In the history of film, the "Star Wars" series has been partially defined by its cutting-edge use of technology. The original trilogy used modeling and creature effects in a way that hadn't been seen before, and the prequel trilogy featured some of the earliest full-CGI characters.

So what can we expect from the new trilogy? So many of the elements that made "Star Wars" seem like an enormous spectacle have become old hat at this point, and J.J. Abrams must be aware that part of his job is to restore the franchises sense of scale, the one that places it above competing series.

Well, a new quote, dug up by Ain't It Cool, may be a key to where "Star Wars" is going next.


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Michael Bay

Michael Bay is a director who knows what he likes, and he has no fears about sharing those interests with you. He wants his movies to have explosions and swirling cameras and unrealistically beautiful women. (Yeah, Shia LaBeouf really rebounded from Megan Fox with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.) And he's going to make his movies exactly how he wants to, whether you like it or not.

But a new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of "Transformers: Age of Extinction," takes things to the next level. Bay can be seen shooting something from the movie, but there is havoc all around him. Debris is flying. The sun is shining down in perfect magic hour orange light. His face is doing this intense thing.

We frankly cannot get enough of this image, so we've decided to give our best guesses as to what is going on here.


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For years, Zach Galifianakis has used his internet talk show, "Between Two Ferns," as a platform to ask celebrities the hard questions. The reason that they're the hard questions is that they're usually too confusing to understand.

In the latest episode, Galifianakis puts Justin Bieber in his place, asking him all about haircuts and inappropriate Anne Frank comments.

The line of questioning all leads to an explosive climax. Having had enough of Bieber's punk attitude, Galifianakis responds in the only way he knows how to punish a grown man: whipping him with a belt.

Even by the standards of "Between Two Ferns," the interview of Bieber is pretty spectacular.

Check it out in the video above.

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One of our most anticipated movies of the year, "Inside Llewyn Davis," is also the source of a soundtrack that's one of our most anticipated albums of the year. You can listen to snippets from the whole album and the first full song below.

Also, learn how a dying fan gave Vince Gilligan an idea for the "Breaking Bad" final season in today's Dailies!


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Today, we saw the debut of the first trailer for "Need for Speed," what will hopefully be Aaron Paul's big breakout into movie stardom. As happy we are to see Paul crossing over post "Breaking Bad," it's going to be hard for us to ever let go of Jesse Pinkman.

That being said, it's also difficult to watch the trailer for "Need for Speed" and not imagine Jesse Pinkman joining a cross-country street race, especially when Paul is making a lot of the same agonized faces we've seen in this past season of "Breaking Bad."

There are so many familiar expressions that we decided to rank them from least- to most-Jesse Pinkman.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, "Don Jon," deals heavily with porn and his character's addiction to it. To demonstrate Don Jon's obsession, Gordon-Levitt incorporates a lot of carefully edited porn clips into the movie and makes a broader comment on how false perceptions of sex and love from media like porn and romantic comedies can ruin real-life relationships.

Since Don Jon fashions himself an expert on porn, the folks over at Next Movie decided to get their own expert on the industry, star Allie Haze, to weigh in with her opinion on the movie.

Haze is pretty familiar with porn, so a positive review from her for a movie about porn seems like something that a first-time director like JGL would really appreciate. We wouldn't be surprised if Haze's quotes end up on the DVD cover someday.

"Don Jon" opens in theaters on Friday.



It's almost as if the creators of "Fast and Furious 7" know exactly how excited we are for the next installment, because they've been gracious enough to post nearly one picture a day from the set. Yesterday, Ludacris gave us a look at the cars that will tear up the asphalt in next year's sequel, but cars aren't the only reason we're looking forward to this one.

There's also a cast that out does every other installment in a series that's known for its crazy ensembles, but perhaps the most exciting addition to the team is a legend of the action movie genre.

Stuntman Mike himself, Kurt Russell, had been rumored to join the cast, and now the latest photo from set confirms as much. He appears in what looks like an auto repair shop with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. It may be worth noting that all three men are wearing suits, which doesn't seem particularly in-character with the rest of the series. Maybe they're going to a fancy dinner or something.

Regardless, this is an amazing addition to the series, which continues when "Fast and Furious 7" hits theaters on July 11, 2014.



"Grand Theft Auto V" is pretty much built from movie references, but there's on "Drive"-inspired on that we love. You can purchase a jacket that looks a hell of a lot like the scorpion-embroided getup from the movie. Find out how to get it after the jump!

Also, go inside the "Breaking Bad" writing room in today's Dailies!



"Gravity" is just a little more than a week away from blowing the world's collective mind, so if you aren't already looking forward to the new masterpiece from Alfonso Cuaron, you better start now. Soon it won't be as cool to love "Gravity" because everyone will already be talking about it, so get on it!

A new featurette from AMC Theatres does a good job at previewing the movie without give too much away, but if you're totally spoiler-phobic, it's best to stay away from pretty much any promotional material for "Gravity." You should just find your nearest IMAX screen and see it the day that it opens.

One of the dozen or so revolutionary things that "Gravity" does is find an actual purpose for 3-D. It's not overdone. When Cuaron does use it, he does so in a meaningful way that communicates space. A wrench will fly just out of someone's grasp or space debris will cloud their area. It's enough to make you forget how much you hate 3-D.

"Gravity" opens on October 4.


Dumb and Dumber

We can finally rest assured that Harry and Lloyd will reunite for "Dumb and Dumber To." It was "stop and go" for a while there, but Jim Carrey and recent Emmy-winner Jeff Daniels are set to return for the sequel. And production looks to have kicked off already.

Both Carrey and Daniels tweeted out photos of themselves in full costume today, and the world's fans of the 90s comedy collectively let out a cry of joy and relief.

Click past the jump to see the photos and hear what Daniels had to say about how the sequel compares to the original!



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