As reported by MTV News last April, and confirmed this morning in a press release from Disney, Hannah Montana’s first full-length flick will see the titular teen titan travel from Los Angeles to her hometown in Tennessee.

The spirit to move must be infectious.

According to the press release, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" has shifted its release date up three weeks from May 1, 2009 to April 10, 2009, where it will now compete for box-office glory against anime adaptation "Dragonball" and the Seth Rogen / Anna Farris comedy "Observe and Report." It was previously set to go head to head against the man with the adamanteum skull: "Wolverine."

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There's mellow, and then there's MELLOW, and Matthew McConaughey, bless him, seems about five clicks past the latter. In his new movie, "Surfer, Dude," the man formerly known as Wooderson spends 75% of the film on the beach, and 100% of the film without a shirt. Not one – not the whole movie. Honest to God.

Some people would scoff at such a casual attitude – but not us. We wanted to know how we could learn the Zen art of relaxation so we decided to ask the Zen Master himself.

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Dwayne JohnsonIn an exclusive interview with MTV News about made-for-home-entertainment sequels to hits such as "Mean Girls" and "Naked Gun," Paramount Famous exec Louis Feola talked with us about what sort of plots some of these sequels will have.

"Road Trip"

"Well, I am in preproduction right now, so I have a script that I am comfortable with, hired my director and set up my operation," Feola said. " 'Road Trip 2' will take place against the world of beer pong, which I think is a very topical subject for our TV audience."

"Naked Gun"

“ ‘Naked Gun’ is about corruption in the city," Feola said. "A new [younger] police squad is being formed to battle the corruption." Read More...

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For someone who should be on top of the world right now, Shia LaBeouf has sure had to endure a lot of slings and arrows thrown his way. Some of it, admittedly, is nobody’s fault but his own – getting arrested and driving drunk isn’t exactly model behavior, after all. Some of it, meanwhile, is a byproduct of being a Poochie-esque new face to otherwise kick-ass franchises, which the star now finds himself in the unenviable position of having to defend. (Swinging through vines, Shia? Really?)

Some of it, though, is just plain ridiculous. And ridiculously funny. Recently, “Sex Drive” stars Clark Duke and Seth Green and I engaged in some small talk before our interview proper began. Luckily for us, the cameras were rolling.

Ever wanted to make fun of Shia but didn’t know how? Watch the video below for about two minutes of ideas from the burgeoning comedy icons.

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Dwayne Johnson- What’s next? A “Country Bears” musical? Oh, wait…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joins new Disney space movie based on Tomorrowland. (Variety)

- Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes, and Sam Worthington set to star in “Last Night,” about a couple testing the bonds of their love. (Variety)

- Diablo Cody proves the high road is for losers. Oscar winning screenwriter responds to “Juno” hate on her Myspace blog, ensuring the hate will only continue. (MySpace)

- Just for fun: Will Ferrell answers internet questions in hilarious new video. (Funny or Die - NSFW language)

- Charlie Kaufman mind-fark “Synecdoche, New York” gets trailerized. (Yahoo)

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Jason IsaacsPaul Greengrass’s newest film has a script credited to Academy Award-winning writer Brian Helgeland and Greengrass himself. Yeah, big whoop - reading it will give you absolutely no idea about the lines in the final film, Jason Isaacs laughed.

“There’s a script but that’s no more than a start for improvisation. There’s no blocking. There’s no continuity,” he said. “It changes every single time. [Paul] just throws you into the deep end. He creates what feels like chaos but is actually far from it. The whole thing is live organic storytelling. As an actor it pulls the rug out from under you.”

“Green Zone,” formerly “Imperial Life in Emerald City,” is a critical look at the US reconstruction in Iraq, particularly in Bagdad, starring Matt Damon as a CIA officer in search for weapons of mass destruction. Read More...

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Nicole Kidman in 'Invasion'- Nicole Kidman to star in “The Eighth Wonder,” an Indiana Jones-esque adventure about an archeological discovery. (THR)

- Jason Statham looking to do film in the vein of “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” with David and Janet Peoples. (Empire)

- Bruce Willis to star in and direct “Three Stories About Joan,” with Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin. (CHUD)

- David Boreanaz NOT up for the role of “Green Lantern,” which gets a very positive script review. Beware spoilers. (Latino Review)

- Details on Rian Johnson’s sci-fi project “Looper” begin to surface. (Slashfilm)

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'Fear of Flying'Writer/director Diane English is quite proud of her newest film, “The Women,” and quite happy to tell you about how it took fourteen years to make it to the big-screen. So now that she’s got that monkey off her back, what quick, easy movie does she want to do next?

“Being a glutton for punishment the next movie is going to be ‘Fear of Flying’, an adaptation of Erica Jong’s novel from 1973,” English revealed, laughing. “And I think it’s going to be harder to raise the money for that than for this. So mark your calendars for 2022!”

It’s actually quite amazing that a version of “Fear of Flying,” Erica Jong’s seminal feminist tract, hasn’t yet been made, given both its seductive and very sexual premise and overall cultural importance.

“It’s kind of the original ‘Sex and the City,’” English said. “It’s a really bawdy, funny, hard R – it’s a hard R rating.” Read More...

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Sam RockwellSam Rockwell has played silly before (think "Galaxy Quest"), but nothing compares to his performance in the upcoming "Gentlemen Broncos," the MTV favorite laughed.

Actually, make that performances, Rockwell said, revealing that he'll be playing double roles in the film. Or rather, double roles in the film within the film. Or rather, the same role but differently named.

You know what? We'll just let Rockwell take it from here.

"The protagonist [of the film] is Michael Angarano and he's an aspiring screenplay writer. He goes to a writer's camp and a famous sci-fi author comes to visit. [The author] is kind of a hack writer and hasn't had a hit in a long time. He's judging all the screenplays at the camp and he plagiarizes Michael's story which is a Flash Gordon-like story called "Bronco, the Yeast Lords.' He changes the names and makes it into a character called Brutus," Rockwell said of the film's set-up. "I play both characters when they are reenacted on the big screen. I play Brutus AND Bronco." Read More...

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Viggo Mortensen in 'The Lord of the Rings'Last year, “Lord of the Rings” star Viggo Mortensen told MTV News that he was game for a chance to return to Middle-earth, and would welcome the opportunity to portray Aragorn in a “Hobbit” bridge film.

So why hasn’t director Guillermo del Toro called him yet?

“I haven’t heard anything,” the once and future king of Men said of news about the movie. “I met [Guillermo] once years ago,” but haven’t talked to him since.

The real reason that Viggo hasn’t heard anything, of course, is that scriptwriting for the sure to be blockbuster is in such an early stage, cast or even potential cast have yet to even be discussed, let alone contacted.

Still, though, there are actors, like Ian McKellen for instance, that have publically stated and affirmed their participation. So why not Mortensen? Is Aragorn going to be in the bridge film or not? Read More...

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