Let's face it, we don't always make the best decisions when drinking. But when a group of friends head out to the countryside for some drunken fun, they find out just how bad a decision pranking under the influence can be when they're forced to fight for their lives against a family of revenge-fueled rednecks in director David Harris' indie-horror film "Savage County."

Harris originally started filming "Savage County" as a series of 7-9 minute webisodes, but the project soon grew into a full-fledged film. The trailer for the movie hit the web earlier today and MTV has set up a Demand It page for the movie. Once 100,000 fans show their support of the film on the site, MTV will air the movie on television.

"The whole thing in general is going a lot better and a lot faster than we hoped," Harris said. "I've been blown away that so many people are so excited about it. We got 33,000 views on the trailer this morning alone, so I'm glad that people are down for a little low budget horror." Read More...

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As all of America now knows — Miami and Cleveland especially — superstar basketball player LeBron James is joining the Heat, effectively ending his longtime relationship with the Cavaliers. Needless to say, the people of Cleveland did not take the news well. Like a jaded ex, Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert publicly denounced James' decision and called his former player's choice "selfish," "heartless" and "callous." Ouch.

As heated reactions from Cavaliers fans continue to flow in, we here on the Movies Blog team can't help ourselves from viewing LeBron and Cleveland's breakup through a cinematic lens. After the jump, check out five on-screen breakups that LeBron's brutal Cleveland departure brings to mind! Read More...

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With today's release of the highly anticipated "Predators," fans of the human-hunting aliens finally get to sit back and enjoy a full-length feature film showcasing the technologically advanced stalkers doing what they do best — and it only took twenty years to get here.

Not counting the two "Aliens vs Predators" films, "Predators" marks the end of a two decade wait for fans since the series' last installment. That's right, the Danny Glover starring "Predator 2" first hit theaters in 1990 — makes you feel old, doesn't it? Well, worry not, because we're about to make you feel even older.

"Predators" may be the most recent film decades removed from its franchise's previous installment, but it certainly isn't the first and it definitely won't be the last. Hit the jump to check out five other examples of sequels that were decades in the making! Read More...

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LeBron JamesAs sports fans and pretty much anyone who watches television in Miami, New York, LA, Chicago and Cleveland know, superstar basketball player LeBron James has been mulling over which team he plans on joining for the 2010-11 season — and he's settled on the Miami Heat!

Ever since he became a free agent, team after team have been courting the young athlete, many making crazy expensive offers in order to bring James over to their side, but the choice was ultimately LeBron's — and he settled on the Heat. But the entire process has drawn so much media attention beyond the usual sports outlets that it got us thinking about the inevitable: when Hollywood does in fact decide to make a movie about LeBron James, who will they cast to play him?

Well, Hollywood, worry not. We've done the work for you. Hit the jump and dunk hard for our picks on who has the skill to match LeBron! Read More...

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As we mentioned earlier, producer Ridley Scott plans on teaming with "State of Play" director Kevin Macdonald and the popular video uploading site YouTube to create "Life in a Day," described as "the first user-generated feature-length documentary." The project is rather ambitious, essentially highlighting a day in the life around the world — that day specifically being July 24, 2010 — through a compilation of user-submitted videos. Ideally, the documentary will give audiences a different, multi-faceted and profound perspective of the world around them.

While we certainly applaud the crew for their bold attempt, we can't help but wonder... what if instead of showing us a day in the life of our world, "Life in a Day" showed us a day in the life of some of Ridley Scott's most famous characters? What would that look like?

Let's find out after the jump, shall we?

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As we reported earlier, Sir Ian McKellen might be following former "The Hobbit" director Guillermo Del Toro on his way out of The Shire. Now, if Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that we should always prepare for the worst -- you never know when a zombie epidemic is going to break out, after all. While the loss of the once and hopefully future Gandalf isn't likely to turn the legions of "Lord of the Rings" fans into mindless, flesh-eating monstrosities, the departure of the man who defined the role of the wise old wizard might very well prove disastrous for the film's future.

But worry not. On the off chance that McKellen decides to bow out, we've come up with a few replacements who might be able pick up the staff, slip on the pointy hat and make sure that "The Hobbit" comes to pass. Hit the jump for more! Read More...

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If the existence of the "MacGruber" movie teaches me anything, it's you can turn absolutely any "Saturday Night Live" sketch—no matter how short and how much they always end with the title character (presumably) dying in a huge explosion—into a full-fledged film. It certainly isn't the first time a movie came out based on an "SNL" concept; previous outings include "Blue Brothers," "Wayne's World," "Superstar" "A Night at the Roxbury" and "The Ladies Man."

With "MacGruber" exploding his way into theaters everywhere today, I took a look at five other relatively recent "SNL" sketches that could work as feature films.

LIVE FROM MTV.COM IT'S FRIDAY AFTERNOON! ... Always wanted to say that... close enough. Read More...

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I love my Nightmares. Not actual nightmares mind you—those ruin sleeping pants—but my personal collection of "Nightmare on Elm Street" films. I'm a huge fan of the franchise, so when I originally heard about the then-upcoming re-imagining of the first "Nightmare on Elm Street," Freddy started haunting my waking hours. The movie finally hit theaters this past weekend and I was there opening night, ready to enter dreamland once more. I left knowing one thing for sure: I want a sequel! The new movie certainly has its issues, but the potential for greatness is there.

Thankfully, my dreams are coming true. Warner Bros. announced plans for a sequel after the new "Nightmare" slashed its way to the top of the box office, bringing in the biggest horror opening for the April-May corridor. After the jump, I explain why a sequel is a great idea and where I think the series should go from here. Spoilers abound, so make sure you're ready before browsing into my Nightmare. Read More...

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Don't worry, it's all just a dream. Certainly, the teens in this week's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" remake would love for that classic storytelling trope to be true. No such luck this time for the victims of Freddy Krueger, however. Regardless, dreams still play a major role in the re-imagining of the horror classic—as they do in countless other films and television series'. Whether part of a big plot twist or just a quintessential element in the overall story, dreams and nightmares continue to have just as much presence in the fictional world as they do in real life.

After the jump find five prime examples of movies in which the brain's subconscious world of make-believe plays a role, for better or worse. Spoilers abound obviously, but hit the jump to find out what dreams may come. Read More...

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When the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" premiered, it introduced a whole generation of audiences to the term insomnia. More importantly, it introduced the world to a horror movie icon: Freddy Krueger.

Everyone knows Freddy, the boogeyman with the Christmas-colored sweater, fedora and bladed glove. He kills you in your sleep in the most sick, sadistic and often ironic ways. But that's the thing about the man of your nightmares. Unlike his slasher brethren, Freddy actually has quite a lot of fun when it comes to offing his endless stream of teenage dream weavers. Where Jason would usually stab you and Michael Myers would usually, well, stab you as well, Freddy comes up with unique and oftentimes hilarious means of murder.

With the new "Nightmare" premiering today, I take a look back over Freddy's quarter century long career and pick out some of his best and most memorable kills. Grab some coffee and hit the jump to enter the nightmare. Read More...

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