Will Ferrell

There is only one man who can accept the MTV Movie Awards' inaugural Comedic Genius Award. But he is a man of many names: Ricky Bobby, Frank the Tank, Alex Trebek and Mugatu, to name just a few. The one he's most often credited as is Will Ferrell, "Saturday Night Live" legend and star of such hits as "Anchorman" and the forthcoming "Anchorman: The Legend Continues."

Boiling down Ferrell's funniest moments to five is a nearly impossible challenge, but it's one we're happy to rise to. Get your jazz flutes ready and join us as we dive into the award winner's five most comedically genius moments.

5. The Tragic Fall of Mustafa: In which he is still alive ... just very, very badly burned.


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Don't think you can do what Joss Whedon does? The filmmaker disagrees. According to Whedon, making a movie isn't so hard. Just follow what he did with his latest effort, an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing."

"Get a home that's big enough to fit your camera in, and be best friends with Nathan Fillion," Whedon offered as advice when MTV spoke with him at WonderCon. "Things that any kid can do!"

Okay, sure. Becoming a feature film sensation probably isn't that easy for the average bear. But Whedon does believe that now is as good a time as any — better, even — for aspiring filmmakers to pursue their passion.


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The people of Pandora are taking a plunge, and the cameras are going along for the dive.

"Avatar" producer Jon Landau confirmed during a recent conversation at the NAB Technology Summit on Cinema in Las Vegas that James Cameron's upcoming sequels will indeed utilize underwater performance capture.

"We could simulate water [in computer graphics], but we can't simulate the actor's experience, so we are going to capture performance in a tank," the producer said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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Rebecca Hall

Don't let the title fool you — the parade is just beginning for "Parade's End."

Tonight (February 26) at 9 p.m. ET, HBO airs the first two installments of "Parade's End," director Susanna White and writer Tom Stoppard's five-part miniseries based on author Ford Madox Ford's novel series set in Europe during the threat of World War I. But the soldiers heading for the battlefield aren't the only ones at war; the miniseries focuses on the tumultuous marriage between Christopher and Sylvia Tietjens — played by future blockbuster stars Benedict Cumberbatch ("Star Trek Into Darkness") and Rebecca Hall ("Iron Man 3") — and what happens to their lives over the course of ten years.

Hall stopped by MTV News to talk about tonight's premiere of "Parade's End" and what viewers can expect to see. (Spoiler: expect the unexpected.)


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Did you miss out on the 2013 Oscars? Couldn't stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch Ben Affleck's heartfelt acceptance speech for "Argo," to see Jennifer Lawrence fall upwards towards victory, to witness Quvenzhané Wallis raise the roof? Well, no need for you to break out the ol' DVR and watch the whole thing start to finish — we have you covered with our rundown of the big night ... in GIFs!

Read on to relive the 85th annual Academy Awards in GIFs!



Lightsabers, Force-throws and Wookiees are no longer things of the past. "Star Wars" is returning to theaters as soon as 2015, and in a big way, with a brand-new trilogy beginning with J.J. Abrams' "Episode VII," and the promise of spinoff films to come.

But "Star Wars" isn't the only thing that's back in pop culture. Punk band Fall Out Boy is staging a comeback, too, ending their four year hiatus with the announcement of a brand-new album. Though we wouldn't bet on seeing Pete Wentz and company replacing Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes at the Mos Eisley Cantina any time soon, you can be sure that at least one member of Fall Out Boy will be first in line when the new "Star Wars" movies hit.


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Dragon Tattoo

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" could very well get a sequel after all — it just might happen without Daniel Craig.

A new report published by The Hollywood Reporter examines exactly where the "Dragon Tattoo" sequel, "The Girl Who Played with Fire," stands. According to the article, it appears that Craig is the hold-up due to "Skyfall"-fueled salary demands. But since the character he plays, crusading journalist Mikael Blomkvist, has a reduced role in the second Stieg Larsson novel the movie is based on, it's reported that Sony might move forward with a sequel without Craig or Blomkvist in tow.

Yeah, I know. I completely agree: it makes no frickin' sense.


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Keri Russell knows her way around a gun. We saw this in "Mission: Impossible 3," we're about to see it on the Cold War spy drama "The Americans," and attendees of the Sundance Film Festival are going to see it for themselves in "Austenland," Russell's indie about a woman obsessed with the works of Jane Austen — specifically Colin Firth's take on the Mr. Darcy character from the BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice" — who indulges her obsession by traveling to an English resort that caters to Austenites.

In this exclusive clip from "Austenland," Russell's character, Jane Hayes, shows that she's a natural in the realm of out-of-circulation Victorian firearms. It's a quirky clip that gives you a great idea of what the Stephenie Meyer-produced film has in store. Check it out below:

"Austenland" plays at Sundance this week and next, with screenings scheduled for January 18, January 19, January 21, January 22, January 24 and January 26.

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The brawl for it all is officially on!

Voting for round one of the MTV Movie Brawl 2013 is officially open, giving you the chance to pick the film you're most excited for in the coming year. Here's how it works: after the jump, vote for the films you're most excited to see in 2013 from our list of 40 movies. You'll be able to fight for your movie of choice in this play-in round until voting closes early on Monday morning (January 14). And if you don't see the movie you're most excited about on our poll, leave the film's title in the comments section or tweet it to @MTVMoviesBlog using the hash-tag #MTVMovieBrawl — if your unrepresented movie of choice gets enough fan support, we'll add it to the poll later in the week as a wild card entry.

But be warned: round one will knock out a huge chunk of the competition. Starting January 14, our original list of 40 will be whittled down to 16 movies based on your votes. That's when our bracket launches and the 16 flicks will start going head-to-head, March Madness-style, in single-elimination contests — until only one movie reigns supreme.

So, without further ado, click on the photo above to start voting on your most anticipated movies of 2013!

Which film are you rooting for in MTV Movie Brawl 2013? Let us know in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!


Are you going to stand by while some white fuzz from another dimension invades our world and infects every last man, woman and child? If not, then prepare yourself to go through that crazy ghost door in our exclusive clip from "John Dies at the End," written and directed by "Bubba Ho-Tep" madman Don Coscarelli and starring Clancy Brown, Paul Giamatti and others.

In "John Dies at the End," the world is introduced to a time-and-space-defying drug called Soy Sauce that kicks off a silent, otherworldly invasion of mankind. The only two people who can stop the coming apocalypse are John and David, two friends and college dropouts with a lot of spunk but without a clue. Can they team together to save the world? Well, just take a look at the film's title — answer's probably no.

"John Dies at the End" hits theaters on January 25, and is currently available on VOD.


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