The RockThe first official footage is finally out there for "G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra" and now it's up to you. Is this first sneak peek making you scream "Yo Joe, that's awesome!" or "No Joe! What the hell?!?" The thirty second spot set for a worldwide broadcast debut tomorrow night during the Super Bowl is available via a sneak peak over at Coming Soon right now.

So what do you think? The characters are all there. Sienna Miller is a sultry baroness. That's for sure. But what about Channing Tatum as Duke? Dennis Quaid as Hawk? Christopher Eccleston as Destro? Clearly the action is big (the poor Eiffel Tower...) and yes, Snake Eyes does a cool flip or two but what's your sense of the story? Can this possibly deliver the live-action Joe adventure we've all craved for so long?

Don't hold back. Tell us what you think.


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I took a trip Baker Street the other day and I didn't even need to hop on a plane! Yes, after a lengthy shoot in England, Guy Ritchie's much anticipated "Sherlock Holmes" has now settled in New York for the completion of its principal photogrpahy. MTV News had the run of the set this week, talking at length with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, new baddie Mark Strong, and of course Guy. There's a ton of very cool coverage coming your way soon but for now enjoy the conclusion of my chat with Robert.

Downey always keeps an interviewer on their toes. Watch below as we cover the importance of MTV, Mickey Mouse, Bruce Jenner, his attitude about the Oscars, and even get heckled by Jude Law. All in under two minutes! How's that for bang for your buck?!?

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There's an awful lot of chatter right now about the possibility of Dakota Fanning joining the "Twilight" franchise. But thus far we haven't heard a peep from the young lady herself. Well it just so happens MTV News spoke to Fanning about the "Twilight" phenomenon all the way back in September of last year. Watch the video below and you'll see she's still a newcomer to the books. But what do you think...would you welcome Dakota with open arms to the cast of "New Moon"?

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Man, do I love Billy Bob Thornton. When he stopped by our spot at the MySpace Cafe in Sundance this week (he's got two flicks here, "The Informers" and "Manure"), he was exactly as you'd expect. Charismatic. Eccentric. One of a kind. So of course his photo booth shot is similarly memorable. Click here to see the entire Photo Booth gallery, featuring photos by John Krasinski, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and dozens of others.

Billy Bob

I'm not one to stir up controversy. All I wanted was to find out what Woody Harrelson (in Sundance to promote his role in the sobering meditation on grief, "The Messenger") thought of the shoe crafted in honor of his performance in "White Men Can't Jump." I guess it didn't surprise me when Woody hadn't caught wind of the enterprise. He doesn't strike me as a man with a google news alert set to his own name. Without further ado, please enjoy his and "Messenger" co-star Ben Foster's reaction to the sneaker inspired by his seminal work. Oh and if you'd got "White Men Can't Jump" on the brain don't miss our Sundance interview with Wesley Snipes!

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Zooey Deschanel is more than an adorable actress who told me she liked my sweater after I interviewered her a few days ago. Like that? It's called subtlety. Yes, Ms. Deschanel is so much more. She can sing. She starred in my favorite movie at Sundance this year, "500 Days of Summer," and perhaps most importantly for this blog entry, she's pretty damn photogenic. Click here to see the entire Photo Booth gallery, featuring photos by John Krasinski, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and dozens of others.

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When we chatted with Chris Rock at Sundance this week he was pretty pumped about George W. Bush's recent exit from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But truth be told besides talking politics, the actor/comedian had a documentary to promote. "Good Hair" premiered this week to strong reviews. Its positive reception had the former Oscars host likening it to, of all things, a U2 album?

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Mickey Rourke in 'The Wrestler'Is it just me or do you scan the Oscar nominations list as much for who didn't make the cut as for who did. Sure, let's all hoot and holler for Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr. (now if they weren't nominated I'd be in a surly mood) but surely some of your favorites didn't land on the coveted list.

If you're a Clint Eastwood fan (and who isn't?) today wasn't the best day. Eastwood failed to earn a nod for his much praised acting in "Gran Torino" and also failed to duplicate his Golden Globe nod for his song from the same film. Oh how I was praying for an Eastwood singing turn at the Kodak theater! And speaking of the Best Song category, how does Bruce Springsteen not get a nod for his soulful end credits contribution to "The Wrestler"? Read More...

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My admiration for the comic timing of the great Tea Leoni dates back to "Flirting with Disaster" so it pleases me to learn her new film debuting tonight at Sundance is a comedy and calls for her to talk fast and funny alongside the likes of Billy Bob Thorton. That it comes from the great Polish brothers and is called "Manure" is just icing on the cake.

When I chatted with Tea this morning I brought up her reported split with husband David Duchovny as gently as possible and she admitted the year has been hard. But she's also talking like a woman whose marriage isn't quite over (or am I reading too much into it)? Does this in fact add fuel to the speculation last week after Duchovny's Globes speech perhaps?

Check out all of our celebrity interviews from Sundance, including Kristen Stewart, Jim Carrey, Mike Tyson and many more.

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The wave of emotion that emanated today from Washington D.C. even reached Park City, Utah. Yes, even with movies to sell all the actors and filmmakers MTV News spoke to today had one thing on the brain: President Obama. Well, actually Chris Rock was thinking more about former President George W. Bush. "George Bush is NOT president," he grinned and repeated and grinned again. A small part of that smile might also be attributed to his new documentary, "Good Hair" that just debuted here to positive attention.

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