FROM MTV MOVIES: You've seen him at the NBA All-Star Game. You've seen him at the Grammys. You might have even seen him in concert. But the next place you see Cee Lo Green could be the craziest, most-unlikely place of all: "Between the moon and New York City"?

The crooner has possibly been tapped to cover "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" for the Russell Brand- and Helen Mirren-starring "Arthur" remake, co-star Greta Gerwig revealed exclusively to MTV News on the red carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards, where she was nominated for Best Female Lead for her performance in "Greenberg."

"I think Cee Lo might be doing something with it — I'm not kidding!" the 27-year-old actress enthused of the outrageous-on-the-face-of-it cover. "I met him at a screening the other day."

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Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. Director Todd Graff, meanwhile, might want to check the fine print on his contract with the Devil. (And, really, who ELSE could have been responsible for "Bandslam"?)

Not a month ago Graff revealed to MTV News his grand plans for a big-screen remake of the Faustian "Damn Yankees" staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Carrey, including plans to update the central story of a baseball fan who sells his soul to Beelzebub with a new focus on steroids.

It's not exactly the bottom of the ninth. But maybe it's time for a pinch hitter?

"Man, this is–- this has been a conversation I don't know why I keep having," Gyllenhaal told MTV's Larry Carroll when asked about the project this past weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco. "I've definitely been fascinated by that musical for a very long time, but I guess it's still in development. Still being worked out. We'll see." Read More...

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Oh Teresa Palmer. Had we but world enough, and time. We could sit together and I could tell you how much I liked the orphan movie you did with Daniel Radcliffe that wasn't "Harry Potter" (it was "December Boys"). 10,000 years I would devote to "Bedtime Stories!" An epoch to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice!"

So, Ms. Palmer, are you in the new "Mad Max," as was widely reported and initially revealed by your "Apprentice" co-star Jay Baruchel in an apparent slip of the lip?

"I may or may not be!"

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Danny BoyleNow that Danny Boyle is an Oscar winner for his work on “Slumdog Millionaire,” it seems everybody is wondering: just what in the heck is the famed director going to do next? Don’t worry. Danny Boyle himself is wondering the exact same thing.

“I don’t know actually. I was involved in an animated film. I was going to make an animated film, but it’s all sort of fallen apart for me, so I don’t have anything. I tend to do one thing at a time,” Boyle told MTV News. “I wish I knew.”

Boyle had previously been attached to an adaptation of “Solomon Grundy,” which he revealed was shelved temporarily due to perceived similarities with “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. There’s also the slight chance he might return to the director’s chair for the second sequel to his 2002 hit “28 Days Later.” Read More...

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Guillermo del ToroWhen news was came recently that director Guillermo del Toro was writing a series of vampire novels with author Chuck Hogan, headlines and columns across the internet rang out in chorus: committed for the next four years to “The Hobbit” and some half dozen projects after that, del Toro was already straining, spreading himself too thin. He would never -- how could he ever -- possibly find the time?

Problem is, the story isn’t true, del Toro told MTV News. He’s not writing a series of vampire books with Chuck Hogan – he wrote them.

“It looks incredibly busy and baroque, but everything has its own place. These things seem to happen simultaneously, but the reality is they are announced simultaneously,” the affable and visionary director said. “The novels – it’s been written already. Chuck Hogan and I have been collaborating for over a year. I wrote the outline for that novel almost two years ago.” Read More...

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Ben Stiller in 'Night at the Museum'“Everything comes to life,” “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian director Shawn Levy boasted to MTV News from the middle of an exact replica of the Air and Space Museum. “Everything.”

But in reality, it’s not everything. There’s Amelia Earhart’s plane, and look, there’s Amelia Earhart (played by Amy Adams). There's Hank Azaria as an Egyptian pharaoh. There’s the Wright Brother’s plane, and there’s the Wright Brothers (played by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon). There’s the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. There’s…wait a minute, just where are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin? Read More...

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He’s fought Rocky, starred alongside Jean Claude Van Damme, and battled foes as the Master of the Universe. Now action icon Dolph Lundgren is about to go toe to toe with his greatest co-star ever: Britney Spears. Well, sort of.

It might surprise you to know that the man formerly known as Ivan Drago has moved from starring in movies, to writing and directing them as well. His third such romp as triple threat is called “Command Performance,” which centers on an ex-biker turned hard case tough guy drummer, who has to rescue the Russian President after terrorists take over an arena where he’s watching a concert. (I swear to God that’s the plot, by the way). Read More...

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Amanda PeetThe apocalypse is coming. Again. And, guess what town gets the worst of it? Again?

“There are some things that happen in Los Angeles, crazy stuff,” Amanda Peet told MTV News of her favorite scenes from “2012,” her upcoming Roland Emmerich directed disaster movie which pits man versus nature on a worldwide scale. “[My character and John Cusack’s character] see it from a plane. We get off the ground and we escape in an airplane and some of the stuff that [Roland] shows us is incredible and really frightening.”

It’s easy (and tired) to be glib about this kind of movie, but the truth is that Emmerich is some kind of twisted master when it comes to destroying the Earth, and if the footage winds up to be anything like early hints we’ve seen in the teaser, than I’ll be there opening day. Whether it’s “Independence Day,” or “The Day After Tomorrow,” or even “Godzilla,” Emmerich is usually good for at least one jaw dropping sequence. And regardless of how silly everything around it may seem, you just know that sequence is gonna be spectacular. The EARLY footage is spectacular, Peet insisted. Read More...

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Juliette LewisAcademy Award-nominated actress Juliette Lewis is joining Mark Ruffalo’s “Sympathy For Delicious,” which is finally going to start lensing in December, the celebrated “What Doesn’t Kill You” actor told MTV News.

Ruffalo’s announcement comes four months after James Franco also broke the news to MTV of his involvement in the project but some four years after Ruffalo first began talking about the movie, an upside down hagiography at least somewhat based on one of Ruffalo’s close friends, paraplegic Chris Thornton.

“It’s a kind of social satire about a guy in a wheelchair who gets the gift to heal but he can’t heal himself so he takes it to start heal-a-palooza and prostitutes it for sex, drugs, rock and roll, and fame,” Ruffalo laughed of the movie’s plot, which in combination with my chat with Franco, proves it’s not a story that can be summed up in 30 seconds or less. Read More...

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'Tropic Thunder'We know all about Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller, about Jack Black and Tom Cruise, but you wanna know who REALLY made “Tropic Thunder” great? Eddie Murphy, Sumner Redstone, and Russell Crowe.

Or that’s what I think, anyway, even though, for his part, screenwriter Justin Theroux isn’t letting loose on who actually gets lampooned in the Hollywood satire, which pits a very method actor against an egomaniacal studio head against a comedian known for fart humor, for starters. Read More...

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