Two weeks ago, "Bourne Legacy" star Jeremy Renner revealed a bit too much when he opened up to Empire about his upcoming role in the action reboot. He told the British movie magazine that his character's name is Aaron Cross and said "It's that same deal, it's just a new set of agents with a different leash."

We spoke with Frank Marshall, one of the producers for the next 'Bourne' movie, at the New York premiere of "War Horse." The producer spoke briefly about what's different this time around and how Renner may have already given too much away.


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If you ever need a tour guide for the wonderful city of Bangkok, Thailand, look no further than the eccentric Mr. Chow of the two "Hangover" films. He'll show you all the best parts of the country: the motor bikes, the other motor bikes and the site of his first killing.

In this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray/DVD release of "The Hangover Part II," currently in stores as of today (December 6), Ken Jeong travels in character as Mr. Chow through the streets of Bangkok, pointing out the sights along the way. He knows the city well and shares every happy memory with you in the featurette.

As Jeong is known for, the extra featurette from the video release is the actor just improvising his way through the clip, playing off what he's seeing on the street in his usual hilarious fashion.


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That noise you're hearing is millions of Joss Whedon fans from across the universe yelling "FINALLY!" all at once.

It has taken years for the Whedon co-written movie, "Cabin in the Woods," to finally hit screens, and after last week's teaser poster, here we have the first trailer and the most conclusive evidence yet that this movie may actually open.

Future Whedon collaborator Chris Hemsworth leads a cast of attractive 20-somethings into the familiar set-up. They're looking to go off the grid and spend some time—where else—in a cabin in the woods. With the straight-forward horror set-up, you'd be right to expect Whedon and his co-writer/director Drew Goddard to take things down unexpected paths.


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Harry Potter

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a movie's cast is only great as its worst actor. This year we saw some of 2011's best films held together, not by one stand-out star, but by a group of amazing actors working together to make one great movie.

As we here at MTV News start to look back on the year of movies, we want your input for what you think are the best films of the year. Today, we kick things off for the award for Best Ensemble. Come back every day this week for a new poll and a new chance to decide which movies ruled the multiplex this year.


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This week has been absolutely brimming with new material from "John Carter," and today's obligatory release has arrived -- and they are both vaguely reminiscent of "Star Wars."

Yesterday, the second trailer premiered, and photos and posters have been sent out at a dizzying pace over the past week. Now, three new banners for the sci-fi epic show off some of the scenes from the just-released trailer.

We see John Carter facing off with not one, but two white apes in the the surprisingly "Attack of the Clones"-esque Colosseum. Taylor Kitsch as the legendary Civil War captain transported to Mars takes out one of the apes during the trailer, but a second ape could be another question.


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FROM MTV MOVIES: We've begun to look back at the year 2011, and after taking a look at the best trailers from the year, we slow things down a bit and decide which posters said the most, excited us and let us know what to expect in a single image.

These are the ten best poster of 2011. They knew how to capture our attention with images as simple as some rumpled sheets, a shaved head or hot pink letters. They took some of a generation's most iconic symbols, like the Bat-signal or Voldemort, and turned them on their heads.

Click here for the top ten movie posters of 2011.


Earlier this week, a brand new poster and several new images debuted from the upcoming Disney fantasy film, "John Carter." The main photo of the bunch showed off the legendary white ape, an icon in the original books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

In the new trailer, which debuted online on IGN this morning, we see Taylor Kitsch as John Carter take this monstrous beast down in one blow, all set to an orchestral cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."


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A new report from Variety claims that J.J. Abrams has added Alice Eve to the lineup for "Star Trek 2." According to the article, Eve will play a character new to the "Star Trek" cannon, instead one fans are familiar with from either the original series or the films.

Eve reportedly beat out Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell to join the sci-fi sequel, which is scheduled to begin shooting early next year.

While Eve's deal has yet to be officially inked, the jury is still out on whether Benicio del Toro will join the cast as the villain. Word came out earlier this month that Abrams wanted del Toro to take on the role, but details on the character have remained entirely mysterious. Now, the Variety report offers the first potential word on the character del Toro could eventually play.


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Brad Pitt

And with that, the Oscar race is on!

Tuesday (Nov 29) morning was a busy one for the films hoping to vie for Academy Awards in February. The New York Film Critics Circle listed its winners and the Film Independent Spirits announced its nominations simultaneously in a couple hours of dizzying Oscar buzz.

Both awards are usually the earliest indication of which films could lead the pack when it comes time to announce the Academy Award nominees in January. The NYFCC were so early this year, in fact, that they had to delay their awards until after screening David Fincher's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," to which they awarded nothing.

Perhaps the biggest story coming out of both announcements was the emergence of Michael Hazanavicius's ode to golden-era silent film, "The Artist," as perhaps an early front-runner for Best Picture. The film had earned raves during the festival circuit a few months ago, but faced minor backlash during it's limited release last week. Now with a Best Picture and Best Director win from the NYFCC, "The Artist" is the film to beat.

A welcome surprise came with Brad Pitt's NYFCC Best Actor win for both "Moneyball" and "Tree of Life." Meryl Streep earned the first of her expected many wins for "The Iron Lady."

While the Spirit Awards focus on smaller films, the nominations cemented "Beginners" status as the indie charmer hit of the year. The movie, which stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, surprised the night before when it won Best Ensemble and shared Best Picture with "Tree of Life" at the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

Check out both the winners from the New York Film Critics Circle and Spirit Award nominations below.


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FROM MTV MOVIES: The box-office battle of Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" once again emerged as the victor.

Breaking Dawn

The penultimate entry in the vampire romance series pulled off an impressive haul of an estimated $62.3 million, according to The weekend brought the film's domestic total to roughly $221 million, and survived formidable competition from "The Muppets," which earned a respectable $42 million.

But what do the upcoming weeks hold for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"? We consulted some box-office experts to find out.

Read the full story at MTV Movies!


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