FROM SPLASH PAGE: "Surrogates," director Jonathan Mostow's big-screen adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's comic book series, arrives on shelves next week. As regular readers know, we've been all over the film since it was first announced several years ago — mainly because we're all big fans of the book around Splash Page HQ.

That's why we're happy to present an exclusive preview of one of the bonus features on the "Surrogates" DVD and Blu-Ray. In "Breaking the Frame," Venditti describes the long, strange trip "Surrogates" has taken from the mailroom at Top Shelf Productions to a feature film starring Bruce Willis.

"Surrogates" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray January 26. Read on for a full breakdown of the specs for each release.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's starting to look like we've been way ahead of the news when it came to both the "Spider-Man" director and source material for Sony's upcoming reboot of the blockbuster movie franchise.

Webb is indeed looking to Brian Bendis' and Mark Bagley's "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics as inspiration for the new film franchise, according to an anonymous "scoop" on The Hollywood Reporter — but if you've been reading Splash Page lately, you not only knew that already, you heard it from Webb himself two days ago!

On Sunday night (less than 48 hours before he was announced as the new "Spider-Man" director), Webb deftly evaded many of our questions regarding the "Spider-Man" franchise — but did name-drop the "Ultimate Spider-Man" series as the source of some of his favorite Spidey stories.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: With all this talk about the "Spider-Man" reboot and "Green Lantern" casting, it's easy to forget that another big comic book movie, Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," just kicked off production.

We caught up with Branagh at the Golden Globe Awards red carpet to get an update on how the live-action adventures of Marvel's god of thunder are going thus far.

"We just started last week and so far, so good," Branagh told MTV News.

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FROM MTV.COM: You can cross one name off the list of potential "Spider-Man" directors, because James Cameron isn't interested.

Speaking with MTV News at the Critics Choice Awards red carpet, the "Avatar" director denied rumors that he was in the running to direct Sony's next "Spider-Man" movie and kick off a brand new franchise for the Marvel Comics superhero.

"No, no," Cameron told MTV News when asked if he'd been approached for the "Spider-Man" job. "It's a little bit sloppy seconds, let's face it."

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: We crossed one name off the list of potential "Spider-Man" directors this weekend, but what about the rumored favorite for the gig, "500 Days of Summer" filmmaker Marc Webb?

MTV News caught up with Webb on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet to get his thoughts on the rumors pegging him as Sony's most-wanted man behind the camera when Peter Parker returns to the big screen in 2012.

"Of course," Webb told MTV News when asked if he was a fan of Spider-Man. "Stan Lee, big fan ... love the 'Ultimate [Spider-Man]' stuff."

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: On Friday, we were first to bring you the news that "Sherlock Holmes" actor Mark Strong was in talks to play Sinestro in the "Green Lantern" movie. Along with that exclusive scoop, director Martin Campbell also gave MTV News a list of characters from Green Lantern's universe that would be appearing in the film.

And while we were on the subject, we had to ask about another high-profile DC character rumored to make a cameo.

"No, that won't happen," Campbell told MTV News when asked about the chances of Superman (or possibly Clark Kent) appearing in "Green Lantern" in some form.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: What is good in life? The idea that Marcus Nispel's upcoming "Conan" movie will name its lead barbarian any day now.

There's been no shortage of casting rumors surrounding the "Conan" reboot since it was first announced, and according to Deadline Hollywood, many of those rumors are close to being debunked (or possibly confirmed) as the studio narrows its choices for the title role. The site reports that the pool was down to two contenders as of last week — "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz (pictured) and "Stargate: Atlantis" actor Jason Momoa — but now another, unnamed actor could be in the mix, too.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: It looks like we were relatively spot-on with our picks for a "Spider-Man" director, as three of our five suggestions are now being rumored as top contenders to bring your friendly neighborhood webslinger back to the big screen. However, one of them — "500 Days of Summer" director Marc Webb — looks to be the favorite.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Sony's current director wishlist includes Webb, James Cameron ("Avatar"), David Fincher ("Zodiac"), and Wes Anderson ("Rushmore"). The site claims that Webb has already met with producers and studio execs about the "Spider-Man" reboot, and the plan is to get the film into production this year for a 2012 release. The long production time will allow the studio to film in 3-D.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: "Spider-Man 4" is dead. Long live the new "Spider-Man" movie franchise!

Okay, so maybe popular sentiment isn't quite that positive regarding the recent news that Sony will reboot the "Spider-Man" franchise in 2012 with a new movie, director and star. But why should it be?

While reports from the "Spider-Man 4" front have included no small amount of obstacles to production, yesterday's announcement still came as a surprise to most fans. And now many of the Spider-Man faithful are left wondering what's in store for Peter Parker and his surrounding cast — and more importantly, whether his big-screen future is in good hands.

With that in mind, here are the five burning questions the studio should answer soon (either directly or by way of "Spider-Man" movie news) if they're hoping to keep fans excited about the wall-crawler's future in theaters.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: Face it, Tiger — your franchise just hit a wall.

Sony has curtailed plans for "Spider-Man 4" and opted to reboot Peter Parker's big-screen adventures without director Sam Raimi, star Tobey Maguire or the rest of the film's cast, according to a report that first broke on Deadline Hollywood Daily earlier today. The site reported that Raimi and the studio parted ways after script disagreements proved so insurmountable that the planned summer 2012 release date was in danger.

The studio later confirmed the report in an official announcement (posted in full below) that, along with outlining plans to start over with a teenage Peter Parker, indicated that a new "Spider-Man" movie was still planned for 2012.

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