Anthony MackieAnthony Mackie's new movie about Olympic superstar Jesse Owens is still moving forward, the 28-year-old star insisted -- even if it's not exactly moving as fast as the legendary sprinter himself.

"Hopefully we'll be starting it next year," Mackie said of the long in development project. "We're just looking for a director. It's hard to find a director that can make action and sports fun as well as give you deep intense character driven performances."

Owens, of course, is often considered one of the most important (if not also best) athletes ever, famous not just for winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but for being a black man winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in full view of Adolf Hitler, who had hoped to use the games as an opportunity to showcase Nazism and German ethnic superiority. Read More...

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Nicole Kidman

- Devastator confirmed for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." (TFW2005)

- Ebony and Ivory: Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx play beautiful music together in first trailer for "The Soloist." (Yahoo)

- Crying all the way to the bank…Steven Soderbergh developing a "Liberace" biopic to star Michael Douglas. Matt Damon in talks to play famous showman’s gay lover. (Variety)

- Nicole Kidman…losing money since 2006. Aussie star tops Forbes list of most overpaid celebrities. (Reuters)

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Danny BoyleHe’s directed a horror movie, a science-fiction epic, heck, even a straight-up kids flick. Take a good, hard look at Danny Boyle’s filmography, and you’re sure to conclude that he might very well be the most versatile filmmaker around.

So should it come as any surprise that want he really wants to direct is…a musical?

“I think it’s the most difficult thing to do as a film [but] it’s the Holy Grail if you can do it [right]. I would love to do a musical,” the “Slumdog Millionaire” helmer told us in Toronto. “I’ve done on stage plays with substantial musical sections in it and I loved it. I love editing to beat and contradicting the beat. I’m useless on music technically but I know when some thing is good and not.”

Interestingly enough for something which sounds suspiciously like a pie in the sky pipe dream, Boyle admitted he’s actually already taken some preliminary steps to develop a musical with the English band I Am Kloot. Read More...

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Eva MendesLast we left the treacherous Lucius Malfoy he was serving a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, exposed and captured by Dumbledore for being a Death Eater, sent to wait out his term until Voldemort breaks him out.

In "Half-Blood Prince," Dumbledore suspects that Lucius is secretly glad to be in prison after the debacle at the Ministry, where he failed to capture the fabled prophesy pertaining to Harry Potter and the Dark Lord. Maybe. But not happy at all about Malfoy's sojourn in prison is the actor who plays him, Jason Isaacs, who thought the fact that his character was absent from the book meant that he wouldn't get a chance to appear in the upcoming sixth movie.

"It absolutely killed me," he said of Lucius' disappearance.

It would take a strong bit of magic to turn that frown upside down. Luckily for Isaacs, Harry Potter has that in spades. Read More...

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- “Pirates” collaborators Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski reunite for “Rango,” the animated story of a household pet sent on a wild adventure. (Variety)

- Arnold Schwarzenegger visits “Terminator: Salvation” set, continuing to fuel rumors he actually appears in the film. (/film)

- Wes Anderson to write, possibly direct “My Best Friend,” a remake of a French film about a man who realizes that nobody likes him. (Variety)

- The cast of “Airplane” re-unite to talk about the very funny film. Surely, you can’t be serious? I am, and don’t call me Shirley. (MSNBC)

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Eva Mendes

Rebuking all the early talk about "Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans," being a remake, star Nicolas Cage recently compared his character to James Bond.

All fine and good – but even James Bond never had a woman like this: "I play a character who is Nicholas Cage's love interest, and she is a working girl, she is a prostitute who is very damaged," Eva Mendes said of her hitherto secret character in the film. "I'm a prostitute so I'm a criminal in that sense, but it's kinda hard to explain. There's actually a very sweet love story between Nic's character and mine, in a very warped and dark, dark world." Read More...

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Danny BoyleJust like the diseased themselves, it seems like Danny Boyle's popular don't call them zombies horror movie series will keep coming and coming and coming, the director confirmed to MTV News.

Well, maybe.

"There's a bit of discussion going on about it at the moment," Boyle said of what I'm going to start calling "28 Months Later," the third in a series which began with "28 Days Later" in 2002 and continued with "28 Weeks Later" last year.

We wouldn't put it past Boyle to blow us away again, but for the life of us we can't figure out to continue a franchise which seems to acceptably conclude with each installment without becoming narratively ridiculous. Turns out, Boyle's not so sure either. Read More...

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William Shatner- J.J. Abrams explains why William Shatner is not in new “Star Trek.” Hint: It’s because of William Shatner. (AMC)

- Speaking of Shia and director D.J Caruso – they might want to lawyer up. Dreamworks sued for “ripping off” “Rear Window” in “Disturbia.” (Yahoo)

- “Mamma Mia” star Amanda Seyfried joins Lass Hallstrom’s “Dear John,” about a young woman who falls in love with a soldier. (Variety)

- David Strathairn, Alan Alda, Jeff Daniels, Mary-Louise Parker and Paul Rudd join James Franco in “Howl,” which you first heard about here. (THR & MTV)

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Derek Luke as Sean 'Diddy' Combs in 'Notorious'See if you can guess who up and coming star Derek Luke is talking about when he says of this unnamed person, “I think the brother is deep.”

Spike Lee, who directs Luke in the upcoming “Miracle at St. Anna”? Denzel Washington, who Luke stared with in “Antwone Fisher”? Barack Obama?

Would you believe Sean “Diddy” Combs? I don’t, but then, Luke is here to testify:

“Most people know him as a flamboyant giant and mouthpiece but he was guy with a dream and a vision,” Luke said of Combs, who he is portraying in the upcoming “Notorious,” the story of the rise and fall of the Notorious B.I.G. “He helped transform a language for America, which is hip-hop.” Read More...

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'Robocop'When news leaked that visionary director Darren Aronofsky was about to shepherd a fourth big-screen incarnation of “Robocop,” fans of the character were simultaneously both excited and a little confused. Aronofsky? The guy who directed “Requiem for a Dream” and “Pi”? Just what in the heck brought him to the project in the first place?

Don’t bother asking Aronofsky himself, who is more difficult to decipher than the plot of “The Fountain” (zing!). When MTV News caught up with him at the Toronto Film Festival, all Aronofsky would say of what attracted him was that “it’s an interesting landscape.”

“But we've got to get a screenplay. We're deep in it,” he added. “But there's not much to say until there is a screenplay.” Read More...

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