Briana EviganRemember that scene with John Cusack from “Say Anything”? Where he held the boombox outside his girlfriend’s window? It’s the absolute pinnacle of the lost art of the crazy romantic gesture. Until now.

And we really do mean crazy, by the way. Criminally so, laughed "Step Up 2" actress Briana Evigan, whose new romantic comedy “Subject: I Love You” follows the real life story of a man who went just a wee bit too far for the one he loved.

“You ever hear of the ‘I Love You Virus’? It’s based on that. It’s the American girl and the Filipino boy and I leave the Philippines and there’s not much Internet or cell phone stuff going on at that time over there and he tries to track me down and his friends come up with an idea of him sending out a virus,” Evigan said of the film’s set-up, which uses the true story of the Love Bug for inspiration. Read More...

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Rumer WillisIn an article over at the MTV Mothership, we profiled Rumer Willis, who told us she's dying to be taken seriously as an actress. But if the 20-year-old scion had her way, you'd be the one dying, not her. Well, OK, not you either, necessarily — but someone!

"I would love to be the killer in something or be crazy," Willis laughed when asked what her dream film role would be. "One of the reasons why I love acting and why I think I always have is I've always been interested in psychology. When I was at USC, I started taking a few classes on it, and it's just always kind of interested me about why people do things, and I think there are a lot of actors that that's just why they started doing it — because they just want to find out why people do certain things. What interests me the most, and especially with serial killers and things like that — which is a little crazy, but whatever floats your boat — is that in their heads it's logical, you know what I mean? When they're killing people or whatever it is, there's a reason in their minds that they rationalize it, and I just think it's such an interesting thing and an amazing thing that as an actor, you get to be able to kind of go into that and figure why people do this." Read More...

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They were a study in contrasts behind their respective podiums: One conciliatory, holding back a deep sadness as he graciously accepted defeat. The other jubilant, smiling as he promised a new dawn for American politics.

President-elect Barack Obama and Senator John McCain no doubt had a lot of different emotions going through their heads as they each gave a speech after the election finally ended. Odd, then, that they both turned to the same man for support, the same man who could express so easily what they never could in words.

And that man was — Denzel Washington?

Movie lovers might have noticed that each man chose music from a Washington movie to play while walking offstage after their respective speeches. And, not for nothing, but we think they both made the perfect choice. Read More...

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We have to hand it to Paris Hilton, socialite heiress and star of the upcoming film “Repo," who has been having a lot of fun recently with her image in a series of campaign ad spoofs, the first two of which aired on

So in the spirit of good fun, we wanted to know: if elected, what would her first act be as President of these United States? “To get more jobs to get the economy better,” Hilton told MTV News. Also on the agenda? "To paint the White House pink."

TO GET MORE JOBS TO GET THE ECONOMY BETTER! Has any politician ever had as clear a plan? As robust a platform? As tantalizing a solution to what ails us? Agree or disagree below.

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Audrina PatridgeThis past March, Lauren Conrad told MTV News that she and the rest of “The Hills” cast had talked about bringing the absurdly popular reality television show to the big-screen.

But just outside of two weeks later, Heidi Montag told us in no uncertain terms that Conrad was out of her mind with delusions of grandeur, insisting in an interview that the possibility of a “Hills” feature film had never even been “discussed.”

Which one is it? Is a “Hills” film in the works? We needed a tie-breaker.

“Not on my end,” Audrina Patridge told us from the set of her new movie “Sorority Row.” “I don’t know. I haven’t really heard anything about a ‘Hills’ movie, so no.”

But would Audrina be interested should the opportunity arise? Read More...

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Marvel '1602'FROM SPLASH PAGE: It’s been like an all you can eat smorgasbord at the Comic Book Buffet this summer, with fans gorging themselves on a heaping plateful of Batman, a giant helping of “Iron Man,” and a little taste of “Hellboy” and “Hulk.”

So indulgent was the feast, director "Hulk" Louis Leterrier told MTV News in June that we might be getting dangerously close to having our fill of the norm, and suggested Marvel mix it up with alternative superhero projects like “World War Hulk” or Neil Gaiman’s “1602.”

Gaiman, not surprisingly, recently said he thought it was a great idea. So could a project like “1602” -- which envisions the Marvel Universe if it took place in the year 1602 -- ever actually get made, though?

Yes, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige told MTV News. Just don’t hold your breath.

Read more of Kevin Feige's comments on "1602” and his plans for other Marvel movies at

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Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre in 'Watchmen'FROM SPLASH PAGE: As with most things “Watchmen,” when a brand new trailer and "Watchmen" poster debuted yesterday from 2009’s most anticipated film, fans once again exalted director Zack Snyder for his fidelity to the source material.

Wait’ll they get a load of how far that fidelity actually extends, Carla Gugino told MTV News.

An inter-chapter filler in the graphic novel, the memoirs of the first Nite Owl, “Under the Hood,” will be a bonus feature on the DVD -- bringing together all the old Minute Men for a mockumentary-style biography. The idea, Gugino insisted, was to try not to lose anything from the source material.

Read more about Carla Gugino and the "Under the Hood" documentary in "Watchmen" at

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Bernie Mac didn’t mince words. The comedian and actor, who died suddenly this past August due to complications from pneumonia, was profane, hilarious, and, yet, always touching in the way he went straight for the truth.

So it makes perfect sense that his “Soul Men” co-star and long-time friend Samuel L. Jackson would remember him with exactly the same attitude. And what was Jackson’s favorite memory of Mac from their time together on set?

“Actually, the funniest day for me was a day when I didn’t even work. I actually went over there to see [noted pornstar] Vanessa del Rio the day I wasn’t working,” Jackson said of a brief scene in the film where Mac’s character has casual sex with his neighbor, played in a cameo by Del Rio. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: Speaking with MTV News last November, writer/star Seth Rogen promised he was buffing up for the role of Britt Reid in "The Green Hornet," he was looking very strongly at Stephen Chow for the role of Kato, and the movie wouldn't follow an origin story.

Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Looking more svelte and in-shape than ever, Rogen now insists that his action-hero comedy — which he likened in tone to "True Lies" — will follow a more traditional "beginnings" arc.

Despite the vociferous complaining from fans who initially objected to Rogen's command of the project, the funnyman says an origin story is necessary because, according to him, there aren't really that many fans.

To read more of Seth Rogen's thoughts on "Green Hornet," head over to

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Zac EfronThis past week, a story that originated in “The National Enquirer” began picking up steam across the net, finding its way into British tabloids by the truckload: 21-year-old “High School Musical” star Zac Efron was set to star in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” alongside Johnny Depp.

It all made too much sense: Efron was a Disney star, “Pirates” was a Disney franchise. Efron was leaving “HSM,” Disney didn’t want him out of their grasp. And, I mean, if you can’t trust “The National Enquirer” and British tabloids, who could you trust?

Speaking to MTV News, Efron was adamant that the talk of his voyaging through the Caribbean was nothing more than a rumor. “No one has talked to me about it,” the “High School Musical 3” star insisted. “I didn’t even know [about it].” Read More...

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