For the past week, MTV News has been profiling some of the biggest films of the upcoming season with our Fall Movie Preview, but the folks over at Next Movie have cut right to the chase to tell you which movies you need to be excited for right now.

With Katniss, Thor, and the untouchable duo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese all lining up at theaters for fall releases, the upcoming slate of films is highly competitive, so you should check out Next Movie's list of the top 25 movies they're looking forward to this fall.

Check out the list over at Next Movie!

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Transformers 4

Didn't the Windy City go through enough the last time that Michael Bay and his crew of transforming robots visited? Apparently not, because the currently untitled fourth "Transformers" movie has once again set up shot in Chicago, and they seem dead-set on blowing the place to hell again.

As we can see in a new on-set video (via ComingSoon), Bay wasted no time blowing up even more of Chicago, but he has once again brought a mean grew of Autobots — and possibly Dinobots — to help defend the city from whatever forces are attacking.

They're not featured here, but paparazzi photos from the set earlier this week snapped a shot of hat worn by one of the crew member that appears to confirm the long-rumored Dinobot appearance. A new "Transformers" logo is shown on the hat and is ripped up by what looks like claw marks. Interesting!

Check out the set videos after the jump!



Matt Damon

Here's yet another great actor joining what sounds like a sci-fi epic from Christopher Nolan. Granted, it's in a small role, but still. That's pretty cool.

Also, watch the trailer for James Franco's latest film in today's Dailies!


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Star Wars

Here's another "Star Wars" rumor to throw onto the heap.

Latino Review, who reported most recently that both Emperor Palpatine and young Obi-Wan Kenobi would return as Force ghosts — a big eff-you to Alec Guinness, right? — has posted the names of two actors who have met or will meet producers for roles.

Now, before we even get into any of this, a warning. Lots of actors meet with producers for roles in potential blockbusters, and "Star Wars: Episode VII" is sure to not be any different. In fact, it would be a smart bet that J.J. Abrams and company are being even more cautious with the sequel because they know that a lot is riding on this movie not sucking. Once you compound that with the rumors' source, you get the idea. Grain of salt.

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For horror fans, if a movie in their preferred genre comes out of both Cannes and Sundance with positive reviews, it's certainly worth paying attention to. That was the case with Jim Mickle's "We Are What We Are," and now we're starting to see what the critics were talking about.

"We Are What We Are" is a remake of a 2010 Mexico film of the same title. It tells the story of the Parker family, who after their mother passes away from a rare disease, turns to the eldest daughter to carry on the traditions.

Unfortunately, those traditions include the slaughter and preparation of a human being as food.

What sets "We Are What We Are" apart, even visible in a short trailer (via IGN), is the look and atmosphere of the film, which appears to be more contemplative and polished than you would expect from a cannibal movie.

"We Are What We Are" opens in limited release on September 27.


Yesterday, we debuted an exclusive clip from "Prisoners" starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a part of our Fall Movie Preview, but it is certainly worth another look.

In "Prisoners," Gyllenhaal plays Detective Loki, the man charged with finding two missing girls, one of whom belongs to the character played by Jackman. When a suspect (Paul Dano, as seen in the clip) is arrested and then released due to a lack of evidence, Jackman's character take the law into his own hands.

As we saw in the first trailer for "Prisoners" and now this clip, the crime drama looks to be a suspenseful trip through the worst nightmare of any parent.

Check out "Prisoners" when it opens in theaters on September 20.


If you've been following that latest works of Kevin Smith, you know that he recently finished the script for "Clerks 3," but he is now waiting for the green light on that project. As he told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, that holding pattern doesn't agree with him and his work flow. That's why he decided to do something big with the waiting period.

"So I'm back in this weird period where I've hurried up, like 'Oh my God. It's all there. It's right there.' And you submit it, and now you have to wait there for somebody to say 'yes' or 'no,' " Smith told us. "I'm back to a gatekeeper place, which I can't stand, so rather than sit there and stare at the phone and wait for it to ring. I decided to start writing something else. I started writing this movie called 'Tusk.' "

"Tusk" began its life as a post of Gumtree, a UK-based Craigslist of sorts that finds people housing. A listening on the site went viral and wowed Smith, who recalled the post for us.


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In "The Lifeguard," Kristen Bell plays Leigh, a New York journalist who returns home to Connecticut to find herself. While there, she spends her free time as a lifeguard at the local pool and begins a relationship with teenager from the neighborhood.

In this exclusive clip from the film, Leigh tells Little Jason, the boy she's been seeing, about a story she wrote while working in New York.

There was a man who kept a tiger in his apartment, but the animal got sick and died. The story appears to be inspired by Ming of Harlem, the tiger that was found living in an apartment after he bit his owner. You can read about that story here.

Watch the clip above, and check out "The Lifeguard" when it opens in theaters on August 30.

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As the fall movie season approaches, we're starting to look forward to finally seeing all of those great films that premiered at this year's Sundance, including "Kill Your Darlings."

"Kill Your Darlings" stars Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan among others as two icons of the beat generation, Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr, respectively.

Both young actors have received raves for their performances and slip the striking poster in yellow and black imagery.

Check out the full poster after the jump!


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On Sunday night, there was a very peculiar overlap in the TV schedules. The latest episode of "Breaking Bad" aired during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The natures of both shows create big topics of conversation on Twitter, but they also crossed over in a way that was totally unexpected.

Miley obviously won the "Most talked about moment" of the show. Her twerking with Robin Thicke was just about everywhere in the day after the show. Everyone was talking about it, or watching the video if they hadn't seen it already. Everyone, including Hank and Marie Schrader.

A viral video from YouTube user Sam Barnett combined two of the big topics of conversation from Sunday night into one amazing mash-up.



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