"Back to the Future" is just one of those movies that lots of people love. It's probably up there with "Star Wars" as one of the most universally referenced nostalgia movies in pop culture, but we're still suckers for talking about the flaws in Marty McFly's plan to get his parents back together or how time travel actually works.

That's why it's such a joy to listen to Justin Long completely geek out on the 1985 classic. He sat down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to put his knowledge to the test.

Bonus: Justin Long does one of the best Michael J. Fox impressions you've ever heard.

Check out Justin's killer "Back to the Future" knowledge on the latest episode of After Hours.

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Like his latest film, "A.C.O.D.," Adam Scott is funny, but he can talk about some pretty serious stuff.

Take, for example, his latest interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz for the newest episode of After Hours.

During an Up Close segment, Adam and Josh work through a bunch of troublesome areas, like how to tell a child that you're getting a divorce and whether Batman could ever really beat Superman. (No, he can't.)

Check it all out in the latest episode of After Hours with Adam Scott.


Any time that Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a movie that he also stars in and that co-stars his "Angel in the Outfield" Tony Danza there are going to be a lot of questions.

That's why MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat the duo down at this year's Sundance Film Festival for the latest edition of the Yes/No Show.

During the game where they can only answer "yes" or "no," we discover the secrets behind "Angels in the Outfield," find out whether "3rd Rock From the Sun" was better than "Who's the Boss" and if Bane's voice had anything to do with Cobra Commander.

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Bill Hader is generally known to be a pretty funny guy. His new movie, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," is a testament to that, but his sense of humor goes right out the door when it comes to his food allergies.

Hader stopped by the MTV News offices to chat with Josh Horowitz, but then something goes terribly wrong. The "SNL" alum meets an untimely end, and it forced to haunt Josh and the offices for all eternity.

How do the two get on in such an awkward situation? Find out in the latest After Hours.

Journalists, like MTV News' Josh Horowitz, are always getting the opportunity to ask A-listers like Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde whatever they want. Isn't it time that the average fan get a chance to ask a few?

That's why After Hours introduced a new segment called "Fan Line" with the cast of "Rush."

On "Fan Line," fans — all of whom are named Josh, strangely — get to ask the stars of "Rush" any question they want without having to worry about how it might affect their career or position at MTV News. Even if those questions are about "The Grinch" or if the asker isn't completely sure who Chris Hemsworth is.

Check out "Fan Line" in the newest episode of After Hours.


It only seems like yesterday that Daniel Radcliffe was stepping off the Hogwarts Express for the first time, but here we are, 12 years later, the boy is now not only a man, but an experienced sex actor.

A sex actor? Yes, a sex actor. That's what MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked Radcliffe all about when they met up at the Toronto International Film Festival, where three of his movies ("Kill Your Darlings," "Horns," "The F Word") were playing.

In the latest edition of After Hours, you'll get to hear first-hand how Radcliffe honed his skills as a sex actor and who he looks to for sex acting inspiration.

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It's always important to mix things up creatively once in a while. That's why Josh Horowitz brought in "2 Guns" star Mark Wahlberg to spice it up in the writers' room of After Hours. How could the Academy Award nominee not make things more exciting?

But it goes south pretty quickly. Like, almost immediately.

The crew starts off by spit-balling some possible ideas for upcoming segments starring Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Lautner, but those result in something called "Titty Time" and "Tough Guys," where you hit the guest over the head with an aluminum bat.

Find out just how wrong things go in the latest After Hours!

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It's simply an objective fact that San Diego Comic-Con has become more mainstream, and as the studios have all piled on, hoping to push whatever vaguely genre flick they've got in the pipeline, fewer and fewer geeks are making up the attendees.

And MTV News is hear to unmask the poseurs.

It has been the bane of our celebrity guests at Comic-Con, and this year, Geeks Or Poseurs was back with a vengeance to make sure no fake geek went unmasked.

Watch the video above to see your favorite celebrities not know what District Katniss Everdeen is from, what Superman's birth name is, or what the hell a TARDIS is.

Also, it's worth noting that Harrison Ford didn't give a crap about any of this.

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Call us naïve, but we felt like we knew a thing or two about Sam Rockwell, the star of movies like "The Way, Way Back." He likes to pick interesting roles and find ways to dance in whatever movie he happens to be starring in at the moment. But his recent run-in with MTV News' Josh Horowitz in a New York City hotel room has us questioning everything.

On the latest episode of After Hours, Sam and Josh get stuck sharing a hotel room when there aren't any more available. What begins as a nice way to make the best of a bad situation quickly becomes a trip to the dark side, when Rockwell's rubber-clad friend shows up to the party.

You'll have to watch to see how it all turns out for Josh, Sam Rockwell, and his gimp on the new episode of After Hours.

"The Way, Way Back" opens in theaters on July 5.


Some celebrities have names that are difficult to announce. No one knows this better than "True Blood" star and confusingly named actor Joe Manganiello.

That's why Manganiello, with the participation of MTV's After Hours, has devised a new program built especially to help those who have trouble pronouncing celebrity names.

If you have a hard time saying names like Brad Pitt or Charlize Theron, you'll want to catch the latest episode of After Hours above!

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