The stars of the Sundance Film Festival answer the gamut of questions about their films, but few had to stand up to the grilling Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood, stars of "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman," faced at the hands of MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

In the latest episode of "After Hours," LaBeouf and Wood have to answer the hardest question of them all, "Would you rather?"

Watch the video above to find out the difficult answers to questions like: "Would Shia rather have penis fingers or a finger penis?" or "Would Evan rather change her name to 'Evan Almighty' or 'Woody Harrelson'? "

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By Joel Hanek

Valentine's Day is here — and that means you're probably out with your loved one seeing "A Good Day to Die Hard." Go and do that, and then come back and watch the next most romantic thing: the latest MTV After Hours with the stars of "Safe Haven."

MTV Movies correspondent Josh Horowitz goes straight to the source on romantic tips when he chats with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough on the best advice for making Valentine's Day all the more special. Julianne recommends promising not to cut off your loved one's penis, while Josh Duhamel may or may not be wearing a gimp suit at some point. Happy Valentine's Day!

See it all in the latest episode of "After Hours"!

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Love ain't easy, but when you ask the hilarious cast of "Burning Love" about the subject, it all seems like a breeze. MTV News' Josh Horowitz stopped by the season two set of the "Bachelor" spoof to find out what the handsome guys of the cast know about the subtle art of seduction.

(Hint: It involves a lot of heavy lifting.)

On the latest episode of After Hours, Adam Brody, Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, and more share their secrets of how to connect with women folk on a sensual level. They cover topics that range from elevator seduction, blood work, and physically lifting your date.

See it all on this episode of After Hours!

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Part of the trouble of taking on the Sundance Film Festival is finding a place to stay. Unfortunately for "Kill Your Darlings" star Daniel Radcliffe, he did't quite lock anything in and had to consider rooming with the one person left: MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Over the course of their afternoon together, Josh and Dan test out their compatibility. Their bonding activities included sitting too closer to each other, cooking up some potato chips, and sharing secrets before lights out.

Check out the latest episode of After Hours above, if only to hear Daniel Radcliffe utter the phrase "sleep wank." It's truly magical.

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First Jason Schwartzman and Josh Horowitz were really, really bad lawyers. Now, they're God awful doctors. (We're kind of shaky on why they changed professions, but the reason is probably not good.)

On the latest episode of After Hours, the star of "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III" tries to sell you on the latest offerings from his fledging medical operation with his co-surgeon. The two have everything you could possibly ask for from a quicky $50 surgery.

Just a warning: Don't lie to Schwartzman about what's wrong with you. He won't take it well.

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Some guys just have it all, and now James Franco has added a title to his already impressive résumé that will make you feel even more insignificant.

You're looking at the world's newest Sex God.

In the latest episode of After Hours, MTV News' Josh Horowitz traveled all the way to Park City, Utah to speak with His Sexiness at the Sundance Film Festival. Their discussion would push the boundaries of sensual exploration and include topics like "What does Franco call his penis?" and "What is his favorite sexual base?" Needless to say, things get heated.

You can learn of all this and Franco's most powerful secrets on the new episode of "After Hours."

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What a badass might do in a given situation is largely a mystery to those who haven't mastered the arts of coolness, toughness, and general awesomery, but with some help from "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter" stars Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner, anyone can learn how to be untouchable.

On the latest episode of After Hours with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, Renner and Arterton share their secrets for what takes to dominate the world and just be a badass.

First tip: Don't suck.

Get the full lesson from Arterton and Renner in the video above, and tell us what you learned on Twitter!

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Mark Wahlberg has always been known for playing characters with a destructive side, whether it's physically or emotionally. But on the latest edition of After Hours, Wahlberg gets to really unleash the fury and break some stuff.

Alongside MTV News' own Josh Horowitz, Wahlberg takes a bat to a television and rips the arms off of Rosie O'Donnell... in doll form.

All of this destruction does have a purpose, though. Of course, Wahlberg is starring in a new movie called "Broken City," so there's obviously a connection there, but it's also about the emotional side of things and whether or not Josh can break a vinyl record with his bare hands.

Check it all out in the latest episode of After Hours with Mark Wahlberg.

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Part of what makes Emma Stone one of the today's most engaging starlets is her ability to make word associations at a very quick pace.

Well, not really, but it makes for pretty good internet watching.

On the latest edition of After Hours with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, Stone's ability to shout stuff at random is put to the test, and she'll also have an opportunity to name the members of One Direction that aren't Harry.

See how she does on the latest episode of After Hours!

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Not just anyone can be there to (emotionally) protect Katniss inside the arena. It takes a real sensitive man, like Josh Hutcherson. On the latest episode of After Hours, the "Hunger Games" star shows Josh Horowitz a thing or two about getting in touch with his sensitive side.

You know how we can tell that Hutcherson is really sensitive? After filming this segment, he just sat there and cried for hours. Hours! He may still be in the studio right now. We've been too afraid to knock.

Are you as sensitive as Josh Hutcherson? (You're probably not.) If you think so, let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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