We know you probably have a lot of questions you'd like to ask "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" star Tom Cruise. MTV News' Josh Horowitz has some too. He wanted the answers so badly that he traveled all the way to Dubai to put his questions to the man himself.

In the latest edition of After Hours, all rules are off, and Cruise is answering the tough questions, like "What did Val Kilmer smell like" on the "Top Gun" set? Nothing is off limits in this intense battle of the wills. Will Josh make it out alive? What items of clothing does Katie Holmes insist Tom wear? Find out all these answers and more in the new After Hours!

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FROM MTV MOVIES: Hey girl (or guy), it's the moment you've been waiting all year for—the best of "After Hours" in 2011! It's been a banner year for the bizarre series of celebrity interviews, from Elijah Wood's murderous ways to James Franco's nut-kicking habit. But there's a lot that you didn't see this year, including "After Hours" host Josh Horowitz's dance-off against Justin Bieber, Joshua Jackson's ability to chug a light beer in ten seconds, and much more. Get the best "After Hours" outtakes in the video below!

Get your "After Hours" fix at MTV Movies!

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Any time an actor on the verge of A-list status appears fully naked in a movie, some weirdness is bound to follow. Such is the case for Michael Fassbender, the fast-rising star of such films as "X-Men: First Class" and "Prometheus." Beyond those big-budget spectacles, he's lately been appearing in quieter indie fare, including "Shame," an NC-17 drama where Fassbender stars as a sex addict and spends a healthy amount of screen time bearing much more than just his soul.

Following his nude appearance in "Shame," Fassbender has apparently become quite the expert on on-screen nudity. That's what we discovered in the latest edition of After Hours -- appropriately titled "Members Only" -- where Fassbender was tasked with identifying several of his actor contemporaries based on their... well, you know. See how Fassbender performed under pressure in our newest After Hours!

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Do Taylor Lautner's friends call him "Sharkboy"? Is Robert Pattinson keeping up with the Kardashians? Has Peter Facinelli ever killed a man? These are the burning questions that MTV News has bravely asked the cast of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" in the latest edition of the universally beloved worldwide phenomenon known as The Yes/No Show.

Cast favorites like Pattinson, Lautner, Elizabeth Reaser, Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart all participated in what has got to be our biggest contestant pool to date. So does Lautner only eat Slim Jims and drink Fanta? Has Pattinson seen Kristen Stewart's early film "Zathura"? Can Rathbone name two Justin Bieber songs? Find out by watching the above video, and let us know what you think of the "Breaking Dawn" special in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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Do you have a question? Need some advice and you just don't know where to turn? Have a shameful fiction-based sexual fantasy that needs satisfying? Well, my friend, you no longer need to fear. Kevin Smith is here with a brand new advice help line.

Call him any time you have a question about writing, directing, or are just a little lonely and need a "Star Wars" referencing freaky encounter. "I want to slit you open like a tauntaun, slip inside and get all so, so warm like Han Solo did for Luke," Smith says in a special free preview.

What would you ask Kevin Smith? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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You can put the Aussie in the city, but can you put the city in the Aussie? "Real Steel" star Hugh Jackman has lived in New York City for some time now, but can he pass a rigorous test from After Hours host and life-long New Yorker, Josh Horowitz?

Check out the latest episode of After Hours to see Jackman name the girls from "Sex and the City" (who the heck is Caitlin?), identify where Spidey lives and show off his best Woody Allen impersonation.

Let us know how Hugh did in the comment section and on Twitter.

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In the upcoming comedy "What's Your Number?," the always hilarious Anna Faris plays a woman looking back on her past 20 relationships and trying to determine if one of her exes is really her true love. But in real life, is Anna quite as adept when it comes to examining former flings?

We brought up the subject with Anna and "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino during our most recent episode of After Hours, "Let's Talk About Ex," in which Vinny learns the definition of "innocuous" and Anna breaks the heart of our fearless After Hours host, Josh Horowitz.

Check it out and talk about ex for yourself in the comments section and on Twitter!

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When "Moneyball" hits theaters this weekend, you'll see just how good Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill's characters really are when it comes to figuring out the game of baseball. But how do these actors hold up in a very different game… the most important game… the game known all the world over as The Yes/No Show?

We put their honesty skills to the test in our latest edition of After Hours at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. Watch the video to see if either Brad or Jonah have sex tapes, whether or not "Jersey Shore" is a regularly viewed program in the Pitt-Jolie household, and much more!

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In "Drive," the Nicolas Winding Refn film speeding into theaters this weekend, Ryan Gosling plays Driver, a quiet man with lots of intensity and very few words. The situation is not much different in our latest episode of After Hours -- throw some hilarious one liners and excellent comedic timing into the mix and it's virtually the same guy.

Watch as Ryan schools us in this special Oh Canada edition of American Talk, teaching us everything we need to know about poutine and "Star Trek" whales. You learn something new everyday!

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"Contagion" is infecting moviegoers nationwide, and a box office-winning weekend isn't the only result of its release. Now that it's been unleashed in theaters, Steven Soderbergh's disease-minded feature has many of us here in the MTV Newsroom wondering what we would do if society started crumbling and the world came to a sudden, gruesome end.

Which "Fast and the Furious" cast member would we want to spend our last few remaining days on Earth with? Which Ben Affleck movies would we, uh, you know to? We put these hard questions and more to Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard and other stars attending the "Contagion" premiere in New York City last week… and their answers may sicken you!


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