Guillermo del ToroCountless adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” have graced the big screen since the novel’s introduction in 1886. Isn’t it finally time one of them approached the material from a new direction?

Enter visionary Guillermo Del Toro, who lists an adaptation of “Jekyll and Hyde” among his post-“Hobbit” projects.

Specifically, and perhaps somewhat counter-intuitively, Del Toro wants to flip the pertinent question of the narrative – from “What does this monster, this manifestation of subconscious desire, take from Jekyll?” to “What is it that Hyde gives to him?” Read More...

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Dr. StrangeFROM SPLASH PAGE: He is the Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. If a magician without limits seems unlikely in this day and age of “realistic” comic book movies, consider that Dr. Strange’s next moniker might be the weirdest of all: Big Budget Film Hero.

The character Marvel editor Joe Quesada called “problematic,” and comic writers Neil Gaiman and Stan Lee called the one character they’d most like to see next in film, is very much at the top of the list for a post “Avengers” make-over, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige told MTV News.

For more of Kevin Feige's thoughts on "Dr. Strange" and future Marvel Studios films, head over to

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Guillermo del ToroAmidst all the rumors surrounding “The Hobbit,” the most prevalent seems to be that the two-part opus is already slated for the 3D and IMAX treatment. (Shhh! Don’t tell Roger Ebert.)

Could our next trip to Middle Earth, then, actually bring us, you know, into Middle Earth?

Maybe, maybe not, director Guillermo Del Toro told MTV News.

“IMAX is a fantastic medium. I am a shareholder. I love IMAX. I remember seeing ‘Polar Express,’ and then seeing ‘Polar Express’ in 3D and IMAX and having my life completely transformed,” he enthused, excitedly discussing the format’s immersive capabilities. “I think it would be a worthy discussion. But it hasn’t arrived. Read More...

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Guillermo del ToroHe speaks about it in reverent tones, his voice betraying a childlike excitement. He calls it his “Holy Grail.”

When Guillermo Del Toro talks about his upcoming adaptation of “Frankenstein,” it’s like watching a man find religion.

You wanna know something funny? His monster’s gonna find religion too. Read More...

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J.J. AbramsThe veil of intense secrecy surrounding J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” reboot may finally get lifted this November, according to But there’s something you can take to the bank right now, Abrams told MTV News – “Star Trek” isn’t going to follow in the footsteps of “The Dark Knight” and “Watchmen.”

Alright, about two-thirds of the footsteps.

“It will be a two-hour movie,” Abrams said of the film’s running time. “I’m sick of these two hours and forty-five minute movies. Seriously, it’s like I don’t have enough time to stay two hours and forty-five minutes. I’m exhausted just saying that twice. I can’t stand it.”

(You know what else exhausts Abrams? His ongoing fight with William Shatner. He clears all the confusion and offers up a final statement from J.J. Abrams to William Shatner on the MTV Movies homepage.) Read More...

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He is the clue finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly. He was chosen for the lucky number. He comes from the end of a bag, but no bag goes over him. He is the Barrel-rider. And, soon, he’ll be the centerpiece of one of the biggest big-screen fantasy epics of all-time.

Bilbo Baggins is many things to many people in “The Hobbit.” But would you believe, director Guillermo Del Toro wondered in an interview with MTV News, that he’s also sort of just a normal guy?

“The most salient virtue of Bilbo is a very relatable, basic decency and honesty - the fact that here's a guy who's going to do the right thing,” Del Toro said of the titular character in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. “Bilbo is a good-hearted man, and the honesty of Bilbo is in direct contrast to the greed of Smaug, which looms large in the entire narrative, but also in the newly acquired greed and pride of Thorin, who becomes intoxicated with power and gold.” Read More...

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: Two months ago, Australian artist Josh McMahon created fan art for his hypothetical “Batman 3,” casting “Veronica Mars” starlet Kristen Bell in the role of the Joker's accomplice, Harley Quinn. The images soon spread like wildfire across the internet.

(Ah, those carefree days of “Batman 3” rumors. Remember when we thought anything could be real? Before we talked to David Goyer and confirmed it was all “B.S”?)

Bell admitted to MTV’s Kim Stolz that she hasn’t yet seen the image. But man oh man, is she honored to be thought of.

”Jeez. Thank you,” she enthused from a weekend red carpet. “That’s awesome.” As it turns out, McMahon might have hit on something with his hypothetical cast. No, not a real casting announcement – but a real fan.

Read more about Kristen Bell's reaction to the "Batman 3" Harley Quinn fan art (and see the image that created all of the buzz) on

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Seth Rogen- Is Seth Rogen’s “Observe and Report” in trouble? Is it a new comedy masterpiece? Or is it both? (CHUD)

- Details emerge for new Cameron Crowe pic. Distressingly, these include characters getting haunted by Hawaiian Gods and a “Joe Vs. The Volcano” –esque sequence. (/film)

- Q: Why does Jude Law’s Watson wear suspenders? Elementary: To keep his pants up. (Just Jared)

- Simon Pegg signs three-book deal, will write memoirs early next year. (BBC)

- Adam Sandler files a (very) brief report from the set of Judd Apatow’s “Funny People.” (Official Site)

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Guillermo del ToroKurt Vonnegut’s landmark anti-war novel “Slaughterhouse-Five” is written in the style of the Tralfamadorian aliens who view all time as simultaneous and pre-determined, the author notes in his brilliant opening chapter. With no future or past or present, they are able to concentrate on this moment or that moment, but unable to change their behavior in any one of them. It’s something of an anti-narrative, a structure which Vonnegut himself calls “short and jumbled and jangled.”

But could it possibly work as a movie for ALL audiences? (The book was previously adapted in 1972, won the jury prize at Cannes, but failed to connect with viewers.)

Yes, insists Guillermo Del Toro, who lists “Slaughterhouse-Five” among his many possible post-“Hobbit” projects. The trick, he says, is to marry modern techniques in digital wizardry with new narrative possibilities. Read More...

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Hulk vs. Iron ManFROM SPLASH PAGE: Everything in the Marvel Film Universe is leading to the eventual superhero tag team-up, “The Avengers,” with Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, and Captain America all fighting side-by-side. What possible villain could compete with that?

The Incredible Hulk” director Louis Leterrier told MTV News this past June that he didn’t think any villain could, and suggested that they use a hero instead: his.

Iron Man” writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, who themselves may be writing another Marvel movie in the near future, couldn’t agree more, they told MTV News, insisting that everything is building towards making The Hulk the villain in the eagerly anticipated 2011 movie.

Read more about Hulk as the villain in "The Avengers" movie at

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