Nick Cannon at Sundance 2009Weekend? What weekend? It's the second full day of Sundance and things really kicking into gear now. Sure yesterday we had Spike Lee talking "Inside Man 2” and Amy Poehler swooning for the Jonas brothers, but today...well, today's got it all!

We're talking to "Iron Man 2” star Sam Rockwell in a bit all about his two Sundance flicks (it's required that he have at least that many at the festival each year.). Maybe you want some "Hobbit" news. Guillermo del Toro will be spending some quality time with us today (alongside "Children of Men" director Alfonso Cuaron!). Want a glam movie star? Then you'll want catch our chat with Ashley Judd.

And I didn't even mention Nick Cannon or Wesley frickin Snipes. It's going to be a hell of a day. Keep it right here for all the news.

It seems only fitting that one of our first interviews during our first full day at Sundance would involve Parker Posey, star of countless films that have premiered here at Redford's institution of a film festival. Posey's here to talk about "Spring Breakdown," a high concept comedy co-starring SNL vets Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch (check out the exclusive trailer here). When we got the trio together there was a lot of love in the air. Love for the skiers making their way down the mountain. Love for each other. And most importantly...Jonas brothers love. Well that last one really just came from Amy. Take a look.

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SundanceSundance is up and running and so is your MTV News movies team! Today marks the first full day of screenings and interviews at the fest and sure enough, it looks to be a jam-packed day for us.

How better to kick off the granddaddy of indie film fests than with an interview with Spike Lee? We'll try not to mention how great Clint was in "Gran Torino." Hmm...on second thought maybe we will.

Later on we'll catch up with the brains behind one of the most talked about comedies here this year, "Mystery Team." Judging by the clips we premiered here these guys could be a big story here this week. Read More...

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Sundance CrewGreetings from Utah! No, the MTV Movies team isn't on a "Big Love" reality tour (though we're psyched the show is back this week). The Sundance Film Festival is about to begin!

For about a week every year, the sleepy town that is Park City is transformed into the best place for celebrity rubber-necking this side of the Globes red carpet. Oh, and they show a few films too. And so your friendly MTV Movies reporters (that's us up in the corner) have donned our snow gear (though it's currently actually colder in NYC. Who knew?!?) to bring you the very best of the fest.

We're talking to everyone from Kristen Stewart to Guillermo del Toro. From Nick Cannon to Ralph Macchio (I know!). Such is the breadth of Sundance. So keep it right here on the Movies Blog and Splash Page for breaking news, interviews and reviews, straight from our sleepless, dedicated team on the ground. It'll be fun. Really. Read More...


Mickey RourkeFROM THE NEWSROOM: You know how everyone always talks about how insane and mind-bogglingly surreal awards-show red carpets are? As the long-time king of camp cynicism, I was ready to chalk all that up as just more Ryan Seacrest hyperbole (not everything can be that amazing, can it?).

I stand corrected. Last night was my first tangle with the Golden Globes carpet. (Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry: “Aw, you’re a virgin!”) And dare I say it? It was a draw. Here, now, are some of the shenanigans that transpired. Relive it with me, why don’t you?

» In my seven-second interview with Mickey Rourke, I got him to talk "Iron Man 2” for the first time. Sort of. That was only to be outdone by my “interview” with Angelina Jolie. Total words uttered by Angie? One. That’s all you need when you’re one half of Brangelina.

Continue reading our favorite awkward, beautiful and enlightening Golden Globes moments on!


Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard'Who is the greatest big screen badass of all time? Big question. I know. Is it Darth Vader or John McClane? Ellen Ripley or Dirty Harry? Wolverine or Batman?!? These are the questions that can try a man's soul. But we don't shrink from a fight here at MTV News so we're endeavoring to settle the argument once and for all.

Yes, MTV News is spending the next month wrestling with the question of who the baddest badass of all is and luckily we're not alone. We're getting awesome celebrity experts sending top ten badass lists in as I write this. But it's not just up to us and celebrities to determine who this mean sonofabitch is. You get a vote too! That's right, just fill in the form below and tell us who YOU THINK the greatest badass in movie history is and why? Every vote counts! We're going to tabulate everything and bring you the collective top ten list on February 6th LIVE at New York Comic-Con. That's right, a live event wherein MTV News will host big name panel to argue and announce once and for all who the GREATEST BADASS is. Vote now (after the jump)! Read More...

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John TravoltaTragedy struck the Travolta family this holiday weekend when Jett Travolta, just 16 years old, was found unconscious in the family's vacation home in the Bahamas, later to be pronounced dead. According to a report by the Associated Press the son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston suffered a seizure and hit his head rendering him unconscious in a bathroom at the home. A caretaker at the house found the teenager on Friday morning. After being taken to a local hospital he was pronounced dead.

Police Superintendent Basil Rahming indicated in a statement that Travolta was last seen entering the bathroom on Thursday. He had a history of seizures, according to the statement. Read More...

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David FincherI've pretty much been chasing another interview with David Fincher since the moment my last conversation with him ended nearly a year ago. Sure, his suffer no fools rep strikes fear in anyone in my line of work but the truth is I found Fincher to be a charming and thoughtful subject on the first go round. Now with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" set for release I got Fincher to sit down for another 30 minutes (not quite enough time to get into "Alien 3" alas....).

You can check out the bulk to the Fincher interview here (including a whole batch of exclusive photos) where he reveals more about his plans for a "Fight Club" musical than ever before. The director likens the stage version to "a rock show — a lot of projection, a lot of computer-generated imagery, a lot of conveyor belts...really cinematic but really twisted." A twisted David Fincher work?!? You don't say...

Be sure to check out our reports on what Fincher told me about his Keanu Reeves "Chef" project, the long gestating "Heavy Metal" flick, and his plans for his adaptation of "Torso," aka what you never knew about Elliot Ness.

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When the Golden Globe nominations were revealed last week, nothing provoked a bigger reaction than the announcement that Tom Cruise had garnered a nod for his role as Les Grossman in "Tropic Thunder." I had the chance to sit down with Cruise over the weekend (check out our full interview where discussed everything from "Valkyrie" to "The Hills") and of course I had to ask him what the future holds for the character.

He confirmed that "Ben [Stiller] and I are always talking about what we can do with Les." He then wondered aloud, "Do we do some viral video with Les?" Check it out below.

Where do you want to see Les end up? In a viral video or a movie all his own?

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Was there anything more surreal than catching Tom Cruise on "The Hills" after-show last week? If you haven't caught it by now, do yourself a favor. I guess all is fair in love and war (and promoting a movie).

Tom's been making the rounds on behalf of "Valkyrie" (good news, the movie is actually really good!) and when I caught up with him over the weekend I just had to ask him what was up with "The Hills" appearance. His laughter and pleading say it all. Tom Cruise knows NOTHING about "The Hills." When you're done with that, click here to watch the entire chat.

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