Sure, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have a movie to pimp (“The Proposal”), but when we sent "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt to catch up with the duo today, they were even more preoccupied with their big day to come at the Movie Awards on Sunday.

You see, Ryan and Sandra are slated to present the Best Kiss award, and lest you thought showing up to an awards show with such a responsibility is a walk in the park, they’re about to set you straight. Remember, there’s the witty presenter pitter-patter to contend with. And even before that there’s the red carpet and the challenge of making a big splash amid dozens of the hottest celebrities around. Luckily Sandra Bullock is a woman with a plan. Watch below and see.

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The red carpet the other night for the Tom Hanks was a glitzy one indeed. No big surprise, right? The man is so likable he makes Nelson Mandela look like an ass. So yes, the list of big name talent walking the carpet was long but for me two names stood out: Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts. I've had some memorable exchanges with both Oscar winners in recent months. You can catch up on the long and unusual history of me and Charlize here.

As for Julia, well if you're not a loyal Movies Blog reader then you'll be excused for forgetting the recent moment when the "Pretty Woman" star kinda sorta flirted with me and suggestively cleaned my glasses. Long story short: it was awesome. And sure enough when I ran into Julia the other night we got back right to our favorite pasttime: eyeglass cleaning!


Has there been a force of nature that's hit theaters in the way "Borat" did in the past three years? It was so unexpected. So unstoppable. So refreshing. Could Sacha Baron Cohen possibly have done it again? "Bruno" can't possibly be what "Borat" was. After all, this time we know what to expect -- anything and everything. Still, the first glimpse of "Bruno" is here and it's hard to say it doesn't deliver. What do you think?

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I learned a great many things in my conversation with "12 Rounds" star John Cena at Cold Stone Creamery last week. I learned Cena is raring to get in the ring with Dwayne Johnson. I learned he'd happily play a superhero if the public would have him. I also learned that he freestyle raps far better than I. That last one is not much of a surprise I suppose to anyone who has ever met me.

Perhaps most enlightening though was the moment when Cena revealed who he'd like to tangle with more than any other. Forget professional wrestlers and action stars...Cena wants a piece of...Bill O'Reilly?!?

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Tomorrow is my birthday. Go ahead, think up a witty little joke about how I must have been an April Fool's joke on my parents. I have heard them all. Nearly as important as tomorrow being an excuse for me to eat as many pieces of cake and pie with total absolution is the fact that there's a benefit being put on by the Reno 911 gang.

Yes, five seasons, one movie, and innumerable inappropriate jokes haven't slowed the Reno gang. They're gearing up season six of the show with a premiere screening of their season six opener. For $40 bucks you can show your allegiance to the show, help out Planting Peace, and share in revelry with the likes of Rainn Wilson not to mention all the deputies...

Check out all the information after the jump.


Sure we get pop stars and movie stars dropping by the MTV News offices day in and day out but it's a rare treat to get a visit from an honest to goodness Ghostbuster! Heads turned as we walked Harold Ramis through our halls. The actor/writer/director was chatting with us primarily about his forthcoming Jack Black/Michael Cera comedy, "Year One," but he was kind enough to give us a "Ghostbusters 3" (or whatever they end up calling it) update as well.

No first draft yet, said Ramis. But he and Aykroyd are consulting and yes, the original Ghostbusters are all in. Even Bill Murray. Ramis joked that the enigmatic actor is "just waiting for the truckload of money to arrive to get him out of his office." Ramis also talked about who might direct the film and what sort of roles we can expect for the original gang. Check out our full "Ghostbusters" update here.

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First a cab ride with Dwayne Johnson, then an afternoon eating ice cream with John Cena. What's next? Where do we go from here?!? While we all ponder that one, let's talk about Mr. Cena. You may have seen "The Marine." Many of you didn't. Regardless, he's back with another go round as an action hero and this time he's got good old Renny Harlin at the helm for '12 Rounds."

We covered a lot in our Rough Cut interview with John Cena, from superhero rumors to his music career. But it all started on an interesting note when the topic turned to Dwayne Johnson. It turns out Cena DOESN'T want to follow in that particular path and what's more he's calling Johnson out for abandoning his fans AND refusing to wrestle him. Check it out.

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Ang Lee's ensemble flick, "Taking Woodstock," boasts an impressive assortment of actors -- from Liev Schrieber and Paul Dano to Emile Hirsch. But at its center is one big question mark, Demitri Martin. Honestly I never cared all that much for Martin's schtick on "The Daily Show." A little too precious for my taste. BUT I am a fan of his new show, "Important Things" over on Comedy Central. So I'm more than a little curious to see if he can carry a film from as revered a director (and notorious taskmaster) as Lee.

The big question is of course, will this decision to bank on Martin look like genius (ie. Lee's casting of undiscovered talents like Katie Holmes and Tobey Maguire in "The Ice Storm") or insanity (ahem, anyone remember Jewel in "Ride with the Devil"?). Here's the trailer. Tell us what you think.

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I know it's kind of in vogue to pile on about crazy Nicolas Cage and what's happened to his career. But let's not blow this out of proportion. Sure he looks goofy in films like "Bangkok Dangerous" and "Ghost Rider" and yeah some of his work looks like spoofs of actual films rather than real films themselves. But let's give wacky Nic some credit. He's ALWAYS made seemingly bonkers career decisions ( shall I follow up "Leaving Las Vegas"? How about "Con Air"?!?) and much of his daring choices holds up.

And that brings us to "Knowing," a film that's a hell of a lot better than you might guess. I don't mean that to sound like damning praise. It's a throughly scary thriller. It kind of collapses in the end but the ride is well worth it. We talked to Cage at the "Knowing" junket recently and much of the chat revolved around his interest and belief in the paranormal. Here's a taste.

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I now understand why David Letterman has been smitten with Julia Roberts for years. I'll be honest. I've never been the biggest Julia Roberts fan. Sure, she's got undeniable charm and presence and there's the hair and the smile...blah blah blah. For whatever reason I just never thought much of her as an actress. Her new flick opposite Clive Owen, "Duplicity," hasn't really changed my opinion of her. She does a solid job and the flick is pretty entertaining throughout. But to interview the once and forever "Pretty Woman," that is to know what it's like to face a star.

In my Rough Cut interview with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen I was feeling a bit brazen. And apparently so was Julia as she cleaned my glasses and rubbed my back. Then there's the below segment where I tried to interrogate her about how and why she's managed to keep her clothes on all these years while most of her famous bretheren have bared all at one point or another. There's not really an answer in the below but it's entertaining nonetheless.

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