'Oldboy'FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's been several months since we last heard about Steven Spielberg's plans to adapt the popular manga "Oldboy" into a live-action film starring Will Smith, but fans of both the manga and the original live-action adaptation released in 2003 have been buzzing about whether the edgy story will be softened for American audiences.

With the film and the original manga well-known for their disturbing themes -- a crucial plot point involves incest -- and graphic violence, is the typically family-friendly Spielberg up to the task of staying true to the dark, violent nature of the story?

"It's the thing that Steven was attracted to," Smith told MTV News. "We're working from the comic and we haven't done anything other than talk about it. So we'll see what happens, but he's not going to do anything that would be less than stunning."

For more on Steven Spielberg's "Oldboy" adaptation starring Will Smith, head over to SplashPage.MTV.com.

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Dakota FanningFROM SPLASH PAGE: At the age of 14, Dakota Fanning is already one of Hollywood's most bankable young actors, thanks to roles in blockbusters such as "War of the Worlds" and "Charlotte's Web." However, her starring role in "Push," the upcoming, comics-inspired thriller about government-trained psychics on the run from a shadowy agency, offers up a decidedly more mature part for the teen to play.

In an interview with MTV, "Push" director Paul McGuigan said he had few doubts about Fanning's talent and her ability to play Cassie Holmes, a snarky, teenage "watcher" who can glimpse images of the future. In fact, McGuigan told MTV, he insisted on working with the actress.

"When I read the movie, the character that stood out was her character," said McGuigan. "I said to everyone, I can't do this movie unless Dakota Fanning's going to do it, because to me she was perfect for the role."

Read more of director Paul McGuigan's thoughts about Dakota Fanning's performance in "Push" at SplashPage.MTV.com.

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Sasha GreyThough Steven Soderbergh has featured unknown, untrained actors in his movies in the past, he has raised a number of eyebrows recently by casting porn star Sasha Grey in the lead of his forthcoming feature 'The Girlfriend Experience.' To be sure, Grey is certainly outside of the mainstream of Hollywood actors, but she certainly is famous and has had quite a bit of experience on camera. Does Soderbergh consider her to be a true amateur?

"No, of course not, but the key is dealing with people who haven't learned anything about acting," he recently told MTV News. "She's not trained and that's what I'm looking for. She's going to surprise people. She's great in the movie."

So that's good to know! But what is "The Girlfriend Experience," anyway? Read More...

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Keanu ReevesDavid Fincher may be best known for dark, gritty films such as "Se7en," "Fight Club," and "Zodiac," but the acclaimed auteur has actually been angling to direct a movie set in the culinary world for many years now, and may soon get a chance to bring his interest in cuisine to the big screen. Fincher, who was recently nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Director for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and is the subject of some rather intense Oscar buzz, is currently developing a film called "Chef," with Keanu Reeves set for a starring role. And now he's talking about the mysterious project for the first time to MTV News.

Though Fincher was once attached to a script for a film called "Seared," which was based upon superstar chef Anthony Bourdain's best-selling memoir "Kitchen Confidential," "Chef" is something new entirely. "'Seared' was a defunct property at New Line," the director told MTV News. "They decided to go ahead and make 'Kitchen Confidential' as a [television] series. This is an original script that's very funny."

So what can we expect from "Chef"?

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'Heavy Metal'FROM SPLASH PAGE: We're extremely excited about the announcement that David Fincher, Zack Snyder and Gore Verbinski still intend to direct segments of a new "Heavy Metal" animated feature, but it's probably for the best that we temper our enthusiasm with a bit of caution. According to Fincher, the undoubtedly awesome film has yet to move on from the development stage.

"We're still trying to get that made," Fincher told MTV News.

Even so, does the director, hot off the critical success of his new film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", have any particular "Heavy Metal" stories that he would like to adapt to the screen?

Read more of David Fincher's thoughts on a new "Heavy Metal" animated feature at Splash Page.MTV.com.

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LiberaceJust as Steven Soderbergh's "Che" biopic is set to his theaters, the director is already hard at work on a movie telling the story of a very, very different icon of the 20th century. According to the Soderbergh, "Liberace" is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting in 2010 with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, and will focus on the flamboyant pianist's turbulent relationship with his companion Scott Thorson in the final decade of his life.

Thorson, who would be played by Damon, filed a $113 million palimony suit against the entertainer in 1982, but ended up settling out of court for a far lesser sum of money. The story promises a great deal of drama, and some insight into the secretive personal life of one of popular culture's legendary closeted superstars, but the filmmaker also promises not to ignore his subject's virtuosity and showmanship.

"There are performance scenes," Soderbergh told MTV News.

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Will and Jaden SmithWill Smith normally appears in action films that feature aliens and big explosions, but with his son Jaden's forthcoming starring role in a remake of the 'Karate Kid', the whole family may soon become synonymous with martial arts as well.

Though Smith Jr. is locked in for the Ralph Macchio role, a key character is yet to be cast, that of Daniel's wise sensei. "We don't have a Mr. Miyagi yet," Smith told MTV News. "There's a couple of people that we're really intrigued by, but I don't want to say any names because I'll be in trouble."

Interestingly, though the original movie was set in the United States, the new version will take place in China, and that means key characters will change with it. "We're making it with the China Film Group, so it'll be based in Beijing. Mr. Miyagi was originally Japanese, so there'll be a Chinese adaptation to it." Read More...

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