When a trailer as hyped as the first one for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" finally drops, its reception can live or die on the impressions of entertainment writers and bloggers. Last night's trailer met its fair share of criticism, but the general response was overwhelmingly positive from fans and writers alike.

Reactions to the "Hobbit" trailer!

Even though some lucky writers first saw the trailer two weeks ago at Butt-Numb-a-Thon, some prominent bloggers took to Twitter to voice their opinions for the trailer's wide release.

We've collected a few below.


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Star Wars Star Trek Twilight

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were no sexy vampires whose skin sparkled in the sunlight--and that's exactly how some fans prefer it. A new, unexpected rivalry seems to be heating up between two science fiction franchises against the "Twilight" series, and the person leading the charge is an equally unexpected party.

Get details on that new feud and more as we look around the blogosphere today!


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Trailers for "The Hobbit" and "G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation" are set to drop this month (as soon as today in the case of the "Joe" sequel, in fact), but a lucky few have already seen both — and the reactions, as you might imagine, are through the roof. Get more on that news, and keep reading for an alternate "New Year's Eve" cast and the early buzz on "Sherlock Holmes 2."

It's December 12, 2012, and here's what we've found around the blogosphere.


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Back to the Future

Twenty-six years after the world witnessed Marty McFly perform Chuck Berry's hit "Johnny B. Goode" on the big screen in "Back to the Future," Michael J. Fox has returned to the stage to perform again.

Fox took to the stage at his A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinsons charity benefit at the Waldorf-Astoria. Based on the video released of the performance, it looks like Fox closed out the event in high style with some pretty epic guitar shreds. Fox surprised attendees with his last-minute performance.


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Harry Potter

Harry, Hermione and Ron survived their fair share of ordeals over the course of the "Harry Potter" franchise, but they almost didn't make it out alive — not all of them, at least.

"Potter" creator J.K. Rowling recently admitted in an interview that she briefly flirted with the idea of killing off Ron Weasley, Harry's red-headed best friend, before the series reached its conclusion. In the end, she couldn't pull the trigger (or cast the killing curse, as it were), gifting the series' core trio with the happy ending fans had hoped for all along.

Killing Ron Weasley would have been a major twist, to say the least, but would it have been a good one? We rounded up some of our favorite "Potter" experts from around the blogosphere to weigh in on how the death of Ron would have changed the game.


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TransformersUPDATE: Paramount has reached out to us and confirmed that The Twins are NOT in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." No Skids, no Mudflap, no problem. Our original report is below.

You thought you were safe. You thought it was over. You thought they were gone. But you were wrong.

Well… maybe.

Multiple reports are surfacing online that despite Michael Bay's statements to the contrary, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" will indeed feature the two most controversial characters from the critically-ravaged "Revenge of the Fallen." I'm talking, of course, about Skids and Mudflap, better known as the Twins.

Some new photos that are allegedly from the set of "Dark of the Moon" have surfaced online, seemingly depicting an upgraded version of Mudflap and Skids. Ironically enough, these new photos first appeared just a few short hours after Bay himself took to his website and definitively declared: "The Twins are not back in T3."


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Toy Story 3Some people love reading critics' reviews of movies, while other people hate them, but I think we can all unanimously agree that Rotten Tomatoes' aggregation of certified critics' reviews is one of the best movie resources on the web. The site's just listed the top 20 best-reviewed movies of 2010 (with a minimum of 60 reviews required), and the majority of them shouldn't be too surprising.

"Toy Story 3" took the top spot with 99 percent of the film's 247 reviews being positive. It's fitting, for once, that the top reviewed film of the year is also the highest grossing film of the year, and one of two movies in 2010 to gross over one billion dollars worldwide (the other is "Alice in Wonderland"). But what might surprise some people (especially those who didn't see it) is that another animated film, "How To Train Your Dragon," placed second on the list with 98 percent of its 156 reviews being positive. "How To Train Your Dragon" was the ninth highest grossing film of the year. Read More...

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-- It's been awhile, but I'm back with a look at what's going on Around the Blogosphere. First up for today is something from my good pal Jordan Hoffman at UGO. Hoffman has seen "2012" and he's not able to say much about it, but he did step up to confirm one fact: Woody Harrelson's character does indeed speak the words "Download my blog" during the movie. The thought over at UGO is that this should be the next great meme, something to replace the still-reigning "Chaos reigns" from director Lars Von Trier's genital-mutilating art-horror flick "Antichrist." Go check out what Jordan has to say; he explains it far better than I do. (UGO)

-- Next up I have the greatest photo gallery of all time to share with you. It is called "Stormtroopers 365." It is (or will be, when it's done) 365 images of Imperial Stormtroopers and other "Star Wars" figures arranged in a variety of hilarious situations. You can see a small piece of one up there on the right. You'd be better off checking out the whole gallery. It's amazing. (Stormtroopers 365) Read More...

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Today's look Around the Blogosphere is an unusual one, since it's pegged to news. Sort of. The rumor of a third, all-3D "Star Wars" trilogy was clearly going to be debunked, and quickly. Let's start at the beginning...

--"3D Motion Pictures Blog" MarketSaw posted yesterday that the folks at Lucasfilm have gotten it into their heads to do another "Star Wars" trilogy. Entirely in 3D. With franchise architect George Lucas stepping back into a production role. In short, a "Star Wars" junkie's happiest dream. All from a "trusted source." It's hard to swallow though, especially given MarketSaw's rumormill track record. (MarketSaw) Read More...

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--Yesterday, news broke that Fox had picked up a pitch for a "300"-style retelling of Moses' rescue of the Hebrews from a life of slavery in Egypt. That got the folks over at Cinematical thinking about other ancient epics that are primed and ready for the "300" treatment. Of the five listed, I'd most like to see an "Epic of Gilgamesh" adaptation happen. An odd couple buddy pairing? A globe-trotting road trip? Bring on the green screen! (Cinematical)

--Vampires are so hot right now, and we have "Twilight" to thank for it. Sci Fi Wire has a list up of "16 hot movie and TV vampires who turn us into willing victims." I think you might find some of their choices a bit controversial. Maybe not the selections, but one absence in particular. I'm a little surprised at the exclusion of "Twilight"'s Edward Cullen, Mr. Robert Pattinson. Sure, the headline says "turn us into willing victims," but it's hard to deny the guy's appeal. That said, as a child of the '80s I was pleased to see Kiefer Sutherland's David, from "The Lost Boys," among those listed. Read More...

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