FROM SPLASH PAGE: It looks like Hal Jordan has found his Carol Ferris, and the "Green Lantern" movie has its female lead in "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lively will play the female lead in "Green Lantern" opposite star Ryan Reynolds, ending an "intense" competition for the role. Previously, a rumor had pegged Lively as one of the candidates for the role alongside Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner, among others.

The report seems to indicate that Lively's character will be faithful to her comics counterpart, describing Carol Ferris as a character who "runs her father's aerospace company and hires cocky test pilot Hal Jordan, who later becomes the intergalactic policeman Green Lantern."

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: "Daybreakers" star Willem Dafoe dropped by Splash Page HQ yesterday to chat us up about the film, which hits theaters Friday (January 8). While he was here, we managed to sneak in a few questions about — you guessed it — the "Spider-Man" films and the villain that kicked off Sam Raimi's blockbuster, web-friendly franchise, Green Goblin.

Would he be up for making a return appearance? After all, no one stays dead in the comics world. And what about those "Spider-Man 4" production delays? The actor touched on all of it in our exclusive interview.

"It all depends on the story," said Dafoe of the likelihood that we'll see him again. "The Green Goblin, there's plenty more to do, because that's not so well defined. And the Norman Osborn character is a good, solid, half-comic, half-dramatic character, so I could always revisit that."

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: EDITOR'S NOTE: With "Iron Man 2" just a few months away from hitting theaters, MTV News contacted War Machine co-creator Bob Layton to discuss the character's upcoming debut on the big screen. The conversation covered a wide range of subjects that we're rolling out this week in a four-part series — continuing with today's tale of his "Iron Man 2" set visit and the disagreement he moderated while he was there.

Longtime “Iron Man” writer and artist Bob Layton is recognized as one of the most signi
ficant creators to chronicle Tony Stark’s adventures, so it's probably no surprise that he was called upon to help settle a creative disagreement between director Jon Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr. during his visit to the “Iron Man 2” set last summer.

“When I first got on the set, there was a dispute going on between Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. about [Jim Rhodes’] character,” Layton explained to MTV News. “That’s how I was introduced to them. It was like, ‘here’s the guy who helped created the character, why don’t we ask him?’"

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: We've seen comic books about everyone from "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer to Presidential puppy Bo Obama hit the shelves this year from publisher Bluewater Productions, and now the company has revealed exclusively to MTV News where they'll turn their attention next.

Following on the heels of their popular "Political Power" and "Female Force" comics, Bluewater will publish unauthorized biographies of celebrities from the music and movie world in their upcoming "Fame" line — and their first subject will be none other than MTV's Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga. According to the publisher, the preview issue of "Fame: Lady Gaga" will be available in May for Free Comic Book Day, and future issues will focus on such notable pop-culture icons as Robert Pattinson, 50 Cent, David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

But that's not all! Bluewater has also provided Splash Page readers with the first look at the "Fame: Lady Gaga" cover. Read on for an exclusive peek at the "Lady Gaga" cover image and more details about the "Fame" line.

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While much of the world is busy bidding farewell to 2009, "Doctor Who" fans will be saying a different type of goodbye on January 1 when series star David Tennant concludes his celebrated run on the long-running BBC science-fiction series. One of the most popular actors to ever play the iconic role, Tennant has been the face of "Doctor Who" since 2005 and led the series to its most successful run (both in the UK and abroad) in its 47-year history.

As MTV's resident "Doctor Who" geek, I sat down with Tennant for a chat about the looming end to his run as the time- and space-traveling adventurer known as The Doctor. Along with discussing what he'll miss most about the role, he also revealed the mementoes he's taking with him from his time as The Doctor — and when he might return for a cameo appearance like so many past Doctors.

"I was presented with a sonic screwdriver in a beautiful box that the prop department made for me," said Tennant of his going-away gift. "So I got to take that home and that will sit in a very proud place in my home." Read More...

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Tim RothFROM SPLASH PAGE: While 2008's "Incredible Hulk" only performed marginally better at the box office than its 2003 counterpart, many fans praised Louis Leterrier's take on Marvel's green goliath as a significant upgrade from Ang Lee's earlier film. One of the most notable improvements, according to many critics, was the addition of award-winning actor Tim Roth as the villainous soldier Emil Blonsky opposite Edward Norton's scientist-on-the-run Bruce Banner.

Even though [SPOILER ALERT] Roth's character was on the receiving end of a Hulk beatdown at the end of the film (despite becoming the mutated behemoth Abomination), the door was left wide open for a potential return. And as Hulk fans know, Blonsky is a regular presence among Hulk's rogues.

While chatting with Roth recently about "Lie to Me," the Fox television series in which he plays a human lie-detector of sorts, I managed to slip in a few questions about his experience battling one of Marvel's most iconic characters — and whether we'll see Emil Blonsky square off against Hulk again down the road. Read more...

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War MachineFROM SPLASH PAGE: There's no shortage of hype surrounding the debut of War Machine in "Iron Man 2," and according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, the character will more than live up to his action-packed tease in the new "Iron Man 2" trailer.

"I've actually seen a rough cut of the movie, and it's going to be good," Quesada told MTV News during the opening night of "Marvelous Color," a new art exhibit in Manhattan. The exhibit highlights Marvel's history of prominent African-American characters, with special attention paid to six of the publisher's most well-known heroes: Storm, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Blade, Falcon and of course, War Machine.

"[Don] Cheadle is one of the greatest living American actors, what do you expect?" said Quesada of the actor playing War Machine's alter ego, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, in the blockbuster sequel. "I think fans are going to love it — especially fans of War Machine — and he does kick some major ass."

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"Doctor Who," the long-running BBC science-fiction series that follows a time- and space-traveling explorer known as The Doctor, concludes its current season this weekend with a two-part finale that kicks off Christmas Day, December 25. Not only does "The End of Time" finale conclude the latest season, but it will also see the departure actor David Tennant, who's played The Doctor for the last three seasons and seen the series' popularity explode to unprecedented levels here in the U.S., spawning spin-offs such as "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Chronicles."

As MTV's resident "Doctor Who" geek, I jumped at the opportunity to chat with Tennant about the impending conclusion to his run as The Doctor — and what we can expect to see in the season finale.

"I can't give anything away, that would go against the grain, wouldn't it?" smiled Tennant, who went on to tease some of what we might see when "The End of Time" kicks off. Read More...

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: "Sherlock Holmes" arrives in theaters this week, pairing "Iron Man 2" star Robert Downey Jr. with actor Jude Law — who remains a far less prominent star in the comic book movie world than his co-star, despite his comics cred-inspiring ink. (He has a tattoo of Rorschach from "Watchmen.") However, an October rumor seemed to indicate that Law was on track to change all that with a role in "Thor" alongside Robert De Niro.

Unfortunately, the rumor turned out to be just that, as Law explained to MTV News during the recent "Sherlock Holmes" red carpet event.

"Was there?" said Law when told there was a widely circulated rumor tagging him for a role in Kenneth Branagh's film about the Marvel god of thunder.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: Next year's big-screen reboot of the "A-Team" will be one of many films receiving some attention from the comic book world in advance of its arrival in theaters. IDW Publishing will be launching not one, but two series following Hannibal, B.A. Baracus and the rest of their mercenary crew.

Titled "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding" and "The A-Team: War Stories," the two series will not only feature the beloved television series' characters (in the likenesses of the new actors playing them), but also offer up some brand new stories of their adventures.

IDW has offered Splash Page readers the first peek at some early art from "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding," written by Joe Carnahan and Tom Waltz with art from Stephen Mooney — including the ridiculously cool covers to the first and second issues, as well as several inked pages.

(Oh, and is that a Sarah Palin cameo we see?)

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