MTV News welcomes Shelly Morrison as our official Movie Awards Insider for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. From now until the big show on Sunday, Shelly will be mixing it up with the hottest celebrities and taking you behind closed doors for one of Hollywood's biggest events.

I'm at the after party and I thought I'd check in with everyone to let you know how the day went. Today I got to do my first ever live TV hit. I've never done anything live before, and I totally almost fell over during my lines, but it turned out to be a run-though. Thank goodness, I panicked for nothing. The actual live hit went really well. Read More...


As of today, the MTV News team is up and running at Universal Studios, home of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! Preparation for the big show is well underway, and MTV News got the lay of the land this morning. After our 8:30 a.m. production meeting with "Hills" star and MTV News Movie Awards weekend guest host Frankie Delgado, the whole team headed up to the Gibson Amphitheater for a walkthrough of the main show.

Tim, Frankie and Sway hung out outside the the Gibson before our tour of the venue.

Inside, the set-build was in full swing. The lights were dim, and the monitors were flashing bright colors, lighting up to room. Read More...


Cannes really brings out the best in people. For the past few years, either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or both have had high-profile premieres at the film festival, which then becomes the event at Cannes. The couple radiate glamor and grace in a way that no one else does, celeb couple or otherwise, and this year the "Inglorious Basterds" premiere was no different.

At the film premiere, the reigning king and queen of Cannes did not disappoint the hundreds of photographers clamoring to take their picture. Easygoing and poised, the couple looked smashing. Brad wore a traditional bow tie tuxedo, while Angelina chose a pale pink draped dress and bright red lipstick. (Check out photos of the couple plus a bonus shot of Robert Pattinson after the jump, or browse the entire "Inglorious Basterds" premiere photo gallery.) Read More...

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If you don't have Chris Pine's dreamy baby-blue eyes, the must-have accessory at the "Star Trek" premiere last night was the Vulcan Salute. From supermodels to Spock himself, everyone was waving it around like they were from a Vulcan world themselves.

Of course, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei are old hats at this, so their salutes were flawless. But what about the rest? It turns out, some celebs were better at this than others. Heidi Klum? Expert supermodel-runway-esque salute. Hayden Panettiere? Adorable salute. Simon Pegg and Karl Urban? They sported the "we're stars in this movie, so we'd better have it right" salute.

Tori Spelling made it her own and flashed the Vulcan salute backwards. (Um, ok ... ?) And Christian Slater ... just ... couldn't ... quite ... well, take a peek after the jump. Read More...


On the Line: The buzz has been pretty good, from what I could tell. What's not to love -- it's a story about fat Israelis sumo wrestling, and it's in Hebrew! All of these things combined sound mind-bending.

In the Theater: The film screened in one of the smaller theaters of the multiplex, but I don't think there was a single free seat in the place. Tribeca Film Festival staff had to help stragglers find open seats, and stragglers were pretty much out of luck.

The sum of the picture, as you can imagine from its parts, is pretty hilarious. Instead of tired fat jokes, the dialogue is witty and real. The audience responded, where appropriate, with lots of laughter. You feel for the characters, who overcome personal adversity, fall in love and, yes, play sumo. Read More...

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On the Line: I attended an industry screening, but even the press were buzzing about the film. People seemed to be looking forward to "Easy Virtue," but with a cast that includes Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas, how could you not?

In the Theater: Because it was a press screening and there are a number of them for this film, the screening wasn't packed. There was lots of buzz about who's seen what Tribeca Film Festival films so far, and what's coming up in the next few days. Apparently many writers have been spending endless hours in movie theaters for the past few days, which is bittersweet, considering the fantastic weather New York City has experienced the past few days. Read More...

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On the Line: Technically, I didn't wait on line. I cheated and got tickets through a very nice publicist working on this film ... not to mention that I arrived just in the nick of time before the lights dimmed. I did, however, arrive early enough to ride the escalator with a woman who was shouting "Yeah, CBGB!" to people she passed.

Thankfully she didn't end up sitting near me once we scrambled to find seats.

In the Theater: The theater was packed. A full house. The look on many people's faces lead me to believe they had been a part of the CBGB scene, and they were excited to see the film. And they had a great time reliving the past on screen. Lots of laughter. Read More...

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"Twilight" stars Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi seem to be taking a few days off from their vampire life. And, if you're going to take a break from filming one of the most anticipated films of the fall, you might as well go to beautiful Australia. The boys were in town for the release of the "Twilight" DVD, and they greeted fans at a JB Hi Fi in Sydney.

(Check out more photos from the event in our photo gallery for the Sydney event here.)

What scenes do you think they could be filming back in Canada that these two were free to greet Australian Twilighters? Discuss in the comments below!

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You may know of Eric Bana, the acclaimed actor who starred in such big-budget movies as "Troy," "Hulk" and "Munich." And, you'll see him in "Star Trek" and "Funny People" this summer. But at the Tribeca Film Festival you'll also see his directorial debut: Eric Bana directs and co-stars in "Love the Beast" with, well, the Beast, Bana's life-long friend.

So who is this mysterious Beast? A 1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe. Read More...

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Warner Bros. has released four new posters that pair up characters in action. Daniel Radcliffe predictably teams up with Michael Gambon. Emma Watson makes magic with Jim Broadbent. Alan Rickman and Tom Felton make up an evil duo. And, last but not least, Weasley siblings Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright make up the fourth poster.

These posters are just the latest in a whole barrage of treats for "Potter" fans in the past couple of weeks. Last week's biggest news was the brand new trailer that hit the Web, and a close second was the release date shift< ?a>. Both were great news for fans. Also, with the trailer came a couple handfuls of new images. Check out these even newer images after the jump, plus browse the entire gallery of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" images here.) Read More...


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