Emma WatsonThis week we spoke with Emma Watson about her film "The Tale of Despereaux" and other exciting projects that no one's heard of. (I kid, I kid! I count down the days until "Half-Blood Prince" comes out on July 17th.)

While looking through photos from Sunday's "Despereaux" premiere, I couldn't shake a sense of déjà-vu. It's been bugging me like a song that's stuck in my head, and after doing some research I figured it out: Emma Watson has totally (and successfully!) worn this look before (See our comparison after the jump). Read More...

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We've been bringing you photos from the many "Twilight" premieres around the world, most recently in Paris and Munich. Now, it could be my imagination running wild, but ever since this weekend's news that Catherine Hardwicke won't be directing "New Moon," the body language on the red carpet has become a little awkward.

While in Rome and Madrid, the cast were very close with their director, arms around shoulders and big smiles. And then there was last night's premiere in Paris (click on the photo below to see more from the Paris red carpet):

Am I reading too much into it, or does the space seem to be growing between the "Twilight" stars and Catherine Hardwicke? Sound off below.

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Michael PenaWith just under two months until the series finale of "The Shield," talk from the TV show's fiercely loyal fanbase is beginning to turn once again to rumors that one of the greatest cop dramas of all time could live on -- as a feature film?

About a year ago, Emmy winner Michael Chiklis revealed to us that "there are a lot of questions about the potential of a 'Shield' movie these days," and we remarked at the time that it would be interesting to see what happens to Vic Mackey in the years to come, assuming he makes it through Season 7 alive. But according to his former co-star Michael Pena, even if Vic does die it could invite a prequel to bring him back from the dead. Read More...

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The new James Bond trailer is finally here, and Bond appears to go rogue, a plotline last explored in "License to Kill" in 1989. From the 2-minute trailer, "Quantum of Solace" may seem to borrow visual elements from the "Bourne" franchise, but Bond's motivation is very different and very dangerous: revenge.

Car chases, plane chases, boat chases ... too "Bourne"? Not enough? Give us your thoughts below!

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You think it takes the stars a long time to get red carpet ready? That's nothing compared to the time it took the actual Movie Awards gold carpet to transform from pavement to pretty darn gorgeous outside the Gibson Amphitheater. We've been working for days -- with a little help, of course -- to glam it up.

Check out photos of the transformation!

On Thursday, not much was happening yet.

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She was once almost "America's Next Top Model," but now MTV News correspondent Kim Stolz is working hard to ready the gold carpet for tomorrow's show. Literally! Check out the video and pics below for proof.

(After the jump, watch Kim hard at work assembling the preshow set.) Read More...

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It might not look like it yet, but this is where all the gold carpet action will be happening Sunday night. You're looking at the calm before the paparazzi storm.

Your favorite Hollywood stars will be walking this path during our preshow, decked out in designer gear and itching to chat with Kim and Tim -- who, by the way, still need your help.

What questions should they ask the likes of Ellen Page, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and more of your favorites?

Submit your suggestions in the comments section below, and tune in to see if yours is asked live!

The MTV Movie Awards will air live on MTV on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, with MTV News' "Coming Attractions" preshow kicking the evening off at 7:30 p.m. ET! Meanwhile, stay tuned to the MTV Movies Blog and MovieAwards.MTV.com.

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TwilightDear Twilighters,


Like Sabrina, curiosity got the better of me. Your enthusiasm for "Twilight" made me want to understand the big deal. So, now I've read it. Twice. And I purchased "New Moon" this weekend. But, I have so many unanswered questions about book one that I thought maybe you could help me out before I get into the sequel (which, let's be honest, will probably be as soon as I get home).

1. Why can't Edward read Bella's thoughts?

2. Edward repeated says he's trying to keep Bella alive, that her number was up the moment they met. What is he saving her from, exactly; just himself, or something else? Read More...


'The Universe of Keith Haring'On the Line: When filmmaker Christina Clausen stood to introduce her movie, I learned I was seeing the film on what would have been Keith Haring's 50th birthday and would have the pleasure of watching with his family and childhood friends also in the audience. No pressure.

In the Theater: Clausen uses Haring's art and the pulsing club music of the 80's to celebrate of one of New York's most well-known pop artists. Clausen manages to allow Keith Haring to narrate his own story through audio and video recordings. He gets help from his family and close friends, including Yoko Ono, Fab 5 Freddy and David LaChappelle. Other famous friends you will recognize include Andy Warhol and Madonna. Read More...

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'The Zen of Bobby V'On the Line: To be quite honest, I showed up so early that there was no line yet. However, my own personal anticipation for this film was quite high. Having lived in Japan for a number of years, I'm a big fan of Japanese Baseball. I was very curious to see how a couple of NYU students would capture the complexity of not only Bobby Valentine, but also the national sport and its die-hard fans.

In the Theater: Bobby Valentine is very clearly a national celebrity in Japan. The film portrays him as gracious with his fans, even when he doesn't have time to shake every hand and take every photo. Read More...

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