Sundance fashion is tricky. If you're lucky enough to have a film here, you're hopping from event to event, day and night. If not, you're still going from place to place, non-stop. So, what on earth do you wear?

Paris Hilton isn't promoting a film this year, but that doesn't stop her from being everywhere cool on Main Street. MTV News has set up shop at the MySpace Cafe by the lifts, and we've seen Paris saunter in and out a couple of times in the past few days. Yesterday, her daytime look was less snow-bunny than I would have expected. In fact, she looked pretty badass, if you disregard her kitty hat and matching mittens. Come night, Paris did a complete transformation. Still edgy, she showed up to 50 Cent's dinner in a leopard print coat with matching shoes. (Check out photo comparisons after the jump.) Read More...

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This is my third year at Sundance, but my first year that I've had the chance to take part in events that surround the films. Sundance is more than just the films, you know. It's about the dinners (I had an amazing one last night -- thanks Bon Appetit magazine!) and parties that surround and celebrate the stars.

Last night we ventured up Main Street to the Universal Music party at the Phoenix Gallery. When we got there, however, it was "at capacity" so we were denied access, even though we were on the list. Now, this makes total sense, because this was also the "Push" afterparty, where Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon would be spending the bulk of their evening. Read More...

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Park City is now officially overflowing with people. And celebrities. And along with celebrities come more photographers than I've ever seen in one place at one time. Needless to say, it's a challenge to walk around Main Street now that the festival is well underway.

However, not everyone is a celebrity here at Sundance. Take this gentleman, for example:

He was dancing to music only he could hear through his headphones, while trying, it seems, to sell his screenplays.

Well, at least he's honest ...


In town for their movie "Spring Breakdown", Sundance veteran Parker Posey and Amy Poehler stopped by our Sundance photo booth today. Those are some pretty snazzy glasses! Click here or on the photo to check out the rest of our growing MTV Sundance photo booth!

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Drew BarrymoreYesterday, I wrote about Drew Barrymore's hair incident at the Golden Globes, and have since learned that apparently there's a story behind it.

A tipster emailed in that Ms. Barrymore was shooting a commercial during the day for Ferrari. According to our source, Drew was racing the car down an airstrip against a Gulfstream G550, in an ad created by Dr. Rand Pink and directed by Giancarlo Bertolini.

I suppose a shoot like that'll really do a number on your 'do … ya know, wind and all. Read More...

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Drew BarrymoreDear Drew,

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the '80s (besides banana clips). And I'm sure everyone who went to their prom during that decade had just as much good, clean fun as I did at mine [Editor's note: Speak for yourself, Rachel!]. But that doesn't mean you should bring it back to haunt fashionistas everywhere, Drew Barrymore, now that most of those pictures have long been burned.

The more I stare at your Golden Globe look from last night, the more I realize that this disaster had nothing to do with your dress. The gown was lovely, elegant, even a little edgy. Your makeup was fine, even though I personally wouldn't have chosen a blue shadow.

But! The! Hair!

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Kristen BellGossip Girl here, your one and only source into the lives of Manhattan's elite. Fortunately for you, I have the connections in Hollywood to bring you the same inside scoop from the West Coast during the most interesting of times. It's award season, which means parties and after-parties, which in turn brings fashion hits and misses to a whole new level. Careful girls, even the walls have eyes when I'm in town.

The Golden Globes brings with it many post-show activities, but the night's place to be -- the InStyle/Warner Bros. party -- is absolutely worth an appearance. Only Hollywood's most fashionable will make the magazine, but everyone puts their best foot forward. Read More...

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Amy AdamsWhy so blue, Hollywood?

Yesterday we brought you photos from the People's Choice Awards red carpet, and in my report I mentioned this amazing blue color that both Jordin Sparks and Dakota Fanning wore to the show. Last night was the Critics' Choice Awards, and blue was the new black on the red rug.

Amy Adams, who may have forgotten to do her hair for this event, let the color of her dress do the talking: it was a very plain, form-fitting dress with a surprise bit of sparkle at her hip. Simple, yet gorgeous. (Check out Amy and more blue-wearing fashion insiders after the jump.) Read More...

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Carrie Underwood and Jordin SparksAfter last year's writers strike put a crimp in the style of last year's awards season, it would make sense that Hollywood is giddy to play dress up this year to make up for it. Last night's People's Choice Awards, the first of many red carpet events in the coming weeks, was hot with both Hollywood newbies and vets.

So, who wins the prize for best dressed?

If you look at our gallery of photos from the People's Choice arrivals, I think you'll agree: while, it wasn't the competition they're used to, 'American Idol' winners Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks really stole the show. (Check out a comparison after the jump.) Read More...

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The happy couple had impeccable fashion taste at the first big New York movie premiere of 2009: "Bride Wars."

Anne Hathaway appeared sleek and sophisticated in her tuxedo jacket and black skinny pants, while Kate Hudson donned an elegant white gown decorated with intricate dark embroidery.

Clearly no accident, what I want to know is if the girls fought over who would play the groom and who would play the blushing bride? (Check out the couple's wedding-ready attire after the jump.) Read More...

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