyway. Can you guess who the lucky contestants might be? Other than Elektra and Catwoman that is. (Superheroes That Deserve Another Chance) Read More...

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Kristen Stewart--I'm a big Miles Davis fan. Almost as much as I am a "Star Wars" fan. And so I'm kicking myself for not remembering that we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the jazz trumpeter's landmark album, "Kind of Blue," before Slate did. Regardless, the online publication has put together a nice little list which looks at five moments in screen history when music from "Kind of Blue" is used to enhance the narrative in some way. Great stuff, Slate. (Slate)

-- Blue must be a running theme today. Inspired by today's "Avatar" trailer, Movieline writer Kyle Buchanan put forth the bold statement that blue is the color of geek love. What is he basing that crazy theory on? Well, you'll have to read the feature. I'll give you one piece of the puzzle though: David Cross on "Arrested Development." Intrigued? Then read! (Movieline) Read More...

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The latest "New Moon" trailer and all of its delicious, Twilighter-pleasing footage came in and pre-empted much of my late-day coverage. Twitter-Wood (curse your absence, Warmoth!) and the Dailies will not be seen today. Instead, I bring you this late-breaking edition of Around the Blogosphere. Enjoy.

-- Remember the "Ninja Assassin" trailer we debuted a few weeks ago? No? Even if you do, take a look. It's pretty sweet.

It's almost as sweet as the Lego version of the trailer, which was /Film's pick yesterday for their VOTD feature (Video Of The Day). Don't take my word for it though... see for yourself. (/Film) Read More...

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-- Yay "Family Guy"!! Not exactly bloggy, but entertaining. The Hollywood Reporter is hosting a three-part video of a full table read for a never-aired "Family Guy" script. The controversial subject of the day is abortion, so you can probably figure out why it never aired. Don't read, just watch. (The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Cinematical has kicked off a pretty great new running feature, "Movies I Will Never See." Contributor Monika Bartyzel wrote up a spin-off post which ponders exactly when "expressing an opinion becomes legitimate." It's actually a consideration of how personal biases inform opinion, rather than an actual questioning of whose opinions are legitimate versus whose aren't. As always, well worth the read. (Cinematical) Read More...

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John HughesWeekend winner "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and late filmmaker John Hughes, who died tragically last week, are the main things popping Around the Blogosphere today. Talked about a weekend of mixed emotions. I had a blast seeing "G.I. Joe" but felt positively numb as I plugged through my sizable collection of Hughes flicks on home video. Both were fixtures of my childhood, in very different ways. As you might have guessed, a strange sense of nostalgia accompanied my long weekend in front of screens large and small.

-- Ah, G.I. Joe figures. I loved those little guys. Even the worst of them were fun to play with. Just because the cartoon didn't kill dudes, it didn't stop me from having Joe and Cobra waste the many scrubs in my collection. See, there were a lot of lame G.I. Joe figures. And FilmJunk has compiled a list of the 10 worst. I don't agree with the inclusion of the Fridge, but everything else is spot-on. FilmDrunk) Read More...

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraThere's a lot of buzzing Around the Blogosphere today. I'm not going to spoil the good stuff, so just keep reading.

-- "Entourage" is one of the few summer TV series' that I make sure to tune in for every week. It's celebrity wish-fulfillment at its best. As such, I'm not onboard with a lot of the complaints that have been lodged against the series in recent seasons. Regardless, I still find this set of suggestions for making the show more watchable entertaining. (Movieline)

-- Support independent film, always. I'm a blockbuster nut, so of course I am a huge fan of studio efforts. But without indie film, we'd miss out on so many amazing Hollywood "discoveries." And since this column is all about supporting my peers on the web, Film Junk gives me the best of both worlds today with their horror/comedy short film project. Check it out. (Film Junk) Read More...

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Bryce Dallas HowardOkay, last big "Twilight" post for the day. This Lefevre/Howard scandal is taking up a lot of bandwidth, but it happens to be a pretty unique and discussion-worthy situation. "Twilight" is a major franchise, so big in fact that it's easy to forget the first big screen adaptation in the series hit theaters considerably less than a year ago. The fanbase has only grown since then, and at an exceptional rate.

Personally, I've done all that I can with this story. I've opined to you. I've thrown images your way. I've polled you. And that about taps me and my admittedly limited knowledge of the franchise out. There's plenty more being said however, out there Around the Blogosphere. And that's the focus of today's column, to bring you opinions from the four corners of the Internet. Enjoy! Read More...

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Funny PeopleIt's a sexy day Around the Blogosphere. Only two item to highlight though. I'm not being lazy, it's just that we're pretty darn busy. Plus, I'm going for a theme here. As the above headline illustrates. Is it a coincidence that both of the writers pegged in today's post happen to be MTV writers? Actually yes, yes it is. You can believe me or you can not, but it's the truth.

First we have a list from Christopher Campbell over on SpoutBlog: "10 Actors Who Shouldn't Do Sex Scenes," inspired by an Adam Sandler moment in this week's "Funny People." A moment which doesn't bear repeating here. That's kind of the point with Chris's list. Not that Sandler makes the 10. He isn't even in the running, says Chris. I like that "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe makes the cut. And I agree. Read More...

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Tobin BellMaybe it's just that my search skills aren't up to snuff today, but there's not a lot of stuff popping Around the Blogosphere at the moment. I suspect it has something to do with the post Comic-Con comedown. As fun as these events can be, they're also incredibly draining. Especially if you're looking at a schedule crammed with appointments and panels from sunup to sundown. When do the writers write, you ask? In transit and in lieu of bed!

Slow day or not, you will find Kung Fu Cyborgs after the jump. And a "Saw"-themed Las Vegas attraction. TWO of them. And of course the usual helping of opinions and lists. So what are you waiting for? Click through already! Read More...

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David CronenbergIt’s been a video game-y week Around the Blogosphere. Sam Raimi being attached to a “Warcraft” adaptation was the talk of last week of course -- the non-Comic-Con talk, that is -- but there’s also been news about “Castlevania” and “Asteroids” movies. Today brought word of a “Dead Space” adaptation, which publisher Electronic Arts will soon auction off to the highest bidding studio. As you might expect, the news inspired some opinion-rattling across the thinking person’s Internet.

There’s also some chatter about the value of DVD/Blu-ray releases that include Digital Copy, ruminations on a similar pair of “crazy kid” movies, some David Cronenberg commentary/speculation and light spoilerage on the "Smurfs" movie front, thanks to some casting call announcements. PLUS-- I read today on Cinematical that the excellent(ly twisted) Bobcat Goldthwait-directed movie "World's Greatest Dad" is now available to watch On Demand. Order that up and tell us what you think here in the comments or at Your MTV. Read More...

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