Trailer spoofs are a dime a dozen but how many star the great Christopher Lloyd terrorizing a gaggle of whiny youths as a demented Willy Wonka? If you have clicked on the below by now, I don't know what more I can say. How about this? It's got Paul Scheer and one of the guys from "Friday Night Lights"! Go on, just click it.

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Our "Rough Cut" interview with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen was certainly one of our more atypical movie star chats (though we pride ourselves on making ALL our chats unique). No, it wasn't an interview in an elevator or the back of cab. Just the typical junket setting. But any interview results in one of the world's most adored actresses rubbing my back and cleaning my glasses -- well that's a memory.

Check out the full crazy chat with Julia and Clive here. Or begin with my personal favorite segment of the chat below.

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Natasha Richardson has died and I think I'm echoing many of you when I say this one just hurts all around. It hurts because, yes Natasha was a fine actress of stage and screen. And yes, she was a proud carrier of the Redgrave tradition. And it hurts because she and Liam Neeson just oozed charm and class. And it hurts because of the circumstances -- almost too absurd and random to be believed. But most of all it hurts because you think of her family, her grieving husband, her mother, and tragically, her two young sons.

This might sound like an absurd anecdote to conjure up at a time like this but it's my only personal memory of Richardson beyond the work she contributed. I was working for Charlie Rose's talk-show at the time (this was probably about seven years ago) and I was standing awkwardly in the greenroom with Natasha as was her publicist or whatever handler accompanied her that day. Small talk only goes so far in such situations and there was a lull where I was just standing there, waiting and hoping for the uncomfortable silence to end. Then, out of the silence came her regal (even lyrical) voice saying the following without a trace of irony: "say, did anyone see 'Temptation Island' last night?!?" I've had a soft spot for Natasha Richardson ever since. I know it says nothing about her life as an actress or a mother but damnit if it doesn't convey how endearing she could be.


Okay, that was an abuse of exclamation points. I'll be the first to admit that. It also happens to be untrue. Clearly Julia Roberts and Clive Owen get along famously. They worked to great acclaim together in "Closer" and now they're back in a much lighter caper of a flick called "Duplicity."

But just because they clearly enjoy each other's company doesn't mean they can't pretend to hate each other -- which is exactly what they do in the first part of our Rough Cut interview with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen below. Fair warning, this interview goes into an awesomely bonkers territory in the subsequent segments so do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing!

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It's a fun (and sort of cruel) game to play I suppose to see how the "Harry Potter" kids have been navigating their way through their early teens, adolescence, and now into full bloom young adulthood.

Daniel Radcliffe has been having naughty escapades with a horse in front of a live audience on a regular basis. Emma Watson's had some slightly controversial photos pop up. And what of Rupert Grint? Well he bought an ice cream van once. So he's a little behind his co-stars but maybe this cover starts to make some slight headway. It's at least a different, more adult look for him. Courtesy of Blag magazine. Enjoy the cover.

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After a week in which I've arranged for interviews with Russell Brand in an elevator and Dwayne Johnson in a taxi cab I am now convinced that cornering celebrities in confined spaces is THE way to go for me in the future. Stay tuned for our three hour chat with Dame Judi Dench in a sensory deprivation tank.

But before we get to that, let's talk about the artist formerly known as "The Rock." Dwayne was a great sport sitting down with us in a New York City cab to talk about "Race to Witch Mountain," whether I could ever amount to an action star, steroids, and horrible video game movies like "Doom." Like I said, good sport. Check out the whole Rough Cut: Dwayne Johnson here or dive right in below.

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Some start their day with a plate of ham and eggs, and for others it's a power bar of some sort. And for millions of Americans it's as many ounces of coffee as they can ingest on their way to work. But Paul Rudd is different than most of us. Better? That's not for me to say. But certainly different. When I chatted with the "I Love You, Man" recently he (and co-star Jason Segel) revealed a breakfast love that is dare not spoken. Check it out and then click here to watch the rest of our zany interview with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

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Who wouldn't want Paul Rudd or Jason Segel for a best bud? Indeed in their new film out next week, "I Love You, Man" they serve that role for each other. But when I caught up with the very funny duo last weekend I had one ulterior motive in mind: join the gang! I knew it was a longshot but you can't fault a guy for trying. And at the very least I love the moment when Jason seems a bit jealous. "Wow, you guys have hung out way more than we have!" Score one for the little guy! Check out the full Rudd/Segel Rough Cut here.

Could you convince Paul or Jason to let you into their circle of friends? How would you do it?!?

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FROM NEWSROOM.MTV.COM: Russell Brand is a recovering sex and heroin addict. He's been kicked off the BBC thanks to a poorly received prank call last year. Oh, and then there's the time he showed up dressed as Osama Bin Laden at his old MTV gig back on September 12, 2001. That one didn't go over well at all.

So maybe I wasn't completely surprised when our shoot with him this afternoon went bonkers. Russell is at his best when he's off the cuff, just riffing with strangers, so we decided to throw him right into a mess of people. To my knowledge, we conducted the first interview ever to take place in an actual working MTV elevator today. And yes, Russell struck up awkward and amusing chats with security men and every lovely young lady who happened to stroll in.

Watch the video of Russell Brand let loose at MTV at


Dwayne JohnsonFROM NEWSROOM: Here's an unsolicited piece of advice: If you're trying to maximize your face time with a celebrity, arrange for the interview to occur in a confined space, preferably one that is moving and which his or her publicist cannot access. Mission accomplished this morning, as the MTV News gang somehow convinced Dwayne Johnson to fit his ginormous frame into a New York City taxi for 20-plus minutes!

The setting for the interview wasn't completely out of left field, by the way. Johnson plays a cab driver in his new flick, "Race to Witch Mountain."

For more on our New York City adventure with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, head over to

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