She’s one of reality television's biggest stars, and a budding movie performer in her own right. But what does “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge really want?

“I want to meet an Edward!” the 23-year-old excitedly revealed to MTV News on the set of her new movie “Sorority Row,” where she shocked us by professing her love for “Twilight.”

“I’m obsessed. I love it. And I think the fourth book was the best,” she said, taking a stand against all the haters who decried "Breaking Dawn.” “I’m still on the bandwagon. I love that book.” Read More...

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Samuel L. Jackson“What Doesn’t Kill You,” Brian Goodman’s first film as writer and director, is getting some pretty stellar early reviews, like “amazing reviews” Samuel L. Jackson enthused. "It's awesome."

So awesome, apparently, that Jackson is ready to take the plunge with Goodman on the rising director’s follow-up, “The Fallen,” a story which centers around a group of Boston firemen. Now all the talented duo (who admit to golfing together a few times a week) need is a greenlight.

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens with that,” Goodman said of the finished script, which he is currently deciding what to do with. “We are looking at that and we both would like to work together and we’ll see what happens.” Read More...

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'Iron Man'FROM SPLASH PAGE: We may never know what ultimately led to the Don Cheadle/Terrence Howard switch on "Iron Man 2," and if Robert Downey Jr. knows, well, he isn't talking (at least to us).

But one reason it definitely did NOT happen is because the character of Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes was scaled back for the sequel, "Iron Man 2” screenwriter Justin Theroux told MTV News. "I can't really speak to the plot stuff and all the rest of it but Rhodes is completely present in a very strong and big way," Theroux said of the man who would be War Machine. "He's COMPLETELY present."

Read more about the Don Cheadle/Terrence Howard shift and the future of War Marchine in the "Iron Man" sequels over at

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Last year on the Movies Blog, we wondered, "Who would win a fight between the three best action characters of our age: Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Bruce Wayne?" and to show how serious we here at MTV News are about getting to the bottom of deep mysteries, we brought the question straight to Matt Damon himself.

In our haste to crown Bourne the champ, though, seems in our ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny battle royale we forgot about another tiny franchise star. Read More...

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I entered a battle of wits against a 15-year-old girl and came out tied. But, hey, at least I did better than a lot of you.

Yesterday, we revealed that during my interview with Miley Cyrus Superstar, the "Hannah Montana" chanteuse slipped two code words into our 8 minute chat to win a bet with a handful of Disney publicists – who dared her to insert a few nonsensical phrases, but to do it so I wouldn't notice.

"I got two," she excitedly revealed to me after our interview. You guys, meanwhile, only got one. Read More...

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Interviewing Miley Cyrus is sort of a big deal around these parts. You know why. A hit-making singer, television star, burgeoning movie headliner – she's done a lot of incredible things for a 15-year-old. Enough things, actually, that it's easier than you'd think to forget that last part.

But a kid she is, and if I ever forget it again, feel free to show me the video of my recent interview with her, which we've included below. Thing is, she sorta played a little game at my expense. OK, fine, she messed with me good.

See, before I came in for the interview (which was her second-to-last of the day) some of the Disney publicity team dared her to include random phrases they had picked out in her answers. The more she could get, the higher her score. Of course, I was none the wiser. Read More...

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Danny BoyleRemember last year, when director Danny Boyle told MTV News that he was still very high on eventually filming “Porno,” the follow-up to his break-out hit “Trainspotting”? Turns out, Boyle said, the actors are now just as excited.

Now if they’d just lay off the goddarned moisturizer.

“Interestingly, they are about to put out yet another DVD of ‘Trainspotting,’ another edition, like they do, and they got all the actors together to do interviews for it and they all turned up, so I think they’re all starting to show a little appetite for it, for doing it again, and we’ve tickled them with this idea that it’s the same actors playing the same parts in the same city, but it’s got this fifteen year gap,” Boyle said of the long-gestating project. Read More...

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Danny BoyleThanks to both overwhelmingly positive responses and its feel-good message, Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” has already been pegged by many prognosticators as an early Oscar favorite, alongside other yet to be released films like “Revolutionary Road” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

But no matter what happens between now and the February Oscar telecast, David Fincher’s “Button” has already gotten the best of Boyle, the director smiled, forcing him to temporarily abandon his previously announced next project.

Boyle’s “Solomon Grundy,” based on the popular nursery rhyme character who was “born on a Monday” and “died on a Sunday” (and who bears no relation to the hideous D.C. zombie villain and occasional foe of Superman and Batman), is momentarily shelved, he revealed exclusively to MTV News, because of perceived similarities to “Button,” which follows the life of a man who lives his whole life backwards. Read More...

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Jason StathamWhen it was announced last week that Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, and Jason Statham would star in a movie called “The Expendables,” my colleague Elisabeth Rappe wondered if it was the most ridiculously badass cast ever assembled.

You know who else wonders that? Jason Statham.

“It’s a great circle of people to be involved with,” Statham whistled. “Sly is someone I grew up watching on TV and on the movies. He’s a living legend. He’s one of the biggest action stars that Hollywood’s ever seen, the whole world’s ever seen. And so the chance for me to come all these years later and be working alongside Sly is just one of those like pinch-yourself moments. Read More...

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Danny BoyleRecently, reports spread across the net that "Slumdog Millionaire" helmer Danny Boyle was considering hopping back into the saddle to direct "28 Months Later," the second sequel to his smash 2002 film about a viral outbreak and its devastating consequences.

True enough, Boyle told MTV News, re-iterating what he told us back in September.

Only, seriously people, Boyle laughed, stop calling it "28 Months Later"!

"It don't think it will be called '28 Months Later,' that's all I can say," Boyle insisted of the sequel, remaining maddeningly coy on other details. Read More...

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